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SSTN # 74 - June 18, 2003

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--> Fruit of the Spirit - Bingo Game

1) Little Sins, Big Problems
2) Penpals
3) Videos...not the usual faire
4) How do you train teachers
5) Ready to Give Up

--> July 4th...USA Patriotic Toy

6) Lighthouse Bulletin Board   
7) Money and Giving   
8) Penpals   
9) Ideas for Projects for Heifer International?

--> Chrismon Book...50% OFF!

10) Penpals England   
11) Lighthouse VBS
12) Christian etiquette    
13) Bulletin Boards for S.C.U.B.A.
14) Senior High...what to talk about?

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--> Fruit of the Spirit - Bingo Game

A fun way for players to learn the Fruit of the Spirit characteristics.
Players score using real fruit candy! FREE SHIPPING!

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1) Little Sins, Big Problems

"Little Sins, Big Problems" is an eye-opening, provocative journey for
Christian women across seven dimensions of sin--hidden in corners of
everyday life.  It's a book that goes beneath the surface of the daily
experiences to help women understand and avoid the stealth, destructive
forces that undermine spiritual growth and diminish peace.
Available at ChristianCrafters.Com. Type the title into the search box to
locate it:


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2) Penpals

>exchange photos of the children, where they live,
>our church, school etc and a few drawings and letters

I too would like to do something. I have seen it done in a local school
where each child is given a name and address using post cards only, and
"pen pals" were located for each state in the U.S. As a take off on this,
perhaps we could get something going; something simple, but powerful - it
would be a connection from child to child, Sunday School class to Sunday
school class, church to churc. I bet there are many on this list who would
be interested in participating. Is there one who would have some good
ideas regarding the organization of a plan? It would be some work, but fun
and rewarding. Sonja

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3) Videos...not the usual faire

I am looking for a source for Bible story videos.....not the usual Noah's
Ark, Moses, Miracles, etc...we have all those. Looking for videos on
stories such as The Lost Coin, Manna in the Wilderness, Peter and
Cornelius...... would apprectiate any help. We are thinking of making some
of our own using middle school and high school

--from SSTN: make sure you read the SSTN prior to this one, #73.

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4) How do you train teachers

> In my 9 years at this church I have had ZERO burnout from the teachers...
> Teresa

Hi Teresa!
I am just wondering, are you a small or large church? Our membership is
about 450 and I am the sole coordinator for the 2-5 yr olds. We offer no
formal training OR application and are just now instituting proper
Id cards for children & parents. Since you obviously have created a
wonderful program for those who serve in the children's ministry, I am
interested in hearing other details which you feel have made your program

In His service, Lori

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5) Ready to Give Up

Re. SSTN # 69 - June 6, 2003

I understand how you feel. We are going through that same situation.  I
have noticed lately in this newsletter a lot of our Children's Workers and
Ministers are being attack by doubt, under the fire, or just simple the
old burn out feeling.  It makes me wonder that Satan is really attacking
our Children's Ministers for a soul purpose. Our children are under such
an attack that it is destroying them. He only attacks those who are doing
something for God.  He hates us. He doesn't like what we are doing. As my
Pastor saids,  "When the devil is a messn' then God is up to something".
So true huh? Keep praying, keep reading the Word cause we can defeat the
enemy if we are not prepare for battle.  Just be thankful that the enemy
is attacking cause it shows your on the right track. You ARE doing
something for the Kingdom.  Keep fighting the good fight. Don't give in.
If you like you can email me and we can talk so more.  Sometimes we need
some encouragement from other brothers and sisters of the faith. Im in
your corner and will be praying for you.


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--> July 4th...USA Patriotic Toy

Kids will learn the answers to eight basic USA citizenship questions such
as, "Why did the Pilgrims come to America?"; What is the US Constitution?,
and "What does the First Amendment guarantee?". A great activity for July
4th! Kids can make it and take it home! Print out as many patterns as you
need for a onetime fee of only $3.00.

Find the USA Patriotic Catcher at:
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6) Lighthouse Bulletin Board   

>I need ideas to add to our bulletin board for VBS.  I'm being given a
>large lighthouse and the concept is supposed to be how we're a light in

This is in response to the inquiry about a lighthouse bulletin board.
First obtain a refrigerator box, poster board, empty cereal boxes...or any
other cardboard source that you can cut apart to make the basic
construction on the bulletin board. From the largest piece of cardboard
you have collected, cut out a basic form of a lighthouse. Make sure you
pick a design that comes to the traditional lighthouse point at the top
and goes from narrow at the top to wider at the bottom. Hint: You can use
an overhead projector to enlarge a coloring sheet of a lighthouse (many
can be found on the internet, just type lighthouse coloring pages in any
search engine). Alternately, you could have a coloring page blown up on a
standard copy to the size that you need. Second, cover the entire
cardboard form of the lighthouse with white butcher paper, construction
paper, or paint. Using blue, red, green, or any other color you wish of
crepe paper (birthday party streamers), wrap the crepe paper up the
lighthouse, leaving equal space between each strip of white showing
through on the lighthouse. You can use construction paper strips instead
of crepe paper, but you will have to cut it at an angle to make it look
authentic. Cut black sheets of construction paper in half and then in half
again to use as windows on the lighthouse. Put one in each white space of
the lighthouse, in a row or in some sort of pattern. Attach the lighthouse
form firmly to the bulletin board (use a staple gun instead of a
traditional stapler to hold the cardboard figure in shape). Use a flat
backed spotlight (available from home improvement stores, stores such as
K'mart or Wal-Mart, and even party supply stores). Attach the spotlight in
the top of the lighthouse, this will serve as the beacon. This will make
the bulletin board interactive. Additionally, you can use yellow
construction paper, cut into a circle to resemble a light if you choose
not to use a spotlight or other source of light. Cut some thin strips of
yellow construction paper to look like rays if you do not use an actual
light source, and attach them surrounding the lighthouse to make it look
like the light is shining. Crumple blue saran wrap (plastic wrap available
at most grocery stores) and attach it along the bottom of the bulletin
board to resemble water. Decorate the bulletin board with seagulls or
other water birds (such as pelicans), and put a boat and rocks in the
water if you like. For durability, line the backs of everything with
cardboard which will make the forms last the duration of vbs. The words
"Jesus is the light", "Shine Jesus Shine" , or and of the verses from John
1:1-18 about light can be used across the top. And letters can be cut from
bright yellow construction paper, or painted in gold shimmer paint to look
like light or brightness. You can put the words across the top of the
bulletin, in the water, or use a white paint pen to write the words on the
stripes of the lighthouse. The light shines in the darkness, and the
darkness has not overcome it. Is another really good verse to use.
Additionally, if you are going for community outreach, you can put a boat
on one edge of the bulletin board, a rock in its path in the water, and
then put the words "I am the way, and the truth, and the life" on the
lighthouse because Jesus is the way.
Hope this helps
Sarah in California 

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7) Money and Giving   

This is in response to dealing with the subject of money and giving. Why
not use this time to teach children about the churchs' offering and
tithing that people give in church. You could use a special jar to collect
money (even if it's only pennies) for the church, or for a local charity
in class throughout the lesson. Additionally, you could have the children
make giving jars from Tootsie roll banks (available for under $1.00 at
most grocery stores), or from baby food jars. The kids can decorate the
baby food jars with the labels removed with glass paint, glitter, foam
shapes, the possibilities are endless. you can attach a bibe verse with
string or yarn to the lid of the jar to look like a hang tag, and you can
pre-cut slits in the lids of the jars using an exacto knife or other sharp
cutting tool. you can sandpaper the bottom of the lids once the slits are
cut so that they do not cut anyone. Tootsie roll style banks can be
covered with construction paper and then decorated. encourage children to
fill their banks and then donate it to the church, or to take it to a
Coinstar machine and donate it to a charity such as Unicef.
Hope these ideas help
Love in Christ, Sarah in California

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8) Penpals   

My name is Janet Gould and I am the Children's Coordinator for our church
New Hope Christian Fellowship, we are in Port Charlotte, FL  and I would
love to get involved with a pen pal church.  I think it is a good way to
show fellowship across the miles.  We have right now about 25 children
ranging in age from 2 to 15, I think this would be exciting for the
children to communicate with other children.  If anyone is interested
please email me and lets get to know each other.  We do continue all year
so we could start as soon as possible.

Janet Gould

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9)Ideas for Projects for Heifer International?   

Our church is planning to start our fall Sunday School session with
curriculum from Heifer International.  Does anyone have ideas for crafts,
activities or projects that are animal related?  Also do you know of any
other missions based curriculum?

Laurie, Brewster, Massachusetts

--from SSTN: check the Archives too:

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10) Penpals England   

Hi we would like to be penpals with you kids. Our Pastor is from England
and would be delighted to have you as penpals. Our Church is in Dayton,
Ohio  You can email me at preibert@yahoo.com. I am looking forward to
hearing from you soon.

Paula Reibert

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11) Lighthouse VBS

In answer to the lighthouse for VBS showing that we are to be a light into
our community, you could take pictures of a child or children that the
kids know doing things that would be a light to the community.  For
example you could have pictures of a group of kids at the nursing home
visiting, taking cookies to some firemen, wrapping socks for the local
mission for Christmas, praying for their pastor and other churches in the
community, writing encouraging notes to people in government positions, or
picking up trash at a park.  You could have music playing something like
This Little Light of Mine.  You could even have children you know singing
it.  Or actually tape the kids singing it that will be enjoying the board.
The pictures could be place at the ends of the rays that shine out from
the lighthouse.  Good luck!  Brenda from Longview.

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12) Christian etiquette    

HELP ! I have been asked to present to the sunday school teen, classes on
christian manners, proper attire, communication skills. It appears that
our teens are becoming to worldly. The girls need to gain respect from the
young men and the young men need to respect young ladies at all times. Our
children's attire is becoming to reveiling especially around prom time. We
had a wrap session with our teens and most of the teens shared that peers
pressure is the reason for their behavior, style of dress and attitude in
communication with adults and their peers. Most of our youth parents send
them to church, but do not come themsleves unless we are having a special
program involving the youth or their children. Last week we had six youth
presented for the first free class, mostly were teenagers. If anyone has
any suggestions in how to reach our youth of today/tomorrows future please
email me ASAP !!!

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13) Bulletin Boards for S.C.U.B.A.: Jesus Appears, and Jonah   

My boys enjoyed their "Super Cool Undersea Bible Adventure" this week.
The daily Bible Stories were illustrated by chalk artist (Rod Snow) on
paper measuring about 3' by 5', which could have been displayed on a
bulletin board and not the wall.  I saw these two:

Jonah:  underwater as if he just fallen in "seat first":  with his knees
up, arms and sandled feet floating outward, cheeks puffed up as if holding
air, and eyes wide open in surprise.  To the left was a grinning shark's

Jesus appearing to his fishermen followers:  We were told the story, then
also told that we are Jesus' modern day "fishers of men."  Rod drew a
landscape with two hills.  (The background was already drawn -- large,
cloudy sky with a golden sunset.)  One hill was topped with three empty
crosses, and the other contained an empty tomb (stone rolled away).  When
the lights in our room were changed,  Christ's face appeared to us in the
clouds.  (Super Cool ! !)

Each day's Bible Story was drawn amazingly fast, then displayed.  They
were all given away by a random name drawing on the final day.

~~Vicki Logan

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14) Senior High...what to talk about?

Good morning, and may God bless you and your

I teach a high school SS class and I seem to be having trouble finding
subjects to talk to them about. I feel like it needs to be in the matter
their everyday battles. In other words how does the things they do now
match the teachings of the Bible.

Thanks for any input

--from SSTN: check out the Christian Education section of the Bookstore.
I've placed some really good resources in there to get you started:

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