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SSTN # 6 - January 28, 2004

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1) Young children and salvation?    
2) Commissioning Sunday School Teachers?    
3) Christian Developmental Stages?


4) Lindsey is now with Jesus
5) Tackful Parent    
6) Used Christmas Cards    

--> Lessons For Teens

7) Overbearing parent
8) Used Christmas Cards    
9) Black Lights Easter Skits    

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1) Young children and salvation?

Hello, my name is Brian and I am an associate pastor as well as a 1st/2nd
grade teacher.   I wondering what opinion or advice you would have on
talking to young ( 5-7 yrs old) children who are anwering a call
to salvation. I've talked to quite a few, some extremely ready and
some not, but would still love to hear your ideas or advice.  Thanks,

--from SSTN: I think using words that are understandable to children is
very important. Rather than use, "Ask Jesus into your heart", a phrase
that I like and use often is, "Ask Jesus to be your 'Savior and Forever
Friend' ". By explaining what "Savior" means first, children already
understand what "Friend" means, thus, Jesus can be their Forever Friend.

ysic, sarah keith <><

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2) Commissioning Sunday School Teachers?    

How do you begin to select and train Sunday School Teachers?

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3) Christian Developmental Stages?

I am a Sunday School Surintendant.
I am in the process of putting together a S.S.Curriculum.
I have used a lot of info from the ChristianCrafters Website (Thank You)
I am however looking for a list of things that a christian child should
learn, and at what age/grade. For example At age 10 a child should learn
about being born again. or at age 15 a child should learn about s ex. etc
Can anyone help.

Thank You
God Bless.
Deon Chetty

--from SSTN: Curriculum companies far and wide produce age-appropriate
curriculum. For example, the Hands-On Bible Series at
http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com   is age-specific for K-5th grade. As far
as s ex education goes, there is a great series by Carolyn Nystrom
entitled, "God's Design For S ex" (Book 1: The Story of Me (ages 3-5),
Book 2: Before I Was Born (ages 5-8), Book 3: Why God Cares About S ex
(ages 8-11) and Book 4: Facing the Facts: The Truth About S ex and You
(ages 11-14).) You can find these books in our bookstore, just type the
author, Carolyn Nystrom, into the search box to locate all of them:
ysic, sarah keith <><

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4) Lindsey is now with Jesus

For those who have prayed for Lindsey Sanders, thank you.  Lindsey left us
to be with the Lord on Jan. 19th, at the age of 14.  She was surrounded by
family and many friends....continue to pray for her family. 

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5) Tackful Parent    

Actually I had a simular situation with a member of our congregation. Last
year I was the Board of Properties Chairman and headed up the work to be
done on the church properties. One weekend, our youth and some adults came
out and painted the inside of the church, narthex and it looked beautiful.
However, the next day at church a woman (who was not there to paint)
 approached me and said that there was paint on the baseboard of the
church. I proceeded to the kitchen, grabbed a wet washcloth, walked back
up to her and handed it to her. She gave me a really funny look, but the
point got across. If a person is not there supporting the work being done
by actually helping, then they have no right to complain. By the way, she
NEVER said another word about that paint.

In Christ

Sunday Kids Club Director

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6) Used Christmas Cards    

The company which I work for collects all of our used Christmas Cards -
front picture only - and sends this to: St. Jude's Ranch, 100 St. Jude
Street, Boulder City, NV 89005-1618. The cards are then recycled and sold
for St. Judes Childrens Hospital.

Nancy F
Sunday Kids Club Director

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7) Overbearing parent

I've been our children's play director for the last two years and have a
close  friend who also is a play director at another neighboring church.
She, too has had similar problems with some of the parents.

Think of Peter, and statements that he made to Jesus. He wasn't
intentionally trying to say the wrong things but his spirit was not
consistent with our Lord's. I believe this parent too, does not
intentionally wish to cause you harm but her heart is with the things of
this world.

You have clear opportunity to resolve this problem.  First, you need to
a meeting with all your parents when you start up your play program again.
You need to, "lay down the law". It's not to be mean but you are the
who has been spiritually led to lead in this ministry. Make sure they know
that you will pick parts in accordance to how you feel the Lord is leading
you. Make it clear, that any parent who complains about the part his or
child has been given, needs to pray that his or her heart will be
Additionally, the parent needs to know that such behavior is not
with the teachings of Jesus.   Materialistic desires need to be put asided
for the success of the play.

Also, it should be said that all children play a vital role and that all
important for the success of the play.

Should the parent act in an inappropriate manner, once again, you need to
have a meeting with the parent. If the bad behavior persists, you need to
have another meeting with the Pastor present (this is consistent as per

Concerning the changing of the Sunday Program, I would explain the
to your church council.  It seems as though this parent wants to run the
program. You should talk with her and try to find out her intentions (and
how she feels the Lord is leading her). If she wants to run the program,
then so be it. Pray that she will be successful and that the Lord will
her appropriately. It will give you great opportunity to explore other
ministries. If she, does not want to play a key role in this ministry,
she should not be allowed to effect major change .  If she is given
responsibility as I described, she may quickly learn that with
responsibility one is humbled. She will be thoroughly tested (I doubt she
will accept such responsibility) .

I hope this helps ..... Joe Josh Burke,  Children's Ministries, Southwood
Baptist Church, Woodbury, NJ

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8) Used Christmas Cards    

>Re. what to do with used cards:

We have used them to make placemats for shut ins.  You cut the cards into
circles....place on sheet of clear contact paper and then put another
piece of contact paper over them on other side.  You cut around the cards
and you have a placemat!
God bless,

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9) Black Lights Easter Skits    

This message is in response to the person looking for Easter Black Light
skits. I remember one called Easter Flowers, and all though I don't
remember the story of it, I know that it is available on the internet at:
http://www.district7.org/puppets/scripts/script-easterflowers.htm  I hope
that this helps
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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