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SSTN  # 77- July 20, 2002

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1) Motivating My Teachers
2) Bibleman craft ideas?
3) Psalm 23 ideas
4) Christian Comics
5) Two kind practices   
6) Releasing balloons in the air   
7) Age Groupings/resources?
8) Teaching a Lesson on Being Different?   

---> Full Armor of God Game

9) Neck ties for Father's Day
10) Celebrating graduations    
11) Pre-adolescent books?
12) Amazing Amazon VBS

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1) Motivating My Teachers

> My philosophy, over the years, has come to be that GOD WILL CALL INTO >SERVICE THOSE WHOM HE HAS GIFTED FOR THE MINISTRY.  This means, that >at times we have had to cancell an otherwise great program.  Scripture tells us that >God will always provide the resources for the job He wants done.

HALLELUJAH! Thank you Debbie, for reminding us all of what should be the
most important thing in our lives...God's will.  Following His will
doesn't lead to burn
out, or lackluster teaching, but rather FIRE for His Word!  Keep it up
Debbie, In Christ, Kristine B

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2) Bibleman craft ideas?

I am new to your web site but I was wondering if you could help me? Every
year instead of Vacation Bible School my church does something with a
theme every Wednesday evening for the whole summer. A couple years ago it
was Veggie Tales theme last year it was wearing the armor of God. This
year it is going to be Bibleman and using the armor that we made last
year!! I am at a loss for ideas. I have never really watched any of the
Bibleman series and would appreciate any input from anyone who has for
craft ideas.
Thanks a lot.
Your Sister in Christ

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3) Psalm 23 ideas

We're using a Psalm 23 theme for our card making activity for parishioners
who are ill, hospitalized or homebound.
A Harp shape is colored and glued onto construction paper that has a
horizontal fold and is also cut in a harp shape. The card opens to  words
from Psalm 23 , a fill in the blanks format to help them learn by heart.
Everybody signs their name. The cards are brought to the alter along with
the gifts. The Parish Priest can bring these to those he visits.
For kids who  like to give each other high fives ...   teach them  the
five fingers -  five words ... The Lord Is My Shepherd.


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4) Christian Comics

I did a search on this title and came up with a website with publishing
info on this and a number of other titles.  Check it out:

Lisa Y  <*((((><

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5) Two kind practices   

Was out of town yesterday and visited a growing church in
Kinross, MI. Two things were especially note worthy and touching:

(1) At the Altar call time, the Pastor invited anyone (even
children) who had a friend they knew who did not go to church
anywhere today to come up and pray by name for that person.  I
was shocked at how many children went to the front, privately
prayed at the altar and then went to their seats.  I was
impressed at this gesture to instill the concept of "caring for
your neighbor" and also making the altar a friend to them so when
they need to go up for themselves it will not be a scary

(2) The second thing was at the door on the way out. Two ladies
had lovely baskets in hand. One recognized I was a visitor and
handed me a baggie which contained a small loaf of home made
bread. On the outside was a sticker with the Bible verse about
Jesus being the Bread of Life and it gave the name of their
church, etc.   It was a lovely  gesture.

We can all learn from each other!

Your sister in Michigan,

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6) Releasing balloons in the air   

This is the best way for the kid to help with the gospel, especially the 3
and 4 year olds.  We pray that they go to where the hearts are "ripe" and
tha no birds are hurt.

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7) Age Groupings/resources?

I have recently joined the children's church as coordinator and am short
of ideas. I would like to ask for ideas about different possible structure
for children's church. Currently, we are divided into 3 - 6 and 7 - 12 years
old groupings. the 3 - 6s group's programme consists of games, worship,
sermon, refreshment and craft. the 7 - 12s group's programme consists of
worship, sermon, biblestudy (craft will replace the bible study once a
month). Are there any good resources to look at? Thanks
Jaime, SIngapore

--from SSTN: yes, absolutely. Check out the Free resources in the website,
as well as the Bookstore sections:

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8) Teaching a Lesson on Being Different?   

Our church is small (but growing!) and currently the adults teach Sunday
School on a rotating basis.  We teach one Sunday a month.  In my next
class, I plan to teach our 7-12 yr olds the Lord's Prayer in American Sign
Language.  However, I would like the lesson plan to be about how different
we all are, yet very special in God's eyes.  Any ideas or suggestions on
lesson plans would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! Tammy

--from SSTN: Lessons on the Body of Christ (see 1 Corinthians 12:12-27)
check out the Body of Christ game in the Bible Games section: 

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Full Armor of God Game

Kids scramble to be the first to build a full suit of armor using peel 'n'
play stickers, and soak up the lessons taught in Ephesians 6 while they
play!  In the Games section of the Bookstore at:


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9) Neck ties for Father's Day   

Here is a web site that shows a craft using old neck ties:
Danielle's Place Home Click on the VBS box, to go here:      
Vacation Bible School Resource Page then scroll down to :Animal Crafts

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10) Celebrating graduations    

We set aside the first Sunday in June as "Graduation Sunday."  This is
honoring high school seniors.  About a month in advance we give each
graduate a "profile" form, asking them the dates of graduation, open house
info, current college plans, special achievements in school, greatest
influence in their life, etc. This is all compiled into a special bulletin
insert for Graduation Sunday. Their parents are asked to join them by
sitting near the front.  A very nice study Bible with their name engraved
is presented to each of them.

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"Get em' in the LOOP!" 

L-eading kids to Christ,
O-ffering advice
O-pen discussion forum
P-roviding free resources

Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) Pre-adolescent books?

I am looking for books that explain reproduction, puberty, abstinence,
adolescence, etc., from a Christian view point for pre-adolescent
children?  Any suggestions.  I prefer KJV material.  Thank You, Diane

--from SSTN:
Check out the Christian ed section of  our Bookstore:

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12) Amazing Amazon VBS

>We are a fairly small church that will be hosting a one day  Saturday)VBS
in mid to >late July using the "Amazing Amazon" VBS curriculum.  Does
anyone have any >decorations or suggestions that your church would be
willing to either "donate" or

We just completed our VBS weekend using the Amazing Amazon VBS package.
To see some of our pictures (and possible glean a few ideas) go to:

As you'll see, we painted some murals on plastic sheeting, rolled paper,
and even foam board (all were inexpensive).  In one room, we hung a rope
from the ceiling and hung raffia over it for a more jungle-like effect.  A
child's stuffed animals (monkeys, lions, bears, etc.) and plastic reptiles
(poison dart frogs, lizards, snakes, etc.) helped to decorate the rest of
the room.

Hope this helps.
Brenda V.

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