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SSTN # 70 - August 15, 2005

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1) Fear Factor...what's the point?
2) VBS topics
3) Bible books songs

User-Friendly Lessons for FALL session

4) Bible books songs
5) Survivor VBS songs?
6) Grandparents Day?

--> Fruit of the Spirit - Bingo Game

7) Elders and Deacons Lesson
8) Keeping Youth?
9) Clown Ministry?
10) Fear Factor...con't.

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1) Fear Factor...what's the point?

I would like to understand the connection with all the gross Fear Factor
challenges and instilling faith in children. Are these challenges just for
the "fun" of it or are there Bible lessons that go with them? So far the
ideas expressed seem rather pointless. Please explain.

Sam in FL

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2) VBS topics

We have done the Marketplace or a variation of this theme for the last 5
years. it's a lot of work but has been very successful. This year we
joined with the Little Theatre company and had 3 talented women come and
present the story of Joseph and his brothers. It was a musical and play
and all the kids (ages 3-23) really enjoyed the change. Our group then
molded the stories, crafts and snacks around that story and reinforced
their learnings each day. It was great. Contact Kathy at if interested in more details. Thanks for your

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3) Bible books songs

In regards to the song for the books of the Bible, I have found 2 songs on
Cedarmont kids toddler CD, one for the New Testament and One for the Old
Testament.  My group seems to like those songs very much and it helps them
to learn the books of the Bible.

Shannan Harper

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User-Friendly Lessons for FALL session

Each of the hands-on lessons of the Bible are accompanied with a craft, game,
Scripture memorization and songtime suggestions. Many include enrichment
ideas to further enhance your program. They're great for midweek classes
too! And to help your budget, one book is all you need for an entire
class! For K- 5th grade.

Learn more at:

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4) Bible books songs

For Janine in Saco , ME
Get a copy of  "Salvation Songs - Favorites" from CEF Press. That has a
song for the Old Testament books and one for the New Testament books.
Both of these songs have been around since at least the 1960's. They are
very easy to learn and nearly impossible to forget! A local bookstore
should be able to order the book or check out the website for Child
Evangelism Fellowship.
Ruth in ME

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5) Survivor VBS  songs?

I am looking for Survivor theme VBS songs that can be used by all ages or
broken down (ages 5-10 & 11-18).  any help will be greatly appreciated!

--from SSTN: check out the Survivor lessons for a new song:

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6) Grandparents Day?

I need sme ideas for skits & crafts for grandparent's day asap so the kids
- ages 6-10 - can begin to prepare for that special day...thanks

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--> Fruit of the Spirit - Bingo Game

A fun way for players to learn the Fruit of the Spirit characteristics.
Players score using real fruit candy! With complimentary USA shipping!
Learn more here:
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7) Elders and Deacons Lesson

Dear Kathy, 
One quarter I taught 1st & 2nd graders about the church.  Lessons were
elders, deacons, preachers, prayer, singing, giving, baptism & the Lord's
Supper.  I made each of the students a notebook with pre-printed pages
with each week's topic to keep all of the quarter's materials in. When we
got to the elders and deacons lessons, I had the students interview a
deacon and an elder.  Because many of the student's dads were deacons, I
requested that they interview someone else.  Questions on the sheet were: 
What are other names for elder:  overseer, pastor, bishop, shepherd.  They
also asked the elder what was his favorite scripture and where the
qualifications for elder were found and to name some of those
qualifications. (1 Timothy 3:1-7, 1 Peter 5:1-4 and
Titus 1:-9)
For the deacons (means servant) the questions were:  When did you become a
deacon?  Where are the qualifications of a deacon found in the Bible? 
(1 Timothy 3:8-13) What are some of those qualifications?
Just for fun, I had them draw the preacher (minister, evangelist), which
the preacher and students enjoyed.  We hung the portraits up in the
This idea of the notebook isn't really a craft, but is a great teaching
tool for the students and a neat keepsake for them.  I had them list what
they prayed for during the week we studied prayer and they brought canned
goods for the food pantry during the giving week, plus talking about
giving $  to God in the contribution.
Since you are bringing in an elder and a deacon to visit, you might could
set it up like a jury room or something...and have each student ask them
questions.  Maybe someone could even dress up like a judge.
When studying the elders, since they are the shepherds and we are the
sheep, you could make lamb sugar cookies (round cookies with mini
marshmallows all around and two mini chocolate chips for eye, licorice
string for mouth).  On the deacon lesson, any food could be used, but have
the students "serve" each other, rather than get their own.
Hope these ideas help!
Lori W. in Oklahoma ljwaugh@pldinet

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8) Keeping Youth?

we are trying to get the high school group off the ground but not doing so
good, we have a great music worship time and a great short message, and of
course food at the end, but that is not keeping them there, they are not
coming, anymore, anyhelp would be great. thenks for any help. If you want
to e-mail me personally you can at:

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9) Clown Ministry?

Do you have any information on Clown Ministry?  Thank you!

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10) Fear Factor...con't.

"ostrich eggs" (whole canned potatoes) to eat..the one who ate the least
in 1 min was out of the game.

"worms" spaghetti noodles with "pig tendons" veinna saugages in then  oh
and we had plastic spiders and rats and such all over the noodles...these
two had 1 min to dig with their mouth and get the tendons and then they
had to roll a die to see how many they had to eat...if they got a 6 they
had to eat none


Egg Pass  The 3 teams were told to line up facing front.  In front of them
was a table with a box of eggs on it. The first person in each line had to
take an egg and crack it in the second person's hand.  The second person
had to pass it to the third person and so forth.  Behind the last person
in line was a bowl. The goal was to have the most egg yokes in the bowl at
the end of 30 seconds. The team with the least is eliminated and the two
remaining teams moved on to event #2.

Dirt Dig  The two remaining teams were again told to line up facing front.
In front of them was a table with two small pools (purchased at the Dollar
Tree).  Each pool was filled with dirt, worms & pieces of clothesline. 
The first person in each line had to dig through the dirt & worms in the
pool to find a piece of string.  Once the string was found it had to be
placed on the table and the second person in line went next, then the
third and so forth. The first team to have everyone in line find a piece
of string wins & moves on to the next event.

Condiment Capers: On a table was a cooler filled with various condiments,
index cards with the name of a condiment written on it & mini Dixie cups.
Each contestant had to pick three cards - the cup was filled with a little
of each condiment that  was written on the cards(sometimes child picked
three of the same card. The child had to eat the contents in the cup
within 10 sec. to move on to the next event.

The Worm Tray On a table was a silver platter of worms & dice. Each child
was asked to roll the dice. The total number showing on the dice was the
number of seconds that person had to put their cheek in the plate of
worms. Anyone not able to do it do not move on to the next event
(surprisingly everyone moved on).

Dart Board On a dartboard were numbers the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4. The
children had to throw a dart (the board rotated) and whatever number the
dart landed on was the number of Jell-O cubes they had to eat.  One catch
the Jell-O cubes (made using ice trays) had a bug in the middle (the bug
was actually a raisin but the children did not know that).

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