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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 70 <>< <><
July 3, 2000
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* Children's church
* ABC-Memory verses
* Race for Jesus
* SS curriculum
* Memory Verses
* CO-ED Classes
* Nail Crosses

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Children's church

>i need some ideas for childrens church could you please give me a hand?

I have been heading our children's church for the past year. I have found a
lot of craft ideas from crafts books in our church library, especially
crafts for puppets and things to do with paper plates. Group publishing
also has an easy and good curriculum with games and crafts as part of each
lesson (www.grouppublishing.com). There are also a lot of websites
available, including this one. Some are www.daniellesplace.com,
www.makingfriends.com, www.handcraftersvillage.com/kids.
Best of luck and God bless you,


--From ChristianCrafters.Com:
I've personally selected many wonderful book titles for Children's Church ideas.
You can find them in the Bookstore under Children's Sermons & Devotionals--
Blessings, Sarah Keith.

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ABC-Memory verses:

>In 1985 my first grade son learned bible verses that coincided with the
>alphabet. Does anyone know where I can find the rest of those verses?

Jerry: I have found this page with some wonderful verses using the ABC's. I have used them in teaching my class of preschoolers. The verses are simple enough for them to remember. Some letters even have multiple verses. Hope this is useful to you!
Kids Way - ABS's of Life!
God's richest blessings to you all!
Pocola, OK

--From ChristianCrafters.Com-- the ABC verses are also posted in our Children's Sermon section. :o) Sarah---

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Race for Jesus

> need some ideas of how to decorate my classroom. I am kind of focusing on the
> story of Daniel and the Lions Den, but I also want to emphasize the racing
> theme. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

We just completed Road Rally 2000 at our church today. Some of the teachers hung strings of brightly colored or black and white checkered flags in their rooms. For story time we had the kids sit on wood risers - kind of like a grandstand. Hallmark has some NASCAR racing products - stickers, napkins, bumper stickers, etc. I picked up a NASCAR tablecloth, gift bag (to carry my things in) and race car shapes at a party supply store. Also brought in a racing tire, tire iron, racing helmet, engine degreaser etc. to add to the atmosphere. Race car shaped popsicles were served one day. This morning the pace car from the local speedway made an appearance. It was a great week - we thought the curriculum was great! A good number of kids joined "the race with Jesus"! jfast, Bakersfield

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SS curriculum

> We're in the process of establishing a new Sunday School ministry in
> Canada. Can someone help us?

We have just started a new sunday school rotation program and it is
exciting for the kids and teachers. We are all learning so much, and its
a big draw for the friends, because Sunday School is no longer boring!
Check out this website and read all about it, plus you can see many
rotations that other churches have done with their children's programs.
You won't be disappointed...each rotation can be used for all grades
together, there is something for everyone! The enthusiasm in our church
is catching!

Rachel Widgren
Curriculuum Developer & Teacher for N-6th grades
Cabinet Mountain Calvary Fellowship

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Memory Verses

I obtained a list from the book "52 Ways to Teach Memory Verses" that I
purchased at a local christian book store. (Publisher Rainbow Books).
Some of the scriptures for the "A to Z" activity are long - the book states
this particular activity is appropriate for age 9 to teens, however you
might be able to shorten the scriptures for younger children.
The book is filled with great ideas on teaching memory verses to children
and covers ages 2 - 12. It also includes another list of "Life Response"
scriptures for ages 4 to 12 that I use weekly as a responsive reading at the
beginning of class. I have ages 7 - 11 so I have made the scriptures a
little longer. Following is an example from the book:

Teacher: When it is dark at night.....
Class: I will "trust and not be afraid." Isaiah 12:2

Teacher: When I am worried about a test in school....
Class: I will "be anxious for nothing." Philipians 4:6
God Bless

--From ChristianCrafters.Com:
More ABC-verses have been posted in the Children's Sermons section.
ALSO: You can get the book, "52 Ways to Teach Memory Verses" at a
reduced price in the Bookstore of my site. Just type in the name of the book
into the search box, once you're in the bookstore.-- Blessings, Sarah Keith.

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$ AVE TIME & MONEY at the Bookstore in ChristianCrafters.Com!
An excellent resource for your home, school, and church library needs.



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CO-ED Classes:

> Why would you have separate classes for boys and girls?

We used to have our 5th grade girls & boys in one class, and our 6th
grade girls & boys in another. There were many problems, primarily
because the girls were more involved in the lesson, and the boys were
more active. Other problems were related to their different needs and
interests, and how this affected the group discussions - because of the
beginning of raging hormones at this age, they were self-conscious
discussing what was going on in their lives when they were together, and
there was a lot of showing off. We decided to try an experimental re-grouping,
with the 5th & 6th grade girls in one class, and the 5th & 6th grade boys in the other.
It was a roaring success - both groups were able to be reached where they were,
and much more effective teaching began to take place. The one snag came
as we learned that we need to be very careful in selecting God's chosen
teachers for the boys group. We discovered that two teachers teaming
together, especially a man and a woman, helped maintain order and make
things run more smoothly with the boys class. Your amazing Moderator,
Sarah Keith, and her husband, Bob are one of the couples who teach our
boys. She will tell you that they see this as a real calling - they are a
great blessing to our boys, and they are richly blessed as they give of

I also just want to say that our teachers only teach every other month -
we recruit a double set of teachers, with team teaching in the 2's, 3's,
4's, K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5/6 boys classes - that's a staff of 40! The
only way this works is that I realized many years ago that Christ is the
Lord of the Harvest, and He will equip and call the workers into the
vineyard. My job is just to ask for His guidance, publicize the needs to
the congregation, and then make the phone calls to those He puts on my
heart. Many folks that I call respond with, "You know, I've been
thinking I should offer to teach!" It's such a blessing to get to see how
God constantly demonstrates His faithfulness to us!
Kit MacLeod, Children's Ministries Director, North Palm Beach, FL

--From ChristianCrafters.Com--Now it's my turn to say a word about KIT! One of these days if God directs and provides, I would love to have a conference for all the SSTN subscribers to meet! I would certainly ask Kit MacLeod to lead a seminar for you, because she is very gifted in what she does for our Children's ministries. Her wisdom would definitely benefit each of you!-- Sarah Keith <><

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Nail Crosses

< The wire is not tight and they keep falling apart. I was wondering if anyone
< has ever made these crosses and can give us directions on how to make them

I made these a couple of years ago using flat nails and copper 10 gauge wire from the hardware store. The wire was very sturdy yet pliable and if the kids didn't get it wrapped tight enough I just used a pair of needle nose pliers on the reverse side and made a couple of twists to tighten it. The hardest part was attaching it to cording for a necklace and having it hang properly. If I had it to do again I would have had someone spot weld a metal jump ring to the top of each cross.
Bonnie Jo

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