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SSTN # 78 - June 30, 2003

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1) Teacher appreciation?
2) Used Videos For Training?
3) Great Kingdom Caper   
4) Traveling songs
5) Kingdom Caper   

--> July 4th Activity...Download it today!

6) Great Kingdom Caper VBS   
7) Every move I make song?   
8) Nursery Safety STOP?   
9) Father's Day Snack Jars   
10) Nursery Safety   

--> Fruit of the Spirit - Bingo Game

11) Pen Pals Email
12) Journey / Travel Song
13) Senior High...what to talk about
14) Christian etiquette
15) 50's Theme?

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1) Teacher appreciation?

I am looking for some ideas on Sunday school teacher appreciation
celebrations. In the past we have had a meal and some icebreaker type
games. I would like some new ideas. We have 10-15 teachers.
Also, some ideas for promotion Sunday would be awesome.

--from SSTN: type "appreciation" and "promotion" into the archives search
box. You'll find tons of ideas:

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2) Used Videos For Training?

I was wondering if anyone had any teacher training videos that they would
like to sell at a reduced cost.  I hold the position of Youth & Christian
Education Director and we are in need of training and recruitment.  Or if
anyone might have some suggested videos they have used that were good.
You can reply to G222Larke@aol.com

Ginger from South Carolina 

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3) Great Kingdom Caper   

My church is using the Great Kingdom Caper, also.  For my Kindergartners,
I am going to make window flower boxes out of 1/2 gal orange juice and
milk cartons, such as they might have in London apartments. We will cut
off one side and cover with construction paper, decorate and put a memory
verse on it, fill with potting soil and some petunas. You can order a
Sherlock Holmes paper hat pattern from PaperHatTricks.com  It is cute.  We
are going to make Scottie dogs from black construction paper or art foam
and cut a circle in the tummy area to put a photo of the child and a plaid
ribbon aroung the puppy's neck.  My daughter-in-law is artistic and she is
making a "Big Ben" out of cereal boxes. She also suggested making a
telephone booth out of a refrigerator box. Other large boxes could be
connected and made into a castle for the children to crawl through.  If
space is limited you can draw a London or castle skyline on paper and
attach to the wall. Log onto lifeway.com for other ideas and
dowchemical.com/craft/proj/794htm has a nice Scottie dog pattern. Hope
something mentioned will help you.  Donna

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4) Traveling songs (or any song search)   

Just wanted to comment that I often find songs by going to a search engine
(keep trying different ones if you don't get a lot of results, some are
better for this) and entering something like :   Lyrics walk Jesus    ....
for what you are looking for right now. This would work for any kind of
songs, just think of words that might relate and do several searches. I do
always like to use Jesus/Christian/God/Bible or some similar word in every
search I do, sometimes I run it several times and use each one of those

I hope this helps. :)

God bless.
Your servant in Christ,

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5) Kingdom Caper   

My church just did our VBS this week and some of the decorations that were
used were some carts with flowers, fruit and other items with price tags
on the cart, a Big Ben cut out of cardboard and painted like a clock. Also
double decker buses were cut out of cardboard. Another idea was a phone
booth with a phone on a table with an open bible and a light shining on
the bible with a sign "Have you talked to God today?"
I hope these ideas help
Pasadena TX

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--> July 4th Activity...download it today!

With the "USA Patriotic Catcher Toy" kids will learn the answers to eight
basic USA citizenship questions such as, "Why did the Pilgrims come to
America?"; What is the US Constitution?, and "What does the First
Amendment guarantee?". A great activity for July 4th! Kids can make it and
take it home! Print out as many patterns as you need for a onetime fee of
only $3.00.

Find the USA Patriotic Catcher at:
(you may need to copy and paste the address to your browser)

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6) Great Kingdom Caper VBS   

We have just completed our Vacation Bible School using the Great Kingdom
Caper theme.  Be sure to save alot of refrigerator boxes, they make a
great phone booth and double decker bus The packets you buy have all kinds
of artwork you can put on an overhead projector and trace onto the boxes.
I taught the fourth and fifth graders and  instead of using a classroom
that most attend weekly,we borrowed a tent from a church member and set it
up in an area that would not hurt if it killed the grass yet close enough
to run an extention cord for a box fan.  We had a small table, 14
detectives (kids) and 2 inspectors (teachers) in the tent. We also
purchased sunglasses (all the same style) at a dollar store and visors
(all the same too) at a thrift store  and used a paint pen to add each
ones name to both.  The kids looked forward to coming each night, finding
their own sunglasses, nametag, and visor. For our craft, each made a
briefcase out of a cereal box. These were covered with strips of contact
paper and a velcro fastener. E-mail me if you want more directions on
that.  The Kingdom Caper information is more than you can do each night.
Plan to have no free time!  It was packed with great activities and the
way it led us to an impact night discussing Jesus was great. (we actually
recruited our pastor to come and talk with the group by Thursday night.
The questions about salvation were exciting and kids were learning about
Jesus Christ.)  Good Luck!  Once you begin to plan, the ideas are endless.
Jane  @ Calvary Baptist Church  Monroe, N. C.             e-mail:

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7) Every move I make song?

Can anyone provide the actions or movements to the song, "Every move I
make" (I make in you, you make me move Jesus)?
I have the music, and I have seen this performed with actions, but can't
recall what they are. We will be doing this at our VBS in July and I would
like to teach the kids the movements to go along with it.  Also, if any of
you know of any other fun, action songs, please forward that to me also.
I appreciate everyone's help.  Thanks.
Andrea Estes

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8) Nursery Safety STOP?   

What is the Guardian/STOP program??
What does the STOP stand for?
Kim Rosinski

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9) Father's Day Snack Jars   

I would like to thank you for your great ideas in the archives! I was
really struggling trying to come up with a father's day gift that the kids
and dad's would enjoy. I found the Father's Day Snack Jar idea in the
archives. The kids really loved layering the different snacks. We chose
Hot Tamalles, salted peanuts, M & M's, goldfish crackers and pretzel
nuggets. Someone from our church donated a bunch of empty quart canning
jars and lids. We used some fabric remnants and twine for the cover of the
lid. It looked really great, the father's were very impressed with the
gift and many said they would return their jars next year for a refill!
Thanks for all of your great

--from SSTN: i agree...the archives are awesome and a GOLDMINE of ideas!
Teachers, if you haven't used them yet...check them out here:
ysic, sarah keith <><

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10) Nursery Safety   

I have been reading about what other churches are saying about Nursery
Safety, diaper changing policies, etc. I thought I would share what our
church does, and hope that it helps someone else. As soon as you sign on
to work in our children's ministry you are asked to fill out an
application...it looks almost like a job application, except for the fact
that the questions are different...have you ever dealt with abuse in our
home, have you ever been accused/convicted of a crime, etc. Also on the
application you give references of previous churches and a few personal
references, as well as your social security number, additionally, you are
fingerprinted and given an id badge with your full name, the grade that
you work with in the children's ministry, and you are to wear it around
your neck every week. This is an easy way for kids as well as staff
members to identify who belongs and who doesn't, because you are not
issued a tag until your information is on file and you have been
fingerprinted. We do change diapers in the nursery, and we have a policy
of 1 adult per baby, but there is never only one adult in the room at a
time. For preschoolers, there is a bathroom in the three year old room,
and children are sent in their unassisted to do their business, and then
they wash their hands in the classroom...there's no sink in the little
bathroom, and the toilet seat is low to the ground. Kids who need help
with buttons, overalls, zippers, etc...usually come running out into the
classroom asking for help, so there are usually plenty of people around.
Older kids use the kids bathroom and an adult usually waits outside the
bathroom, or near the sink area.
Hope this helps
Love in Christ, Sarah in California

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11) Pen Pals Email

Sam, Dana, & Cheyenne, You wrote about being a part of a Sunday School
Pen pals list. Many of us have started emailing each other since Sams
1st letter. Please send us your email address so we can write back.
Rose From New Jersey, USA <e-friends@webtv.net>

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12) Journey / Travel Song

I think the hymn "Footsteps of Jesus" would be a perfect song for your
program.  I found the lyrics online at

It  is an old hymn and can be found in many hymnals.  Hope your program
blesses many lives.

Laura C.

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13) Senior High...what to talk about?   

Hi Daryl,
I have been receiving a free weekly newsletter with great devotionals for
teens, you can sign up for at: http://www.teenlifeministries.com.  I find
them very relevent to teen life.


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14) Christian etiquette

HELP ! I have been asked to present to the sunday school teen, classes on
christian manners, proper attire, communication skills...

My heart has been breaking for several years over the clothing trends of
our youth--girls and boys--among our Christian families, too!  It is a
problem area that we are continuing to speak to.  One thing that my
husband did (associate pastor of our church) was to have a father/daughter
breakfast several years ago.  The teaching was on fathers protecting their
daughters and this included clothing.  As part of the teaching he included
an article that I wrote outlining guidelines for clothing.  It is too long
to include in this response, but I will be happy to forward it as an
attachment to anyone who requests it.  You are free to copy it, as is,
only if you keep my name attached as the author and you must copy it
without any additions or deletions.

My husband also has his outline notes from his message to the dads.  Again
please feel free to request it and copy it as long as his name is kept on
the document.

You may e-mail me at terrimulberry@hotmail.com.  Be sure to write
"Clothing Guidelines" in the subject line.  I do not answer any e-mails I
don't recognize.

Until Christ be formed in us,
Terri Mulberry

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15) 50's Theme?

I am in need (ASAP) of your help. I am a Sunday School Children's Ministry
Leader wanting to recieve your ideas and opinions on a 50's theme. I am
calling it:  "Hallelujah Hop".   I plan on centering everything around
praising God. We will be dressing in 50's clothing, serving pizza and
sodas for snack. I could use any suggestions. Thank You , Debby in La.

--from SSTN: check the archives too. Use keyword "hop", "50's", "1950" or
"fifties". Also try "poodle skirts":
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