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SSTN  # 76- July 18, 2002

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1) Poem: This Cell I Had Fashioned
2) Sunday School Graduation   
3) Why have Children's Church
4) Ecclesiastes 3?
5) How to motivate kids to sing   
6) Sharing the gospel through flower bulbs   
7) How to motivate kids to sing
8) Intro to Bible Class teaching?
9) David VBS Games?
10) How to motivate kids to sing
11) How to Advertise?
12) Jr/Sr. High Lessons

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1) Poem: This Cell I Had Fashioned

Do you know how it feels
To be released from prison?
Do you know how it feels
To be freed without reason?
I once was a prisoner Held by bars I had made.
I was completely in bondage!
Would I ever be saved?
This cell I had fashioned
By neglecting my Lord.
It would never have been built
Had I heeded his word.
I ignored all his blessings
I trampled his mercies.
I was too busy sinning
I was too busy hurting.
But Jesus, He’s patient
And Jesus, He’s kind.
He didn’t give up
He tried one more time.
Praise God, I finally listened
It wasn’t too late.
My cell couldn’t hold me
The Lord opened the gate.
So now I’m so happy
I’m finally free.
I want to praise God forever
Please…join me!
Copyright 2002 Fielden Sanders

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2) Sunday School Graduation   

Our church awards each child and teacher with a certificate in a special
ceremony done with all classes present.  We have had special entertainment
eg puppets but this can get too long for my group (3-5 years).  We have
ice cream treats usually or freezie pops (better because of milk
intolerance or allergy and can be sugar free).
The past couple of years my class also has had unbirthday instead of
entertainment as we do celebrate as birthdays happen but we only do the
cake once per year.  We have hats, balloons and decorate our own cupcakes.
We also recognise summer birthdays (usually forgotten) at this class.

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3) Why have Children's Church

Our church is changing their format in the fall to try and reach out to
the community.  One concern parents who bring their kids to Sunday School
but not church have is that they don't like their kids to distrupt the
church service.
We have had children's church to age 5 for years but not above.
Children's Church need not be babysitting.  We plan to have a worship
service at their level but to also include movement for their active
As a child I quit going to church and taught Sundat School because church
was boring to me.  Hopefully this format will help keep the kids in
worship but allow for their developmental needs too

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4) Ecclesiastes 3?

Can anyone tell me where I could find curriculum or information on
Ecclesiastes 3:2-8?  I want to do a series of studies with the kids (one
each week).  I have come up with some answers, but need to fill in some
blanks.  This series is on "there is a time for every season - a time to
born, a time to die", etc.  I need ideas for lessons using Biblical
examples, songs, crafts, puppet skits, snacks, etc.  If I can't find
anything, I'll write my own, but just wondered if anyone knew of anything
already in print.  Thanks.  Email me at tericout@yahoo.com and I will
the finding with this newsletter.

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5) How to motivate kids to sing   

In response to the request for music that motivates kids to sing--
I am a loyal fan of musician Mary Rice Hopkins for just that reason.  I
have used her fun, very singable, and scripture-based songs with
elementary aged kids in camping, Sunday School, and Weds. evening settings
for over a decade.  Many of her album songbooks provide motions that go
with the words and kids eat it up.  I have used music paired with
particular curriculums from major publishers, but with only a few
exceptions, I always go back to Hopkins.  She provides a quality of music
and lyric that few in the business can match.  Try out some of her stuff
before you give up!  Grace Wisthoff

--from SSTN: type "Mary Rice Hopkins" into the bookstore search box to
find her music:

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6) Sharing the gospel through flower bulbs   

In regards to the person who asked about sharing the gospel through flower
bulbs: There's a wonderful storybook by Liz Curtis Higgs called
The Parable of the Lily.  There are also three other seasonal books in the
series; The Sunflower Parable, The Pumpkin Patch Parable, and The Pine
Tree Parable. They are colorfully illustrated and contain a scripture
reference on every page!
Happy teaching,
Sandee - Riverside, CA

--from SSTN: type "Liz Curtis Higgs" into the bookstore search box to find
her books:

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7) How to motivate kids to sing

> I lead Kid's Church for ages 7-9 twice a month.  I usually have a group
> 15 - 19 kids.  I have difficulty getting the kids to sing praise and
> worship songs at the beginning of our service. Any creative suggestions

I teach 11 year olds in Sunday School.  Each Sunday, all the 10-12 year
olds (about 60 children) will gather for singing before we break up into
smalller groups for lessons.
We are having this problem too............ children not interested to
We have tried different methods to encourage these kids to
sing....changing and recruiting new worship leaders, using jazzed up
music, using percussion instruments....to no avail.
I thought this problem is only perculiar to our church's children
but now realize it is also a problem elsewhere.  Wud appreciate any other
new ideas.
Mei Ling - Singapore

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8) Intro to Bible Class teaching?

In a few weeks I will be teaching an "introducion to Bible Class teaching"
during a senior session (9th - 12th graders) at Christian Camp.  I will
have one hour a day for 3 days for an unspecified number of campers.

Any suggestions on some basic concepts to convey?  Also, what's a great
way to get them enthused about serving God in this way? Thanks for the

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9) David VBS Games?

I'm helping out with a VBS and we are working on David. 1- David as a
Shepard, 2- David & Goliath, 3- Johnathon & David. I'm looking for some
games that would tie into these stories. Does anyone have any?
Thanks, Corrinne

--from SSTN: check out the Archives List. Type David + Goliath into the
search box:

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10) How to motivate kids to sing

This is my favorite thing to do in church -- I find the more involved
(ie., really animated) I am with the actions and motions, the more likely
the kids are to think singing praises to God is fun... and the more likely
they are to join in.  I try hard to make real eye contact with each child
during the songs -- especially an encouraging smile for the ones who
really WANT to sing but may be intimidated by the less interested
children.  I make certain I know my songs very very well before I teach
them to kids, and I virtually always have some sort of actions or hand
motions -- even if it is just incorporating a few sign language actions
for some of the key words.  My very favorite type of songs to use are
church-camp songs ... I look for ones with a strong Gospel message,
easy-to-remember words, and upbeat tune.  Most of all, if YOU look like
you are having a great time singing praises to God, the kids will want to
share in the fun!  SMILE!  LOTS!  God's blessings as you lead
God's children in song.
In Christ, Karen from Minnesota

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11) How to Advertise?


--from SSTN: Advertising should always be short and to the point.
Tell Where? When? Why?

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12) Jr/Sr. High Lessons

> I need help on some ideas for Jr High & High School Sunday school
>  I am the sunday school superentendent and the teacher of this class. 
> church is a small church approx. 100 people but our Sunday Scchool has
> only been averaging around 25 or so, there is so much of a potential for
> the others to come to Sunday school before the Sunday A.M. worshipo
> service.  I am also looking for a way to revive this program, any ideas?

Try these web pages.  They are very good resources.
I have used material from most of them.  they are very good  and some have
newsletters that have "lesson starters".

Every day God says,"I love you."  Listen.

--from SSTN: don't forget the Christian Ed section of our bookstore too:

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