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SSTN # 73 - June 16, 2003

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--> BINGO! Fruit of the Spirit Game

1) Summer Sunday School video series
2) Summer Sunday School video series
3) Name Tag Icebreaker Idea
4) Nursery Safety
5) Armor of God Song

--> July 4th...USA Patriotic Toy

6) Diaper changing policy
7) Feed My Sheep: John 21:15-19   
8) Nursery Safety   
9) Dr. Suess-type song?

--> Chrismon Book...50% OFF!

10) Search for an old Christian book?
11) Nursery Safety
12) Nursery Safety
13) Nursery Safety
14) Son Creek?   

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--> BINGO! Fruit of the Spirit Game

A fun way for players to learn the Fruit of the Spirit characteristics.
Players score using real fruit candy! FREE SHIPPING!

Learn more here:
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1) Summer Sunday School video series

The Storykeepers:  The Complete Resource Kit  $119.99
ISBN:  031023672X

Kids learn Bible stories and become storytellers with this entertaining,
educational resource kit. As Ben the Baker shares eyewitness accounts of
Jesus and his teachings, fun hands-on activities guide youngsters to
explore, retell, and act out the stories---and apply what they've learned
to their lives. Includes all thirteen 30-minute episodes on four
videocassettes, plus a teacher's guide. Ages 5 to 11.

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2) Summer Sunday School Video Series   

This is in response to the inquiry about Summer Sunday School Video
Series. There are dozens of really good videos out there, but most of them
you have to purchase individually. Among them are: Group Publishing's
"Movie Clips for Kids: Faith-Building Video Devotions" ISBN: 0764423835;
The First Bible Stories Contender Video ISBN VC567-Z which has Noah's Ark,
Adam and Eve, Samson the Strong, and Jonah and the Whale all on the same
video. If you are looking for a complete curriculum surrounding a video
series for just a short period of time, may I suggest Storykeepers, a
video collection by Zonderkidz that Has a church pack ISBN: VA30712, and
education pack ISBN: VA30711, and a teachers guide (book form)
Hope this helps
Sarah in California

--from SSTN: type the titles into the bookstore search box to find these

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3) Name Tag Icebreaker Idea

TO Julie Richardson - (from #62)- 5-19-03   

Another idea that you could use for kids to remember others in a group.

Decide upfront whether you are selecting a theme (i.e. pizza names or an
activity like a handstand - this is huge fun especially for the smaller

Start by introducing your name and your favorite pizza or do an
activity.  The next person have to introduce you (and your
pizza/activity) and then themselves.  Then continue with each person
starting with your name and activity until you've done the full circle.
The poor kids at the end of the circle have to remember everyone's
names, but this usually results in a lot of assistance from the rest of
the group.  The concentration level is also very high, because they have
to remember everyone's names.

Good luck and have fun
Beatrice Wales
South Africa

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4) Nursery Safety

>Our Sunday School Superintendent is concerned with the growing concern of
>abuse within churches, as brought out recently by the media.

Sounds like your  Super. is reacting in fear.   Of course we should
all be concerned with this subject and have a system in place for
protecting our kids.  Long gone are the days of trusting everyone
with kids, but there has to be balance.  Not changing a babies diaper
or taking a child to the potty is just unrealistic.  Suggest a
background check on all persons working with children.  It's probably
costly, but our children are worth every penny, and it's cheaper than
a law suit realistically speaking.

   We only allow parents to come in and change diapers or nursing moms
into our classrooms, no one else.  Even if we need an extra hand and
someone offers to help, if they haven't been through our program they
aren't allowed to come in.  We have men working in our classrooms
with toddlers and older kids.  They are never permitted to assist
with bathroom issues.  We also use the two adult system when changing
diapers or taking toddlers to the potty.  Suggest that the diaper
changing table be put in full view in the nursery.  We had potties
installed in the classrooms for our toddlers when we built our new
building. They're in a private area around the corner from the rest
of the class, but with no door installed.  (We have a safety latch to
keep toddlers out of the potty).  Our helpers are instructed to
assist the child on the potty (if needed) and then stand back where
the other teachers can see them,  then step back in to help the child
snap up and wash hands.  You can also suggest that he invest in a
church security program.  We use the Guardian/STOP program.  It would
probably ease his mind once he's seen it for himself and knows that
there is a plan in action.   If he's still concerned then I suppose
he can have a camera installed above the table with appropriate
signage, but it shouldn't have to come to that.

I'm confident that he'll be much more at ease once he knows there is
a plan in place to protect the children.  The challenge for us
(directors) is to keep our plan in force once it's begun.  I plan on
wearing a badge that is a big STOP sign on my shirt that serves as a
gentle reminder to the helpers.  It's also an advertisement to
parents that we have a system to protect their children in place and
we're serious about it.  Maybe all the helpers should have a STOP
badge or maybe a tee-shirt with a big stop sign on them...hey, not a
bad idea.  Anyway Jenni, education is the key.

Stephanie R., TN
First Chapel Director

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5) Armor of God Song   

I am doing a musical with the children of the church. It is called "Sermon
on the Mound" by Celeste Clydesdale (copy write 1999).  One of the songs
is called "The Armor of God".   The musical is wrapped around a rookie
ball player and speaks of his uniform as an armor....each uniform piece
being one of the armor pieces.  It is a great song.  It  very upbeat and
the kids love it.  DAR Valhermoso, AL

--from SSTN: there are also two books in our bookstore with the same name
as "Sermon on the Mound", one is a "sports devotional book."

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--> July 4th...USA Patriotic Toy

Kids will learn the answers to eight basic USA citizenship questions such
as, "Why did the Pilgrims come to America?"; What is the US Constitution?,
and "What does the First Amendment guarantee?". A great activity for July
4th! Kids can make it and take it home! Print out as many patterns as you
need for a onetime fee of only $3.00.

Find the USA Patriotic Catcher at:
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6) Diaper changing policy

Hi Jenni,
I am the Children's Director for our church, too. About the 'no
diaper changing' rule.....has your SS super considered the possiblity
of being accused of neglect for NOT changing a wet or soiled baby?
Rashes can be evidence of such. Just a thought.  If you have not
previously had problems, I agree that you just need to be up-to-date
with 'what could happen' and make your nursery as safe and
'nurturing' as possible. Let me know how it goes.
Cheryl Mc, Children Director

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7) Feed My Sheep: John 21:15-19   

I am looking for lesson ideas for John 21:15-19.  I would appreciate
object lesson, craft, coloring page, and activity ideas. The lessons
probably will be about helping others.

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8) Nursery Safety   

Jenni, I think your Sunday School Superintendent is going too far.  I
think it is abusive to make an infant keep on a dirty diaper for an
hour or more!  As long as there are two of you in the room, that
should be enough.  Our nursery has the changing table in the room
with all the infants and toddlers. While one person is changing the
diaper, the other adult has to be able to see everything that is
happening on the changing table.  We also have a Monitor patrolling
the halls, able to peek into any classroom at any moment.  That seems
to satisfy the parents in our church.

Your sister in Christ,

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9) Dr. Suess-type song?   

A few issues ago I thought I read the words to a song about believing in
Jesus, set to the rhythm of Dr. Suess "Green Eggs and Ham" poem. Can you
tell me which issue it was, or, tell me where to find the words to the
poem/story. It was very clever. Thanks, Nancy in CT

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10) Search for an old Christian book?

I wonder if anyone can help me in my search?  About 20 years ago I
borrowed a children's book about a boy (Jimmy?) who encountered six
"weird"  witches. As well as being an exciting story, it was an excellent
book for teaching on Discipleship - Perseverence, prayer, Bible reading,
the church, sin and love.

Fortunately, I made notes, and still use the stories (one witch per week)
for teaching in my classes today. Although I don't remember the correct
title, the author, or the publishers, I recall that this book was a sequel
to another book on "Jimmy's" encounters with six Giants. I have not been
able to track down this first book, so if anyone remembers it and can
help, please email me.

Maurice Sweetsur.

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11) Nursery Safety

Your Sunday School Superintendent is right to be concerned with the
possibility of abuse in churches. I just heard on Christian radio today
that 3 children die from abuse every day. 1 in 3 children will be forced
into lewd acts, and the average age of the abused child is 7. These are
valid concerns. MOST children who are abused suffer that abuse at the
hands of a close family member or friend. What better place for abusers to
set up camp than in our churches~ the place where we, as a rule, are
taught to trust people, and to give second chances. The possibility of
child abuse in church is real.

The problem is that we have to make a choice. It's the age-old "fight or
flight" dilemma. If we choose to "fight", we choose to make policies that
reflect that fight~ we make policies like "no less than 2 adults in a room
with a child" or "only parents may pick up their children from class". We
background checks and check references. We put people on a "probation
period" to give them a chance to see if they like working with children
if they are faithful and trustworthy. And we pray like crazy for God's
leading in these tumultous times! If we choose "flight," we make policies
like "no diaper changing" in the hopes that in going overboard we will
convince others that we go above and beyond the call of duty to protect
their children.

Let's be honest here. We can only do so much to protect our kids. We
do all we can! But, when we try to impose rules that defeat our purpose
(which should be to reach, teach, and love children unconditionally) then
we've shown our fear. If our rules keep us from tending to the real needs
of the babies, there's something wrong.

Personally, I like to know that my children are safe. I like to know there
are accessible safety exits and smoke alarms. I like to know that no one
who will come in contact with my child has been accused of sexual
offenses. I also like to know my baby's not sitting for an hour and a half
in a rash wrapped in a stinky diaper because I'm teaching Jr. Church!

God help us!
In His Service,

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12) Nursery safety

I would like to respond to Jenni's comments regarding nursery safety
    "Our Sunday School Superintendent is concerned with the growing
concern of abuse within     churches, as brought out recently by the
media.  He has proposed a "no diaper changing"     policy in our nursery
avoid liability and accusals of sexual abuse.  He has agreed to
let me research this and find out what other churches do for safety and
security within     nurseries.
    We already strongly adhear to a "Two Workers at all Times"
policy.  I think this is     enough and that if a parent is going to
accuse us of abuse then they will accuse us     whether we change
diapers or not.  We have not had an issue with this in the past and I
feel that he is going a bit too far with this whole issue.  Any advice,
tips, examples,     etc. would be greatly appreciated!!! Joyfully
Serving, Jenni M., Children's Director"

First, I am glad that there is concern about the childrens safety.  You
are already on the right track if you are making sure that there are two
workers at all times, but have you done a background check on them to
see if they have a record of abuse and/or neglect?  Your local
police/sheriff and social service agency can run the checks for the
church.  If they aren't good with their own children, they probably
aren't going to good with other people's children. 

Second, I have to say that the no-diaper changing idea is absolutely NOT
a good idea.  Drawing from personal experience, my eldest son was
extremely sensitive to having wet/messy diapers against him for even
short lengths of time, and would get unbelievably painful, red, bleeding
diaper rashesand had to be on prescription treatments just to keep it
liveable.  Think of all the diaper rashes this stand would cause.  The
parents would also be offended to find their babies sopping wet and
smelly when they pick them up.  The nursery would be rather foul and
offensive smelling, making it very unattractive to members, but also to
visitors, which could cause them to never return.  And put yourself in
the baby's situation, would you want to be left like that for over an
hour, possibly two?  They cry when they're wet because they don't like
the feeling it gives them.  That would not only make for a cranky baby,
but you'd lose nursery workers left and right if they had to put up with
crying babies, just because the child is miserable and they can't help
them.  No, the no-diaper-changing policy is a sure fire way to hurt your
church.  I applaud the concern, but there are reasonable limits to
protecting yourself from lawsuits, and this is not one of them.  

I hope that this helps you.  God bless you and your ministry!
Teresa W.  Corunna, MI

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13) Nursery Safety

The two-person policy in the nursery is a good start for protecting the
church from liability.  I would suggest that a training class be held for
nursery workers - covering topics such as how to properly change a
diaper, how to comfort a child, basic CPR and First Aid, and any other
relevant topics.  Only those who attend the class should be allowed to
work in the nursery.  Also, does your church nursery have a glass door/
window that parents can see through in order to see when a diaper is
being changed.  I have worked in the YMCA nursery where diapers were
changed facing the doorway so that the child and worker were in plain
site of parents.  Hope these suggestions help.

Dana in GA
Preschool Teacher

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14) Son Creek?   

I taught a class last summer for 4-5 year olds.  I used the Son Creek
materials from Gospel light.  I can't find my book or CD and I was
wondering if anybody knew of anyone who might have either of these things
that I could purchase or borrow.  I would like to find the teacher book
for pre-K and the CD.

Erika Cox

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