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SSTN  # 70- July 1, 2002

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1) The Perfect 10-Song
2) VBS Balloon Release
3) Celebrating graduations
4) Graduation ideas   
5) Duplicating yourself?
6) Flower Bulb Gospel
7) Beads from sour milk?
8) Community Kids
9) Christian Comic resource for SSTN
10) Craft Ideas for Preschoolers in SS & AWANAs
11) Christian Comics: Archangels the Saga
12) Christian Comics   

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1) The Perfect 10-Song

In the Newsletter, Tracey asked if anyone knew how the 10 commandments
song went. I had a CD with the song "The Perfect 10".  The CD is called
"Kids Sing Praise" it's publised by Brentwood/Brentwood for Kids. Hope
this helps.  My Children's Church class really likes that song.

Linda Rife <')))><

--from SSTN: After a bit of searching, I was able to locate it for our bookstore. 

Type the following title into the search box to find it:


Kids Sing Praise V3-Stereo D   

If you type only: Kids Sing Praise, you'll find other recordings as well.

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2) VBS Balloon Release

> We like to release balloons in air with tracts. 

Balloon releases are so much fun, especially when sending out the gospel,
but please remember that the deflated balloons can be dangerous to birds
and marine life, who often ingest them after they fall. We have to be
careful of that here in Florida.
Kit MacLeod, First Presbyterian Church,
North Palm Beach

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3) Celebrating graduations

<< I was wondering if you all give gifts for graduation (elementary, <middle, high
<school, college) and what you give. Our church has a graduation Sunday
<where we present all graduates with a little gift. Usually it is a book or

At our church we celebrate graduations from High School and College.
Their names are all mentioned in the bulletins, along with their school
and majors. When my children graduated from High School they were
presented with very nice pen sets.  I believe they also had a breakfast
for them too.  Our students are presented with Bibles in the 4th grade.
God bless,

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4) Graduation ideas   

I regards to graduation ideas, my church collects a love offering  about a
month prior to "Graduation Sunday" and purchases a savings bond for each
child. We were so blessed to be able to give $75.00 savings bonds to high
school & $100.00 to the college grads, we gave the younger ones $25.00
savings bonds.  We had a total of 19 grads last year. This year we only
have 11 grads. It may be too late for you this year, but think about it
for next year. Peace be with you!
Youth Ministries Director, CUBC Washington, DC

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5) Duplicating yourself?

Thanks to all of you for your input and insights. Deb Gurney, I need to
ask you some questions about your advice. I'm not familiar with the
concept of "duplicate yourself". What does that mean? How does one go
about that? I also need to know how to deal with the fact that we don't
have anyone coordinating anything. Communication is pretty lax and I'm
having a hard time getting a meeting with our pastor to voice my concerns.
I recently had a parent with foster children pull three of her kids from
my class and put them in with the 2nd to 6th grade class because they were
bored (despite attempts to teach them songs, incorporate costumes,crafts
and other methods). Actually, this move has relieved some things for me,
but now I am teaching only 2-5 year olds and I had volunteered  for K-1st.
I like the little ones, but I'm not as confident about my abilities with
them. Again thank you all . I appreciate your sight in my areas of

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6) Flower Bulb Gospel

In response to "Sharing the Gospel through flower bulbs,"  there is a
wonderful book by Liz Curtis Higgs and illustrated by Nancy Munger called
"The Parable of the Lily" that compares the death/resurrection of Jesus to
planting a flower bulb (lily, in particular).  I used this with our kids
in children's church this spring around Easter and then the kids planted
lilies at our church.  They are almost ready to bloom and the kids are
very excited.

The ISBN number of the book is 0-7852-7231-3. The book says it is
appropriate for children ages 3-7, but I have kids ages 3-11 in my
children's church and they all liked it.  I hope this helps!

Amy Tomlinson

--from SSTN: all are available in our bookstore. Type the author's name,
Liz Curtis Higgs, into the search box to find a wealth of resource books
for ALL ages:

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7) Beads from sour milk?

Several years ago I had a recipe for making beads out of sour milk.  I
also had a recipe for making marshmallows using Knox gelatin and corn
syrup.  I have lost those recipes.  Does anyone have them?  If so, could
you share them.  My kids and students loved to make them.  Thanks,
Peggy, Celina, Texas You can email me at peggy@tkissinger.com.

--from SSTN: please remember to share ideas via the network.
This way everyone will benefit. Thank you,  Sarah Keith <><

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8) Community Kids

Mary, perhaps a mentoring program using these complaining parents would
get them interested in the "outside" kids and the ministry to them.
Perhaps a  meeting of the "church" adults explaining the concept and
assigning them a child or family to mentor?  If they refuse, perhaps they
need a "meeting" with the Lord?  Remind them we are ALL SAVED to SERVE and
our way of saying "Thank-you" to the Lord for our Salvation is our service
in sharing Him with others.  The Lord was "no respecter of persons".
The "I'm better than they are" attitude comes from Satan.
If they love the Lord, they will come to love these kids as they minister
to and pray for them.  You may have to take it a step at a time and just
assign them kids to pray for and maybe give them a brief bio on each one
so they can do more if they want to such as sending a birthday card, etc.,
or phoning and let it develop from there.  May the Lord give you grace as
you also minister to and mentor these church adults!
Candy Hall

--from SSTN: some Bible verses to consider are:
James 2:1-4 and Matthew 28:18-20.
ysic, sarah keith <><

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9) Christian Comic resource for SSTN

The Assembly of God has some comics available (I receive their mailouts
and email). Check their web site.

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10) Craft Ideas for Preschoolers in SS & AWANAs   

I am a Sunday School teacher of 2-3's and AWANA Cubbies Leader of 3-4's. I
need some simple but pertinent crafts for this age group. Please help.
Also, Sue posted an idea about a prayer pillow, this sounds like a great
idea. Can you give more info on this and how to make them. I would like to
present each one with a pillow, even a small one, on SS Promotion Day and
1st Cubbie meeting in August.

--from SSTN: Try using felt rectangles. Adults can sew or glue them
together, or use no-sew iron on strips. Allow the kids to decorate the
felt with various adornments, yarn, markers, sequins, etc. Then have them
stuff them with fiberfill. We did this last semester for a 10 Commandments
series I've written. This was a craft for the 4th Commandment: "Sabbath
Rest-Pillows". ysic, sarah keith <><

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Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
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11) Christian Comics: Archangels the Saga

I know that there is a comic book series called Archangels.  I have seen
it at Christian music festivals and at a few Christian bookstores in the
Midwest.  I have also seen it sold through Christian Book Distributors.
The comics are targeted at teens, and they are for people who are
seriously into comics.  They are an alternative of excellent quality.

--from SSTN: You can find them in our Bookstore search box.
Type:  Archangels-the saga


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12) Christian Comics   

I was looking through some comic books at a garage sale a couple of
summers ago.  They were all old Disney and Richie Rich type comics.  There
was one Dennis the Menace one entitled Dennis and the Bible Kids.  This
particular one was about Jesus - but the back shows that there are others
about Joseph, David, Moses and the Bible Girls.  I haven't looked into
getting others, but the address on the back is Word Books, P.O. Box 1790;
Waco, Texas; 76703.  These were published in 1977 so I don't know if you
can get copies or not.  Hope that helps someone.

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