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SSTN # 78 - September 3, 2005

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...Write On My Heart Every Word

1) Fear Factor Application
2) Getting Parents to Church
3) Told To Be Quiet?
4) Children Have No Respect
5) Fear Factor and lack of respect
6) Children Have No Respect

The Peanut Butter & Jelly Skit

7) Fear Factor
8) Fundraisers
9) Christmas Program Ideas?
10) Children Have No Respect
11) Grandparents Day
12) Getting parents to bring children

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...Write On My Heart Every Word

"Tell me the story of Jesus, write on my heart every word." Those are the
words, from that old beloved hymn, that inspired me to write my latest
Hands-on series, "Tell Me The Story of Jesus". This two-semester
lesson series contains coordinating crafts, games, skits and enrichment
ideas to tell the story of Jesus, from childhood to Pentecost. One book is
all you need for TWO whole semesters! And I've value-priced it! To
download two complimentary activities, go to the Curriculum page and click
the book's cover at:


Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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1) Fear Factor Application

I used Fear Factor to finish up one of our lessons. We
had a lesson called SuperBook Olympics. It is a Bible
lesson geared towards the Olympics. You have a
question round, and then physical activity as well as
a group activity. So, at the end of our lesson, the
two teams had to compete. So, I thought it would be
neat to make it a Fear Factor round. The way we done
ours was in order to take a fear factor challenge, our
kids had to answer a biblical question. Then they
performed a fear factor. Then if they got the question
right and performed their challenge they advanced to
the next round. The kids really enjoyed it. In our
church, we use various games to help the children to
enjoy their lesson or even to help them remember it by
association. This is not an uncommon practice. Schools
teach children by association in certain things. I
hope this helps.

In Him,

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2) Getting Parents to Church

This is in response to the question about how to get parents to church on

I haven't tried this, but I would think it would definitely help if you
offered some kind of reward ONLY for students who are there during the
first 10 minutes of class or something. Maybe you could read an
interesting book aloud during this time or have a prize drawing or other
fun contest! Build it up big and let everyone know about it. Then don't
back down if a parent complains that his or her child always misses the
contest...At least this way even the latecomers will be there in time for
the main service ;o)


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3) Told To Be Quiet?

Hello sisters and brothers, I have been ask by my pastor not to comment
while he or any other pastor is preaching.
The only thing that is acceptable to say is amen. I get excited by the
preach word and I will say things like( yep, thats right, tell the truth,
praise God) He said that I should not be seen and it takes away from the
I am having some mixed feelings about this.
Please email me at dellaboo1@yahoo.com and let me know your thoughts.
Thank you

--from SSTN: it's wonderful that you are feeling inspired by your pastor's
message! Maybe when people speak out during his sermon it throws his
concentration off. I'm sure if this is the case, then you wouldn't want
that to happen.

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4) Children have no respect

I am also from a small church where the children or teenagers have no
respect for adults or each other, the teenagers are worst than you could
ever think possible.   I did a lesson on washing feet, how Jesus did this
at the last supper and why he did it.  Granted this was in the middle of
school last year so most of the kids had tennis shoes on, so I washed
their hands and then I served dinner to them and did a thing on manners. 
This help some.    I did this and then the following week had the parents
in and have the kids serve the parents.  I was asked to do the same for
the Teenagers but haven't gotten to that yet.  Being a servant is what we
are here to do. Take care of each other.
Good luck

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5) Fear Factor and lack of respect

Fear Factor?

I have to comment on the usage of fear factor type activities in ministry.
First, I have watched the show several times with my two teenage
daughters. It has been a good spring board for some interesting
discussions.  But,, they are both in High School, not in grade
school.  There are 3 specific areas that make me choose not to support
this show in any church activities I plan with the children at our
church.  1. They do anything for money. Lose all dignity, self respect
and act foolishly so that you can win a lot of money. Can't find Biblical
principle in that.  2.  Tearing down your opponent by mocking
and degrading them verbally... Can't find anything biblical in that.  3. 
THe immodesty and plethora of shall we say "enhanced" body parts....
Why should these kids regularly watch women straddling trees in string
bikinis, strip down to string bikinis, harness up in string bikinis? What
kind of acceptable virtuous woman role model are we letting our kids soak
in hour after hour?   I don't want to encourage the kids in my church to
watch this show. Are they watching it? Yep.. I am sure that many of them
are,,, but as a children's leader and staff member am I going to in any
way promote it? Absolutely not. In fact, I am doing all I can to teach the
opposite of what this show is teaching.  1. Act wisely in a way that shows
love of God not love of money. 2.Encourage and build each other up even in
competition. 3.  Our bodies are beautiful,,,but not meant to be displayed
for sexual attention. WE should be cutting edge in our ministry. We should
be doing fun and exciting things with the kids... however when we begin to
compromise or ally ourselves with the world's standards,,, what are we
really teaching them? 

One of the problems a worker wrote about in the same newsletter was the
lack of respect she was noticing among the children in her church. It is
likely that thier homes are saturated in the type of tv shows that
demonstrate this over and over?  I read a quote once that I ended up using
in a bulletin board.  It says  " A family altar alters a family"  On the
bulletin board I had cut out a sillouette of a man and a woman and two
children from the back. On one side there was a 3-D BIble I made out of a
shirt box, on the other was a "TV" made from an old computer
monitor.  Unfortunately, many of us spend way more time soaking in the
light of the tv instead of in the Light of the world. It's not doing our
families, churches and communities any favors. Jennie C in Texas.

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6) Children Have No Respect

Bless your heart , may it encourage you to know that you are not alone.  I
am youth leader at my church and we have active parental participation
within the church.  What I have begun doing is sending my youth to their
parents after a couple of prompts to get it together.  It gireves my
spirit to prepare lessons and activities and for others to do the same,
and not be able to teach because of the levels of disrespect for me and
those youth who actually want to learn.  After a couple of times, things
started to get a little better.  Its like putting one or two out was proof
that we meant business.  Our weekly services is held simultaneously with
the adult sessions.  When a youth has to go spend the session with the
adults, everybody knows that he or she has shown out.  Its embarrassing. 
But it tells that child and others that we mean business, and teaching is
important.  Each one is being held accountable for thier own
behavior---stay and learn and have fun or go sit with yo
ur parents.  Letters went home to the parents prior to the initiating of
this disciplinary action.  We still teach biblical principles centered
around character bulilding. 

You may want to teach the Beatitudes, Teach from the book of James,, there
is a  book entiltled " The Mind of Christ", I cant recall the authors
name,  but it s great for dealing with chrisitan character and modeling
the character of Crhist.

You may also want to visit Bibleanswers.com and Biblenet.com. Children's
Bible Hour home page ( I love this one) and most of them will refer you to
other resources.

Hope this has helped and I know tthat you must pray for the temperment 
and discernment to continue hold on and out while on this journey that is
aactually quite rewarding.  But our youth today must have rules and
structure in every area including the Church.  If not , then they will
bring all of the wordly stuff in.

Be Blessed

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The Peanut Butter & Jelly Skit

Download a complimentary skit on judging others
from the lesson series, "Tell Me The Story of Jesus".
You can find the skit's link with the book at:  


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7) Fear Factor

Let me first state that I'm sure many people will disagree entirely with
me and I do not intend to start a debate.  I simply feel strongly in this
in my own personal life as a believer and I would like to pass this on to
spark some thought in those who may not have looked at it in this way.

My personality and tempermant are very hypersensistive.  I cannot see or
visualize things that some children would have no problem watching.  I
never watch anything scary or remotely violent.  I hope that my boys never
want to go into to wrestling as a sport because I'm not sure I can watch
it.  That's how over the top sensitive I am.  I have learned to accept
this fact and shield my eyes from things that can disturb me.  I have
learned that the enemy uses these visuals to tempt me to fear instead of
trusting the God of the universe.

That being said, I am incredibly cautious about what I view and what my
children view as well (my oldest son is just as sensitive as I am and
struggles with fear as well).  Because of this reason, I do not use any
references to any TV shows or movies in my teaching that I don't believe
would completely line up with Philippians 4:8 "Finally, brothers, whatever
is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever
is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or
praiseworthy—think about such things."  If I'm not completely confident
that what I'm refering to would stand up under those criteria, then I
don't use it.

Therefore, I would not "borrow" from a show like Fear Factor for a lesson
of any kind.  I cannot watch something like that and would not someone to
take my reference to it as a recommendation to view it, especially because
it would be very determental to see for me, personally.

I believe that some children would see using the show as a jumping off
point for a lesson as an advertisement for the show.  Many, probably
most,  would be able to separate the actual show from the "spoof" or
"borrowing" of the theme.  But because of the few that wouldn't separate
the two and might be tempted to watch it and may be like me in their
sensitivity and temptation, I would decide that it wasn't worth the risk.

Personally, I feel that God is so much more creative than anything the
enemy can create, that I don't believe we need to borrow from the world to
teach His truths.  I firmly believe that if we ask for inspiration, He
will grant more than we could ever imagine and that He has such better
things out there for us than borrowing from the world.

Again, I know that many will disagree with me.  Many in my own church
disagree with me on this idea.  But for the sake of the few children who
may struggle in the same area that I do, and for the sake of those of you
who have just never thought about it because you don't have this area of
struggle, I thought I would point it out.  I know in my heart that no one
is setting out to promote an ungodly TV show - I know in my heart that you
are searching for a new and creatvie way to present the wonderful truths
of God.
  And I so admire your desire to reach children in new and exciting ways. 
It is my prayer that God will grant you such amazing creativity that you
will be astonished at how immense God's creativity is and will see the
tremendous fruits of that creativity in the growth of the children in your

I hope that I have not offended anyone.  I am not trying to cast judgement
in anyway.  I just wanted to offer a different perspective in case it was
something that would be helpful to some of you.  Through the struggles
that I have walked through, I have learned to be more transparent hoping
that God would choose to teach and encourage others through what I have
learned.  I hope that has come through in this email.

And, I'm sure none of you hear it enough so hear it is: Thank You, Thank
You, Thank You  for taking the time to teach and love and guide the young
members of His kingdom.  Your long hours and great energy are building the
kingdom of God everyday - you just may not see it until eternity.

thanks for listening (reading)

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8) Fundraisers

> my church has just started a youth group and a puppet ministry, i was
>just wandering what type of fund raisers would be good to help
raise money

When I was involved in youth group we did:
a. Rock-a-thons - Basically a lock-in but it was done in rocking chairs. 
You had people sponsor you for every minute/hour that you would rock and
then you were only allowed to get out of your rocker for bathroom breaks. 
Our leaders would get us refreshments and we had movies that we could
watch while we rocked.  The idea was that your chair was not to stop
moving. b. I don't remember what we called it but we had a "Slave
Auction".  People in the church could "purchase" a youth to do small jobs
around the house (mow, trim, help clean inside, paint, wash windows).
c. If you have a church function centered around the youth and you meet
afterwards in the fellowship hall - you could have a wishing pond.  Get
one of those cheap plastic kiddie swimming pools and let money just toss
their money into the pool (of course you don't fill the pond with water).
d. We didn't do this in youth group but our youth do this: a dessert
auction.  The youth make EDIBLE desserts and then have an auction.  We
have had some desserts rake in more than $100.00.
e. Car wash.  Find a business that would be willing to donate the water
and space to wash cars and just ask for a donation.  Sometimes it's
surprising what people will pay just to have their car washed.  We did
this one year and it was a huge success - water fights around the cars
though wasn't such a good idea on our part.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

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9) Christmas Program Ideas?

I am the children's director at our small country church and I am trying
to figure out a skit or something I can do with the children for
Christmas.  My husband is the pastor and we have only been here about a
year.  So, I have never had to do this sort of thing.  (This is our first
pastorate).  I have all the children for children's church and Wednesday
evenings I do a kid's Bible Study.  I also lead them in choir time on
Sunday nights.  (That is when I plan on working on something for
Christmas).  I just have no idea on what to do.  I have all ages.  Any
ideas or skits????
Thank you in advance,
God Bless,
Tari (frome Michigan)

--from SSTN: there are many complimentary ones to choose from in our skits
section at: http://www.christiancrafters.com/skits.html
as well as in our Bookstore skits section at:

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10) Children Have No Respect

For the person who went camping with the kids who were being
one thing I do that seems to help is to have a bag of skittles and when I
notice somebody is being obedient, I give them a skittle.  I can't believe
what kids will do for a skittle :)

Hope that helps.


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11) Grandparents Day

>I need sme ideas for skits & crafts for grandparent's day asap so the
>- ages 6-10 - can begin to prepare for that special day...thanks

Here is a great website with a free on-line grandparents day kit.


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12) Getting parents to bring children

>The problem is that if you can't get the parents to come in time for
>the kids will never know it. Also complicating matters is the fact
>the approximately half of the kids come

Have a system where the children are rewarded for arriving on time (no
tardies or you may allow one for the month), bringing their Bible, ect. If
they have perfect attendance for one month give them a certificate and
gift in front of the church so the parents can see this. Make a big deal
of it; this might motivate parents to be a better examples to their
children. Who dosen't like to see their children recognized. Do this
regularly every month - up front. GIve them a special gift at the end of
each quarter.


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