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SSTN # 73 - August 22, 2005

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1) Family Activities
2) Family Activities
3) Family Activities
4) Family Activities
5) Family Activities

Amazing Miracles of the Bible

6) Teacher acrostic?
7) Sunday School penpals?
8) Ten commandment song tune
9) Books of the Bible - memory song
10) Missionary projects ages 5-12?

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1) Family Activities

>Outside of a Christmas Advent Festival, our church does not have many
>activities for families.  Are there any ideas that have worked well at
>other churches? 

Not sure if your church includes making an advent wreath during the
Christmas Festival, but our church kicks off advent on the evening of
the 4th Sunday before Christmas with a "pot-luck" dinner. After the
dinner, and a few inspiring words, families and friends make an advent
wreath together. The church provides the kits for a price(kits are
available at most craft stores). Greens are provided by members who are
able to trim some natural greens from their yards, or the surrounding
wooded areas(based on your geographical location...you didn't say). We
are located in the northeast sector of the U.S., therefore greens are
not a problem. We generally fill the stage in our fellowship hall with
donations of natural greens. Following the assembly of the wreathes, we
sing a few Seasonal Carols, and light the first candle. Always a big hit
in the church...................We also kick off our VBS week with a
family night, that includes games refreshments, pony rides, and a moon
walk for example..anything that creates a "carnival-like" atmosphere
will work......as far as how many family oriented gatherings...as many
as possible! Good Luck!

In him,
FUMC Moorestown, NJ

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2) Family Activities

We have had Fall Festivals in the past years.  We have a trunk or treat in
the parking lot with families decorating their trunks & the kids go trunk
to trunk getting treats.  Usually have a chili supper or spaghetti supper.

--from SSTN: for those not familiar with Trunk or Treats, search our
archives at:

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3) Family Activities

>Would anyone recommend how many family activities
>should be done in a year?

Our church has Game Night on the first Saturday of each month.  And of
course, we eat, too!  We pick a "theme" or a main course for the food
(picnic food, Italian, Mexican, fish fry), and one family is in charge of
the main course.  Everybody else brings side dishes, desserts, or whatever
goes with the theme for the night.
The games range from dominoes, card games, bingo, Scattergories, trivia,
outdoor games, to Olympic Night, a Scavenger Hunt and Charades.  Usually,
groups form and several different games are going on at the same time. 
When we play bingo, charades, or a scavenger hunt, we make it fun for the
adults & the kids to play together.  Some of the other games are usually
just for adults, so it kind of excludes the kids, but we find some kids
games to play with them.  
We have a great time every month!  And we always have great food!!  Hope
this is the type of family activity you were looking for.  We sure do
enjoy it!
Nancy Miles
Richland Creek Baptist Church
Pleasant Plains, Illinois    

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4) Family Activities

One thing our church just started doing is to have a bowling night.  You
have to call way ahead of time and reserve enough lanes.  It also brings
people that do not go to church.


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5) Family Activities

We have established, at the parents request, a program
to have each family pick a month and sponsor an
activity.  It eliviates the Sunday School Teachers and
Minsters from planning all activities, and allows
families to interact in activities that they feel
their families would enjoy.  We have been doing this
for approx. 1 year, and have had families
dissappointed because they can't get a month soon
enough to sign up for. 


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Amazing Miracles of the Bible

God’s glory and love are revealed through the miracles he performed and
were fully realized when he came to earth in the form of a man to save
mankind. By studying the miracles of the Bible children will gain a better
understanding of God’s love and faithfulness and how he continues to be
loving and faithful in miraculous ways to his people today. Great for
rotation-type programs!

In the Curriculum Creatives section:

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6) Teacher acrostic?

I am in need of a Teacher acrostic to give to our Sunday School teachers
for a Rally Day Program.  Do you have one I could use?

Thank you for your time and trouble.
In Christ

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7) Sunday School penpals?

A couple of years ago, someone had suggested that they were interested in
Sunday School penpals.  I believe someone may have even set up a website
to share Sunday School penpal information.  Unfortunately, I never managed
to connect with other people who were interested in doing this with their
Sunday School classes.

I'm still really interested in having my class become penpals with a
Sunday School class in another area of the country (or even the world!)  I
attend a Methodist Church in Massachusetts and teach Kindergarten, First
and Second graders.  Some of my kids are pretty young, so I don't know
that they'd nessescarily be writing individual letters but they could
certainly draw pictures and we could write letters as a class.

If anybody's interested, please email me at edalynne@hotmail.com.  I think
I'll have about 10-12 kids in my class this year.


--from SSTN: check the archives, there are some links there:

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8) Ten commandment song tune

To Sheila Adams..ten commandment song tune

Sheila, the version I know is not a familiar tune. If you read music, I
would be happy to send you an email with the music notes so you could play
it and hear the tune. It is very easy to learn and to sing.

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9) Books of the Bible - memory song
In australia there is a CD available called Do ba ba by Colin Buchannan.
the CD is memory verses set to music and includes a new testament and old
testament book list song. it is brilliant and lots of fun and the kids
really enjoy it. ( our sunday school's favourite is Romans 6:23 the wages
of sin!!) maybe this CD is available in the USA!
Good luck and happy memorisation
Ali Hilton

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10) Missionary projects ages 5-12?

Hello. I am a fellow Sunday school/youth teacher and am seeking to begin a
missionary project for my students who are between the ages of 5 and 12. I
have never done such a project and am in need of any ideas or suggestions
as to how to get started with such an endeavor. I would like to reach out
to children across the globe whether it be through connecting as
pen-pals,etc. If there is anyone who has experience in this area, your
comments and suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
Your Sister in Christ,
Cynta in Texas

--from SSTN: you might want to consider bringing your project closer to
home. Our children (5th and 6th graders) have made cookies, collected
nonperishable food items, clothing and toys, then met with the
underprivileged children and played games with them before returning home.
YSIC, sarah <><

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