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SSTN  # 73- July 10, 2002

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1) Children/Youth and Their "Click" Groups   
2) Baptism Song?
3) Miracles of Jesus-Crafts
4) Miracles Craft ideas
5) Peanut butter in crafts   
6) Dieting   
7) Trinity Book
8) Graduation Certificate
9)  VBS Altar calls?
10) Church Pals Program?
11) Outdoor Nativity Scene?   
12) I'm A Believer Song

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1) Children/Youth and Their "Click" Groups   

I know that I am not the only one who is experiencing this problem, but
there has to be a solution.   

We have had members leave the church recently and others are
contemplating leaving....not over doctrine but over their children being
isolated in class.     The children that are being treated this way are
the ones who do not come from money, whose parents do not drive the nice
cars, do not have name-brand clothes, or have the nice homes.     When a
child picks on or isolates another child, it is brought to their
parent's attention.    The parents excuse their behavior.    For
example:    They don't go to school with the child being picked on.    I
am not best friends with the parent of the child being picked on.    
They asked to be picked on by the way that they dress or act.     

Then, it is brought to the attention of the Associate Pastor.  The AP
also excuses it by saying that "that is life."   It is going to happen.
You can't stop kids from being kids.

First, it should not be excusable.     Second, what about teaching these
kids the right way to treat others.    DO TO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE
THEM DO TO YOU.        I teach 3 - 5 yr olds.    They are being taught
this.    My daughter is one of those that is being picked on.    The
girl that picked on her now doesn't speak.    Her mother doesn't speak
to me or my husband..    Crude comments are made.    I have told my
daughter to continue to be nice to her.    Speak even if she doesn't
speak back.    Smile even if she doesn't smile back.    LUKE 6:35 states
"But love your enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return;
and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Highest.  
For He is kind to the unthankful and evil."     

I have an opportunity to reach these kids (in this age group) once a
month.    Are there any movies out there that teach youth to be kind to
one another?  I have seen the Buttercream Gang....WONDERFUL!    I need
a short film....maybe 45 minutes.     I want to be able to have a
discussion afterwards.   

Thank You,
Trevia/Linwood, N.C.

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2) Baptism Song?

I am looking for a children's song about baptism. Thank you for any ideas.

--from SSTN: type  "baptism + song" into the Archive's List search engine
box:  http://christiancrafters.com/archives.html 

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3) Miracles of Jesus-Crafts

Joe, You need to check out a great website www.daniellesplace.com  It has
many craft, lesson and even snack ideas on the Miracles of Jesus.
Good luck finding everything you need.

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4) Miracles Craft ideas

>We are having  for our VBS in July a study of Miracles of Jesus.  Each
>of 3 groups will study 4 miracles and for Friday's program prepare to do
>a skit in addition to singing and having a film.  They will be working

I was hoping someone would ask! We just finished VBS with the theme
F.I.S.H. (First I'll Serve Him) including four "fish" stories. Our coolest
craft was for the big catch...first get a big ole fish with the head still
on, several colors of acrylic craft paint, and muslin fabric (you can also
use rice paper if you can find it). The children smear the paint right on
the fish--sponge brushes work great. Place the muslin on the fish, pull it
away, and you have a great print of a fish! I also picked up sponge shaped
fish for those kiddos that didn't want to touch the fish. To my surprise
every single child used the real fish!

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5) Peanut butter in crafts   

> We made the walls of Jericho out of marshmallows and peanut butter and
> like the other person,made shofar's out of construction paper. 

Just a note on the use of peanutbutter for any craft.  You might want to
consider using an alternative.  Children that have peanut allergy would be
excluded and the oil from the peanut can stay on furniture and tables for
weeks.  Any child with an allergy to peanuts could have a reaction if they
simply get the oil from the furniture.  My child has a peanut allergy and
this year the "Son Canyon" curriculum called for the use of peanut butter
in a craft (to make a bird feeder).  We are experimenting with using
marshmallow creme instead.  I just wanted to include some information for
those that might have to deal with a child with a peanut allergy.  These
can be very serious including causing severe problems with breathing.
Hope this helps.


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6) Dieting   

Dieting is an ongoing process.  I read one time the the foods people ate
in the OT was ideal.  If it is not something "God " made then leave alone and
don't eat it.  Nancy

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7) Trinity Book

When my brother was small he had a book about the Trinity.  I still have
the book and use it for my kids and class.  It is with an apple.  It shows
the core, flesh and peeling.  Without all three, it could not grow.  And
think of all the wonderful things it makes.  3-in-1.  Nancy

--from SSTN: this is one of the featured books on our home page this

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8) Graduation Certificate

I have no set certificate to give to the children graduating out of
Children's Church.  This year I actually just did an internet search,
found a free certificate that I liked and printed it out on colored paper
(to make it a little more special).  In years before, I have used Cannon
Creative CD that came with our printer to make the certificate.  I leave
room for two signatures: one for myself as the teacher and one for the
pastor.  This year's happens to read:  Certificate of Award presented to
________ for completion of the Children's Ministry Course.  Thank you for
your outstanding work.  Then dated and signed.  You can find some very
nice ones online and they are free.  Happy searching.  Toye from
Lethbridge Canada

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9) VBS Altar calls?

I've helped with the Vacation Bible School program for a small, rural,
mainline denomination for over 10 years.  During that time we have never
had an altar call, or asked the kids to make decisions for Christ.  I have
done so in my class (4th grade - 6th), but this has never happened for the
entire group, or in the other classes.    We have about 50 kids who
attend.  The biggest classes are usually the smaller kids.   How do other
VBS's handle decisions for Christ?  How do you follow up? (Only 20% of the
kids actually attend our church, most are from other churches, and some
unchurched kids.)

Trish in Nebraska

--from SSTN: Great question for SSTN! A few years ago I incorporated an
altar call of sorts into the packaged VBS program we were using. I say an
altar call of sorts because I didn't actually call the kids up to the
'altar', but did lead a prayer for those that wanted to pray to receive
Jesus as their Savior. There was no follow up...so I wasn't sure if it had
impacted any of the kids. However, I was blessed to find out a few months
later when one of the mothers told me her daughter had prayed to receive
Jesus into her life that day! I will be most interested to learn how
others are doing this in their VBS programs! Your webservant, Sarah Keith

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10) Church Pals Program?   

Our church began a Church Pals program last year where we paired off
Sunday School kids with people in our congregation.  The purpose behind
this was to get our kids acquianted with people they did not know and
for older folks to become interested in the lives of the kids in our
church, their Sunday School program and their life.  We planned this
around the assumption that you feel better when someone you know, or are
getting to know, looks forward to seeing you each week, therefore giving
you or the child more incentive to regularly attend and the pleasure of
making a new friend.

Each Sunday you will find little 'exchanges' going on such as birthday
cards, a new or loaned book, a colored picture, or just a  little chat!
It is really hard to say which group - the kids or the older folks - are
getting more enjoyment from this program.

Beginning this fall we would to expand this program but are not sure
just what to try next.  Do you have any similar program in your church?
If so, I would appreciate hearing about your ideas.  One thing we are
talking about is a Pals Party or dinner.  Each person would wear a name
tag telling their name and the name of their church pal.  We hope this
will connect the pals earlier on in the year so relationships can
begin.  We are  a  rural church with approximately 25-30 Sunday School
children who are matched up with 'pals' who come forward from the
congregation and sign up!

Please forward any ideas for this program.
Doreen Pound
Burnside Presbyterian Church

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Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) Outdoor Nativity Scene?   

Our church is looking for a pattern to make plywood figures for an
outdoor nativity scene.  We would appreciate receiving any ideas or
Doreen Pound-Burnside Presbyterian Church
Clyde River, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Email:  doreen@pei.sympatico.ca

--from SSTN: use a copyright free pattern from a book and copy it onto an
overhead projector sheet. Project it onto your wood then cut and paint it.

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12) I'm A Believer Song

Back in March you published words to "I'm a Believer", that someone had
rewritten.  For our Summer Celebration I wanted the Sunday School teachers
to sing this song but I had a very hard time getting the words and the
music to work together so I rewrote them again.  I would like to share
them with anyone who would like them as well.

I thought God was only real in fairy tales
Good for someone else, but not for me
Satan was out to get me 
This is what I heard    
Then the Lord said, "Listen to my word"

then I heard His Word
now I'm a believer
not a trace of doubt in my mind
I've been saved, "YEAH"  I'm a Believer,
I couldn't leave Him if I tried.

I thought life was more or less a given thing
looking out for me and no one else
Then I heard Him say,
Follow me this way
I will help you to believe

then I heard His Word
now I'm a believer
not a trace of doubt in my mind
I've been saved, "YEAH" I'm a Believer,
I couldn't leave him if I tried

Yes I heard his worrrrrrrrd
Now I'm a believer
there's not a traa-a-ace
of doubt in my mind
I've been savvvvvved
I'm a believer,

I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe,
I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe,
I believe, I believe

I be-lieve
I be-lieve
I be-lieveeeeeeeeeeeee

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