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SSTN  # 72- July 8, 2002

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1) Neckties for Fathers
2) Father's Day Ties
3) Neckties For Bulletin Board
4) Old ties craft   
5) No building...can't decorate
6) Amazon outfitters VBS   
7) The Judges, Deborah, Gideon, and Samson?
8) VeggieTown VBS?
9) Contact Info?
10) What we do every week   
11) Motivating Teachers
12) Kickoff Sunday

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1) Neckties for Father's day

>>I am looking for a craft using a man's neck tie. 

This is what we did this year. We are having a breakfast for the Father's.
Each child decorated a tie with glitter, bubble paint...... The Father
will wear this tie to the breakfast. It is the price of admission. We made
extra ties for men that show up and don't have a tie. The invitation that
went home was for the Father or brother or whatever male is important to
the child. The children will serve the breakfast and there will be a
story, object lesson and craft for all to work on. The Father's loved the
ties and we have a lot of great pictures. It's not often we have that many
men in Sunday School. The mother's did the organizing of the event. It is
probably too late for this year but we had a great time!
Peace and love,Joy, Toledo, Ohio

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2) Father's Day Ties

Maybe you could have the kids paint over  these or die them and they
decorate with stickers or draw picturtes.  My kids wrote messages like
Greatest Dad", "I Love you", etc.  Nancy

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3) Neckties For Bulletin Board

>>I am looking for a craft using a man's neck tie. >

You are so lucky to get all those ties.  This is not for a craft, but for
bulletin board.  In the past I have made a Thanksgiving turkey on the
bulletin board and his tail feathers are "dad's old ties!"  I get so many
compliments....Give it a try.
God bless,

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4) Old ties craft   

I have used old ties and take a wire clothes hanger, unfold it, and stuff
them with the stuffing you get at Wal-Mart...add a little red felt to big
end for a tongue, and hot glue or sew the ends closed, then add two little
wiggle eyes to the top and then you can shape it...then you have a
snake...well, it might not be good for Father's Day gift, but my kids
doing them for a craft when we studied about Adam and Eve
Carolyn from Cleveland Texas

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5) No building...can't decorate

Dorie: I hesitated to answer, since I tend to answer a lot. But.. no one
has given you ideas of what to do, just encouraged you (I'm sure you need
that too).

If your curriculum has a quarterly theme, paint it on sheets.  These can
be thumbtacked to walls (or you can make a PVC frame which snaps together
and comes apart for easy storage.  You can make a nice bulletin board from
the side of a refrigerator box. Cover it with burlap or other fabric and
it moves easily.  If you have a Home Interiors displayer in your area,
check with her about selling you a display board and easel.  Theirs are
thick foam and some of them fold (since they have parties in peoples homes
they have to be easy to transport).  Plasti-tak or rolls of masking tape
hold the items to the board. You can put pins into the home interior
boards.  For a small board, use a science fair project board (Wal mart or
a teachers supply).

Hope this helps.  Feel free to email me if you need more help.
Teresa  (puppetworkshop@aol.com)

--from SSTN: Dear Teresa: nothing wrong with answering a lot. ;o))
Thanks for sharing your great ideas! ysic, sarah <><

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6) Amazon outfitters VBS   

For the person who was looking for Kindergarten ideas for the last two
days of VBS - here's what we're doing:

Day 4:  We're using "Alive Again!" from New Testament Interactive Bible
Stories for Children (Sarah:  Group ISBN#1-55945-291-9) with the ending
changed a little to tell the story.  I found a cross craft project on
perpetualpreschool.com under Christian Easter Art:  cut a cross out of the
middle of a piece of white cardboard, cut contact paper the size of the
cardboard and let kids cover contact paper with small pieces of tissue
paper, cover contact paper with cardboard frame.  We're going to make
"plain" play dough balls and put food color in the middle.  As the kids
knead the play dough they will be "surprised" just like Jesus' friends.
(the idea for this came from the preschool book from VBS curriculum.)

Day 4:  The preschool book has some good ideas that will work for K's.
We're playing a listening game - have kids with different features stand
up and do something:  ex. If you have brown hair, stand up and stretch.
We're making a weight and height graph.  Again, check the preschool book
for this great idea.  We're telling the story with a felt board and the
kids are going to make a turtle from small butter bowls - paint green, add
green legs and head, put on wiggly eyes and put a golf ball underneath.

If you would like more info you can contact me stacey@pbpres.org
Hope this helps a little.

--from SSTN: you'll find it listed in the bookstore under: "Interactive
Bible Stories for Children". Just type the title into the search box:

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7) The Judges, Deborah, Gideon, and Samson?

Dear Christian Educators,
Does anyone have a lead on any curriculum they used for a Judges rotation?
We have found that we have not been teaching much Old Testament to our
children and would like to start out the year on the above topic, however
I am having a lot of trouble locating anything. Any help would be most
appreciated. This is for a rotation model type Sunday School however I
have found that I can adapt a regular lesson to fit my needs and the
children's ages are from K-5th grade. Again thanks.
Peace Liz Dotzlaf

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8) VeggieTown VBS?

I have been put in charge of our Vacation Bible School crafts for this
year.  We are finishing up the VeggieTown Values set from a couple of
years ago.  If anyone has any ideas for ages 3-5 or 6-12 crafts, I would
greatly appreciate them.
Thank you,

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9) Contact Info?

I need to get in touch with Sandra Herron.  She wrote to me from here and
requested some things from me.  I wrote back to her and sent her, but it
was returned to me as failure of address.  Please post this as soon as
possible.  Thank you so much for putting up with me.  Nancy

Also,  I received  a package.  It was from Spotsylvania, VA.  I want to
say thank you to whoever sent this.  I would like their address.  So I
need them to get I need them to get in touch with me.  I especially liked
the lightbulb cutouts.  I never thought to use them, but they will work
GREAT for the verse, "I am the light of the world."  Sothank you and
please write.  thekingskid@comporium.net is my email address.

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10) What we do every week   

I was just reading your very first article. (from the Archives List) Every
week, I send my kids a letter.  Even if they are in class on Sunday, it
lets them know that someone is praying for them and thinking about them
during the week.  I also send birthday cards out to all the people in the
church.  I also try to send a card out to everyone on the prayer list in
the bulletin and every week, I try to send to at least 3 people in the
church directory--I go in order; to the kids and teens to, except for the
ones in my class.  This way, they get encouragement, hopefully and just
maybe they will come to Sunday School and be more active in church.  Even
if they don't, it keeps my heart in prayer.  Also, while I am taking
request and praying the kids MUST be still and quiet.  That is I try--lol.
I start my class with prayer request and ask each child their request and
then name it in the prayer.  Our class also gives the pastor gifts.  We do
this each holiday.  This teaches sharing, giving and the instruction from
the Bible to take care of God's man--even if the gift is small or just a
card with a song and Bible verse.
Each year, my class send balloons up in the air with tracts tied on them.
This teaches sharing and it gets the Word of God out.  It teaches
witnessing.  They enjoy it and they get to be with the pastor again.
My class is age 3-5 year olds.  I believe that kids should be taught at an
early age and I try.  The Lord does the rest!
I would like to request prayer for my class.  I also need prayer for VBS.
Prayer that things come in or I get the money to buy them.  My email is:
thekingskid@comporium.net.  Write me if you want.  I need a good christian
friend.  I don't work and can no longer drive.  I am disabled, so I get
In Christ,

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11) Motivating Teachers

During Children's Sunday we hold a special "Teacher Appreciation Moment"
whereby each teacher is called forward and introduced, a brief bio (how
many years served..what grade..etc....) and prayed for.  We also give each
teacher a gift - usually purchased from an organization like Servv or a
book etc.  We also hold a Teacher Appreciation Breakfast at a member of
our church's home on a lake.  We do this in late August...and invite both
teachers from the previous year and new teachers/assistants that may be
first timers. Our CE Committee organizes this but any group willing could
handle it!  Additionally, we have a teachers prayer that we pray before
Church school begins every Sunday and we try to hold at least 3 or 4
Teacher Meetings throughout the year to give people an opportunity to
share what is working, not working, concerns, joys etc.  These mid-year
meetings really do seem to lift spirits and re-energize our teachers!

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12) Kickoff Sunday

That first Sunday at our church has undergone several name changes over
the last ten years. Kick-off, [which non football fans didn't relate
to]Welcome Back [some said "What? I haven't gone anywhere.] Rally Day and
finally we settled on Celebration Sunday. In the spring we have a
Celebration Sunday and Wednesday which signifys the end of the program
year. On those two Sundays we have some of these things varying years:
chalk art, bubbles, airplanes, balloons, potlucks or hot dogs, old
fashioned picnic games. On that first Sunday we always  have something for
the  kids to take home: this year it will be a "prayer rock" in a small
drawstring bag, as our SCS theme will be Prayer.

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