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SSTN # 76 - June 23, 2003

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1) Extreme games?
2) Build Noah's Ark?
3) Clicker Training   
4) Street Talk for children?
5) Clicker training   

--> July 4th...USA Patriotic Toy

6) Spy Kids V.B.S.   
7) African Info?
8) Spanking at Sunday School
9) Standing up for Jesus
10) Tithing Lesson

--> Fruit of the Spirit - Bingo Game

11) Object Lesson on Tithing
12) Lighthouse decorations?
13) Activity for seniors & youth?   
14) The Great Kingdom Caper
15) Great Kingdom Caper

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1) Extreme games?

Has anyone created a VBS or special event based on Extreme Games? I am
interested in any ideas.  I am thinking of "Extreme Games...giving your
all to Jesus".

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2) Build Noah's Ark?

I have taught Sunday School for the past four years at a Methodist Church
on Cape Cod and we are looking to rev up our Sunday School programing by
offering a different summer program than the "One Room Schoolhouse" format
we have been using.  We are thrilled that our current enrollment has
expanded to include 44 children, but don't feel that we can group teach so
many kids.  For the summer we would like to break into smaller groups and
work on building a fairly large replica of Noah's Arc (row boat size) to
kick off and introduce the Heiffer International curriculum we will begin
using in September.  We are hoping this will get more of the men of our
church involved with the Sunday School.  The problem I'm having is I can't
seem to find any plans or instructions on how to actually build Noah's
Do you know of any curriculum or building plans that are available that
could help us with this project?

Laurie Higgins
Brewster, MA

--from SSTN: I'd begin by asking the men in your church if they are able
to design one and build it, or if they have a friend that knows how to do
build things. ysic, sarah <><

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3) Clicker Training   

<< clicker training is for animals and not for children.  I'm pretty stunned

Good morning Stephanie.  I agree with you 99%!   I do not think I would
take my child out of the class, but I definitely think clickers are for
animals.  In addition it brings to mind the movie, "The Sound of Music"
when the Captain would summon his children with different whistle blows.
God bless,

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4) Street Talk for children?

I am looking for material to study for Evangelistic childrens missions
that I am called to do. To reach unsaved children some call it STREET
We should learn how to talk= speak their language.
We christians speak in Christianese language.
Born again = had an enlightened experence with God.
Saved = Taken into the family of a real loving God.

I need more please to work with now.
Really I have read up some in Street Talk books.
Also I am not good with my englished either.
I am from Kansas and not educated as many are.

I am very familar with Child evangelism but they have noe to offer in this
field. So does anyone have resources that could help me more?

Jan Rowan

--from SSTN: Jan, use a child-friendly Bible. Check out, the "Living
Bible", as well as some other great Bible resources in our Bookstore:

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5) Clicker training   

I wanted to respond to Stephanie in TN about Clicker Training since she
said she would remove me from Sunday School for doing this!  Yes, Clicker
Training was originally designed for animals, but a "click" is simply a
marker for appropriate behavior, and it provides instant feedback on what
child is doing correctly.  A click is a substitute for "good job", "I like
the way you're sitting", "thanks for listening quietly", without saying
words.  I am the only adult in my classroom, and before I started this, I
could not get through a lesson without disruptions.  If I stopped my
to praise or correct, it just made things worse.  Pointing and clicking at
a child who is showing appropriate behavior lets me continue the teaching
process seamlessly. 

It is not subversive at all.  I have explained to the children exactly
I am doing, and that it is a reinforcement for respectful behaviors that
all need to practice.  I like it so much because it eliminates almost all
of the negativity and emotion of class discipline, and focuses attention
not on trying to please the teacher, but on personal behavior.  At age 9,
boys especially need immediate, positive, feedback when they are behaving,
and praise at the end of a lesson is much, much less effective than
feedback.  Because the feedback is unemotional, my outward expression to
each child is loving, responsive, and accepting, even while their behavior
is being corrected.

Any other quick, unemotional signal would substitute for a click - you
could point at a child, snap your fingers, etc. - but the sound of the
clicker is very distinct.  It is not cruel, I am not snapping commands or
whistling like the children are dogs that need to sit up and roll over.
The behavior in my classroom has changed amazingly - the children listen,
answer thoughtfully without worrying about a wrong answer, and their
positive behavior has become natural.  They are not brainwashed
automatons, but children who are secure in their boundaries.

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--> July 4th...USA Patriotic Toy

Kids will learn the answers to eight basic USA citizenship questions such
as, "Why did the Pilgrims come to America?"; What is the US Constitution?,
and "What does the First Amendment guarantee?". A great activity for July
4th! Kids can make it and take it home! Print out as many patterns as you
need for a onetime fee of only $3.00.

Find the USA Patriotic Catcher at:
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6) Spy Kids V.B.S.   

At Lifeway, there is an idea board that has lots of ideas sent in for
decorating, crafts, etc.  Click on IDEA BANK for alot of free ideas!

Hope this helps!
Donna in Little Rock

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7) African Info?

This year for VBS we're doing religion around the world. The children will
go to five different sites to learn about religion in other countries. I'm
looking for information on Africa. I need ideas on decorating a room, how
to say God, etc. in an african language and any information about african
religion for children in kindergarten to 5th grade. Any information will
be very helpful. Thank You!


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8) Spanking at Sunday School

I can't seem to get the posting off my mind of the Sunday School teacher
who felt spanking was the answer for one of her students.  I have worked
with many children over the years as a public school teacher and as a
Children's Choir Director at my church and as a mother of two young
children.  It is my philosophy that children should be loved, nurtured,
and guided to make proper behavior choices, but I certainly don't believe
that spanking a Sunday School student is an appropriate discipline
strategy for church workers.  Those that quote "spare the rod and spoil
the child" as justification for spanking don't understand that the rod
that's being referred to is a shepherd's rod which was used to guide and
direct sheep to keep them out of danger.  It was not used to hit!   What
an awesome responsibility is entrusted to those who work with our children
in the area of Christian Education.  May we all continue in God's love and

Gina Humphries
Children's Choir Director
St. James Lutheran Church
Newton, NC

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9)  Standing up for Jesus

>I am organizing a convention for children ages 3-12 and the theme is
>"Standing up for Jesus." 

This is in response to the person asking about keeping 3 and 4 year olds
attention with a Standing Up For Jesus theme. A song that I came up with
for my own class of four year olds works really well, and it's repetition
keeps their attention, especially if it is sung over and over again. It is
sung to the tune of If Your Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands. Hope
this helps. Sarah in California

Stand up for Jesus and clap your hands (clap clap)
Stand up for Jesus and clap your hands (clap clap)
Stand up for Jesus and show that you believe Him
Stand up for Jesus and clap your hands (clap clap)
Smile really big for Jesus give a smile (smile smile)
Smile really big for Jesus give a smile (smile smile)
Smile really big for Jesus give a smile show you believe Him
Smile really big for Jesus give a smile (smile smile)
Give praise to Jesus raise your hands (lift hands above head)
Give praise to Jesus raise your hands (lift hands above head)
Lets raise our hands to Jesus give praise cause we believe Him
Give praise to Jesus raise your hands (lift hands above head)

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10) Tithing Lesson

This is in response to Kesa's question on tithing.  I just did a tithing
lesson in our new Children's church.  We used the story of Jesus praising
the widow's small gift of 2 copper coins.  We discussed how motive was
more important than amount in tithing,
and how tithing could come from the heart.  We also gave each child a
penny and discussed what you could do with a penny (not much).  Then we
put the kids in small groups and gave each child $10 in play money and had
the 'families' decide how they were going to spend their money into
categories of house, food, car, God, movies, candy, video games and
vacation.  The kids really enjoyed this activity.  These ideas all came
from Kids Own Worship from Group.  We just started using this material,
and I am very impressed with it. It's very hand's on, visual, kinetic, and
the music's pretty good, too.
Hope this helps!


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--> Fruit of the Spirit - Bingo Game

A fun way for players to learn the Fruit of the Spirit characteristics.
Players score using real fruit candy! FREE SHIPPING!

Learn more here:
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11) Object Lesson on Tithing

I came upon a very simlpe object lesson on giving (could be adapted to
tithing), but can't remember where. It may have been on www.kidology.org

Basically, you take a piece of paper, and say you are thinking of giving
away one of the four corners. You are concerned that if you do so, you
will have less corners for yourself, but decide to give a corner away
anyway. Cut off a corner, and give it to someone. What has happened? You
now have five corners, and the person you gave the one corner to has
three! You could continue, giving away more corners, and the people you
give them to, in turn, giving some away. This is God's way of working. The
more you give, the more you have!

Maurice Sweetsur.

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12) Lighthouse decorations?

I am the VBS Director at our Church this year and we are doing Lighthouse
kids/Shining God's Light for our theme this year-I am looking for
Marine/Nautical/Lighthouse decorations to make-so I can transform our
Church into a Pier-any suggestions -email me at hoff463@aol.com

--from SSTN: check the archives:

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13) Activity for seniors & youth?

Our Sunday School is attempting to foster a positive relationship between
our seniors and youth (middle school - high school age group) Does anyone
have any idea of activities that the 2 groups can participate in together
during our Sunday School hour?

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14) The Great Kingdom Caper   

The great Kingdom CaperOur church is doing The Great Kingdom Caper for our
VBSwe are making Double-Decker busses out of ref. boxes [ you know the
ones refrigators come in] ask local store to help. also you can make phone
booths out of them.use brief cases to put files in and mark them top
secret. supply a desk and typewriter for a Scotland Yard office.
umbrellas, Hall trees to hang trench coats on, pictures of Bobbies [
policeman]magnifying glasses, fingerprints, old furniture, telephones,
globesanything that has to do with mystery, hope this helps someone.Diana

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15) Great Kingdom Caper

We have just finished up our Great Kingdom Caper VBS... We used the
transparencies in the Leader Packet (they can also be downloaded at
Lifeway's website) and an overhead projector to enlarge the pictures on a
blank wall.  We then traced these images onto large sheets of cardboard
which we then painted and cut out.  We ended up with life-sized palace
guards and detectives to place around, along with Big Ben and a few
others.  These have seemed to really add to the excitement of VBS this
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