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SSTN # 71 - August 9, 2004

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1) Revelation Study For Kids?
2) Autism in class
3) Christians Need To Vote
4) Altoids Tins

--> Lessons For Fall Term

5) Lock-In Ideas
6) Children in Worship
7) Teaching Autistic Children
8) Children In Service

9) "Wonderfully made" crafts?
10) Letters To Soldiers?
11) Children In Church
12) Finger Plays

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1) Revelation Study For Kids?

Do you know where I could get a bible study for children under 13
of the book of Revelation? I can't seem to find anything for children
that age. I can find them for high school age. My Sunday School class
has requested teaching on Revelation and I need help! Please pray
for me that I can relate the teaching on their level!

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2) Autism in class

Hi Holly,
      I am a Jr.Church teacher as well as a mom of an autism spectrum
childand a former foster mom of special needs children.
      I have found many things to be useful in the class with special
needs children of all backgrounds.
      One particular is a ziploc bag of different items.  Currently in the
bag is a squishie octopus, a knobby ball, a nerf ball, a gushy toy, a
stretchy man-  get the idea?  these are all items that can be held by the
child and felt while the lesson is given that make no noise so as not to
disturb the rest of the class, plus they are small so the  others don't
even know the child has it in their lap touching it.
      I find that especially autistic children need that tactile input, or
simply put to be touching, if you do not fill that need constructively
then they will pull their neighbors hair or tug their clothes, etc.
      When the child seems to be leaning in that direction or having
difficulty paying attention I quietly pass an object from my ziploc bag.

      When the child has exhausted the bags contents, which will take
weeks to do, then I have the child be the helper, remember autistic children
have the tendency to zone out and they are sitting in the chair but not really
there in their mind.  The key to a good teacher is catching that child
before they zone or stim too long and help them to focus.  They will need
more stucture, but I suggest that you incorporate more structure to the
entire class so this helps the special needs children without singling
them out. Also if possible enlist regular helpers, the more consistency the
      And the most important thing is to understand that God made us all
different, no two people learn the same way, some are visual, some learn
by hearing, some by reading, but all made in the image of God.
      Autistic children need loving, caring, committed people who will
incorporate all of the learning styles in their classroom  and their
parents need to know how much you love and care for their children.
      At times it may seem an overwhelming task, but then just when you
think you can't do it, that child will surprise you and show you how it is
more blessed to give than to receive.
      Hoping this helps,  for any specific situations feel free to e-mail
me at       theanimallover@sbcglobal.net

      Doreen in Indiana

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3) Christians Need To Vote

Christians need to elect leaders that are "most" closely aligned with
Biblical Judeo-Christian ethics and morals. If you're not registered to
vote, you can do so on the following page:

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4) Altoids Tins

The Altoids' postings have been posted under "Tin Boxes" on the following


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--> Lessons For Fall Term

This coming Fall session, consider using my easy-to-use
Hands On Lessons of the Bible for K-5th grade. One book is all you need for an
entire class and semester!

Visit the following page to learn more:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><
"Home of the Sunday School Teacher's Network"

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5) Lock-In Ideas

> I am having lock-in at church before school starts back for  pre-school
> thur 5th grade.I am looking for some activities and games.
Last year we had our first back to school lock-in. We didn't have anything
to fancy, but I hope this helps some. First of all I think it is a very
good idea to get pemission slips signed with emergency contacts just in
case. I only point this out because the ones who proceeded me at my church
never thaught to do this. Anyways, we let all the kids make their own
pizza ( they loved this ), we had a brief worship service with music and
the pastor gave a sermon about people being diferent. We made back to
school survival kits where children decorated school boxes and then added
a list of items like a toothpick to  remind you to pick the good qualities
in everyone, including yourself. Acomplete list of these items can be
found at kimskorner4teachertalk.com/classmanagement/survivalkit.html. Then
we had a movie about a boy and his family who were made fun of because
they were different. (and popcorn of course.) After several hours of
giggling and bathroom trips they finally passed out. The next morning:
Doughnuts, another worship service where pastor talked about coaches and
told them to let Jesus be their coach. Clean up and went home. I hope i'm
not boring you. This year we are camping out in tents, roasting hotdogs
over an open fire and having smores. We will have a sevice with music and
a sermon around the campfire and hopefully get to sleep before morning.
Then we will have breakfast and another service and play Bible Double Dare
( I got that idea from SSTN ) Then I will send the kid's home to their
parents tired and messy. I hope this helps a little.
Your friend in Christ,

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6) Children in Worship

I've read many comments on children in worship and I thought i might as
well add my own. I feel like alot of children have a hard time
understanding (even if they try) the sermon that the minister intends for
the adults in the congregation. During the worship service the children at
our church go to a seperate class. Ages 2-5 to one class and grades 1-6 to
another. The way we have been doing this for about a year now is that we
concentrate on the same lesson for a month. 1st Sunday-person A introduces
the lesson with a story and life application and memory verse. Sunday 2-
person B leads the kids in a craft that goes along with the lesson. Sunday
3- person C uses gospel illusions, gospel ballooning, puppets, or
something else to reinforce the lesson. Sunday 4 is reserved for the
monthly missionary lesson given by person D. In the event of a Sunday 5
the children do go to the sanctuary where the minister has a short sermon
for the kids up front that will go along with the sermon for the adults.
Also at the beginning of each service we have music, prayer and
announcements in the same way that the adults would have in their worship
service, so the kids get the idea of what adult service is like. I feel
like A. this reinforces the lesson and no one will miss an entire lesson
even if they miss a Sunday. B. This gives each helper an oppurtunity to be
in adult worship service at least 3 Sundays a month, and C. It does allow
a few Sundays for children to be with their parents in Worship. This has
worked really well for us and the children seem to enjoy it as well. So,
there youhave it. One more persons opinion on children in worship.

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7) Teaching Autistic Children

I also teach Sunday school and I had an autistic child last year that I
will have again this year as well as another one.Where I teach we are
required by our diocese to have a minimum of 2 adults in each class.One of
the main things that I emphasize all throughout the year is that every
child will be treated fairly and that we can learn from our differences.I
also have 3 children,one has hearing problems and another is in the
process of being screened for autism and autistic related
disorders.Something you can try, because learning disabled children often
have trouble with comprehension, use a lot of visuals and do a lot of hands
on activities.In other words to maintain peace in the classroom,you need
to keep the learning impaired stimulated but not over stimulated.You can
also encourage or ask that one of thier parents come and assist you in the
classroom. Any questions,you can contact me at mike1@shorenet.net. Lori

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8) Children In Service

Our church has Children's Church for preschool thru 4th grade for all
services. 5th grade and up have service with a youth minister. We have a
lot of bus children in our church. These children tend to not have as much
knowledge on the Bible as the children whose parents attend
church(sometimes they have very little knowledge on how to sit and listen)
but we all love to have them come and attend. Children's Church is a great
place for them to learn about the Bible and how to act at church. We love
these little ones and enjoy teaching them. Sometimes they can be a handful
but it is well worth the work that is put into working with them when one
of them gets saved, or when they tell you how much that the appreciate the
chance to go to church. On the 4th Sunday each month the church has a
"Penny March" where the kids come up and put change into a large container
that will be used for an outing for them or something in that nature. Also
this Sunday the kids will sit and listen to the Preacher with all the
adults and learn how to act in "Big Church". This works well for our
In God's love,
just a forgiven sinner in TN

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9) "Wonderfully made" crafts?

I need ideas for simple crafts related to Psalm 139:14 - "...fearfully and
wonderfully made" for use with a 2 1/2 year-old. We have already traced
her to make a life-size paper version of her. Thanks!

--from SSTN: For a finger print craft idea on this theme, check out "Goin'
Buggie For Jesus" at:   http://www.christiancrafters.com/buzzing_bees.html 

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10) Letters To Soldiers?

I know that this network is mostly about teaching children, my letter
today is a request for anyone whom would have any information on writing
to a Pen Pal in Iraq. The Ladies in our church would like a way to bring a
little home to our soldiers. They are away helping to keep our country
safe, the least we could do is to let them know that we support them. If
anyone has any information that I could use, please contact me at:
Thank you,
your sister in Christ,
Bridget in middle TN

--from SSTN: type "writing + soldiers" in the search box at:

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11) Children In Church

>Our services start at 10:30.  Babies to seniors are all in one big
>room...and we are all taught the SAME LESSON, at the SAME TIME.
>Babies to school age... play with their own toys brought from home, while
>schoolage to teens have WORKSHEETS to do.

Wow it almost sounds like chaos with even babies in the room.  I am glad
that it works for you, but it would drive me crazy and I am not a senior
yet, but getting close. (58)  Also don't the children and teens get tired
of doing the same thing every week? (worksheets) It seems like they should
have more of a variety, like jigsaw puzzles, crafts, videos.  They have
regular school 5 days a week. Should they have that on Sunday too?
God bless,

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12) Finger Plays

Here are some books I found, with ISBNs, etc.
My First Bible Verses
ISBN: 0570048419

Bible Teaching Finger Plays

Playful Songs & Bible Stories for Preschoolers
ISBN: 076442534X

Preschool Worker’s Encyclopedia
ISBN: 0764422952

Mix & Match Ideas for Preschool Ministry
ISBN: 0764420216

Finger Puppet Mania[]
ISBN: 0570053730

I think the "Pray & Play Bible Stories" for children (2 vol.) have some
finger plays in them, also.
Linda Divan

from SSTN: You will find these resources in our bookstore.
Type the title into the search box on the following page to locate them:

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