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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 74 <>< <><
July 19, 2000
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1) Recruiting Help??
2) Cross With Nails
3) Bible Reading Planner
4) Daniel and the lions den--Nutrition snack
5) Children's sermons?
6) Free resources?
7) Building Nazareth for our VBS? HELP!
8) Children's camp: Olympic theme

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1) Recruiting Help??

Hi, I'm an Early Childhood Coordinator at my church. I'm in charge of recruiting & scheduling the volunteers for our 2, 3, 4 & 5yr olds. I'm also in charge of picking out the curriculum for these age groups. It's really hard to get the volunteers. We're a large church with approx. 365 kids in just this age group, we have over 1000 kids each weekend ages 0-12. Only a 1/4 percent of our parents volunteer their time & it's really hard to be able to get enough help each weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can improve the amount of volunteers I'm getting. How can I motivate people to come help me teach these precious children of God??
Sharon, Irvine, California

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2) Cross With Nails

The person that wanted to know how to make a cross from nails should just braz them together. Thats what we did and drilled a hole in the top for the string after they were brazed together.

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3) Here's a link for a free Bible Reading Planner you might want to ck. out.


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4) Daniel and the lions den--Nutrition snack

We have just com out of VBS and my children's class did a nutrition snack with Daniel and the lions Den. What they did is made a lion and instead of the Lion eating them they ate the lion.

Ingredients: Pear halves, coconut, raisins, carrot sticks
Place one pear half in the center of the paper plate and then cover around it with coconut ( this is the lions mane). For the face use the raisins for the nose and the eyes, and out from the nose use strips of carrots for the whiskers. The kids really loved doing this.
Your Friend in Christ,
Cheryl Shaw
Riegelwood, NC

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5) Children's sermons?

VBS starts July 17 and I still need two Children's sermons.
1. On Prodigal Son / our Families
2. Jesus Heals A Centurion's Servant / the "WORD"

Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

Sardis, BC

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6) Free resources?

Thanks for this wonderful newsletter, which has proved to be very valuable (especially Volume 1-Number 70, which had a number of web site referrals). I am part of a ministry team which has an unusual ministry. We go weekly to a local orphanage (housing mostly street kids) and give lessons (a satellite sunday school). This ministry is funded purely on donations and for this reason money is not available to purchase a variety of curriculums, therefore we rely on free material on the web. If anyone can refer me to web sites with free resource, I will be very grateful.
Sunshine Kids Ministry - South Africa (http://go.to/gang.sa)

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7) Building Nazareth for our VBS? HELP!

I am the chairperson for building Nazareth for our VBS. It is a new idea of
a one-day all day long VBS for grades K-5. Nazareth will contain Joseph's
carpenter shop. We will decorate the room to portray the shop as best we
can. I will need 3 crafts that can be completed in 30 minutes, one for K/1,
one for 2/3 and one for 4/5. I need ideas. Please help! Fortunately, we
are not on too much of a restricted budget so I can buy any supplies I need.
I plan to have a work table and a Joseph and a Jesus learning to be a carpenter. I'm thinking the craft should be something around wood. Something with craft (popsicle) sticks might work for a craft. I'm open to all ideas. I would like to have something Biblically (or at least historically) based around how carpenter shops where in those days and some lesson around how Joseph taught Jesus. I will appreciate any ideas and thoughts. Thanks. Appreciate any help.

Houston, TX

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8) Children's camp: Olympic theme?

> Does anyone out there have any good ideas for crafts, games, foods from other
> countries that we can use at a Christian children's camp? Our theme is the
> Olympics!

I have a cookbook called, "The Kids' Around the World Cookbook" by Deri Robins. It's a kids cookbook so the recipes are pretty simple and it has recipes from all over the world.

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