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SSTN  # 79- July 24, 2002

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1) Teacher appreciation   
2) Psalm 23 Ideas       
3) Noah's Ark   
4) Camp Poem
5) Children/Youth and Their "Click" Groups
6) Click groups
7) Faith Mountain Props?
8) Keys For Kids

---> Full Armor of God Game

9) Graduation Certificates
10) FREE Award Certificates
11) God's Promises
12) Baptism Song   

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1) Teacher appreciation   

A few years ago I heard on the local Christian radio station that it was
Sunday School Teacher appreciation Sunday so I started a tradition.
Every year I choose a Sunday to give each of my staff a candle (they light
up the life of the children) and a certificate telling how much they are
appreciated.  I also have made simple survival kits as little prank
reminders   For example a package of lifesavers, a bandaid, etc.  R and R,
O (Recognize and reward often) should be the motto of any organization
that relies on volunteers.  I do have a few lists of the fun reminders
that I have collected over the years teaching Sunday School and leading
Girl Guides if any one is interested, I could send out a list.  Of course
with a good search engine you could come up with great ideas off the web.

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2) Psalm 23 Ideas   

So many people wants this, so here are my ideas. This is my craft ideas
for this chapter.  I made one for each week and suumarized on the 7th.
1.  I used a large lamb pattern and glued cotton balls on it.  I colored
the feet black.  I used moveable eyes and red construction
     paper for the mouth.  I glued green behind sheep at feet for grass
and then glued on flowers; this way it looks like a pasture.  I
     tied a riboon around neck with a bell attached.  Wrote verse on back.
2.  Draw two lines down the middle of a piece of construction paper.  The
middle should be colored blue for water and the two
     sides--grass.  Take a pipe cleaner or chenile wire and cut in half.
Bend in half and twist around cotton ball for sheep.  Make two
     of these for sheep.  Use a whole chenile wire for shepherd.  Twist
around for head and legs.  Can put in a smiley face sticker for
     face.  Use piece of another of chenile wire and twist around whole
wire for arms.  Take a whole wire for a staff and put beside
     arm and twist hand around staff.  Tape sheep, shepherd and
cane--staff on green part of paper.  Then write half of verse at top
     on one side and the other half on the other green part at bottom.
3.  I decorated a small sheep with white klenex that I balled up and glued
on lamb.  Took piece of cloth and glued top of cloth on
     middle of lamb.  I wrote verse under cloth, so the kleenex is only
around the edge of sheep.  Colored feet black and drew eye
     and mouth.
4.  Decorated sheep with white felt and moveable eyes.  I have a pattern
of a sheep with cross conected to it.  I colored the feet
     black and the cross.  Wrote verse on back.
5.  I decorated this sheep with white cotton balls.  Drew eye and glued on
a craft stick.  Then stuck the craft stick threw a
    styrofoam.  Wrote verse on tag and stuck on cup.
6.  On white construction paper, I glued a cross on bottom on one side.  I
then glued on a black strip of paper at top at about 2/3
     down.  I glued half circle of yellow paper on top of black in middle.
Then stuck 4-5 stickers on black paper.  I then drew a road
     from bottom of black paper to bottom of write paper.  Colored road
black or brown.  Wrote verse.
7.  I used a picture of a sheep for a summary.  Any picture of a sheep
with or without a shepherd will do.  I glued mine on cardboard
     or poster board before cutting. 
I have other sheep patterns and one is a mask. 
Email me if you want:  thekingskid@comporium.net

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3) Noah's Ark   

Several people wanted these for Noah's Ark.
I found a pattern of an ark with a boat.  Kids colored brown, then
attached gangplank.  Found pictures of animals that were two together or
ran off double animal pictures and had extra left at bottom to set up
The second week took stickers of people and stuck on small paper.  Need 4
women and 4 men for Noah's family.  Drew an ark on paper and kids colored
Third week, we used ark and cut it out of brown paper on fold, along with
white paper.  Glued white inside of brown.
Fourth week, Cut small block of blue for window.  Bottom of boat--brown or
black.  Door--blue.  Tan--triangle and orange block.  Red--roof.  Have
kids glue on another piece of paper.  Blue signifys  Heaven.
One week, we made Noah and wife puppets.  They told story through each
child.  Large craft sticks.  Make a robe and pull over head and tie with
yarn as belt.  Use any people pattern and cut out of posterboard or
cardboard.  Draw face.  need two.  Need cotton balls for Noah's beard and
for their hair.
Here is my story:
God said, "I'm sorry I made man."  "I will destroy man."  He saved Noah
and his family.  Noah was a perfect and upright man.  He believed God and
obeyed even though he had never seen rain.  People laughed and made fun of
him, but he continued to preach.  He built the ark according to God's
command.  It rained for 40 days and 40 nights.  Noah sent out the raven
and then the dove.  The ark rested on Mt. Ararat--17,700 feet high.  God
sent a rainbow to seal His promise that He would NEVER destroy the earth
with rain again.  Noah's family came out of the ark and built an altar for
For faith, I cut four animals--pig, donkey, lion and elephant.  Colored
these their right colors.  Wrote "Have faith in God."
I hope these are okay.  Email me if you want:  thekingskid@comporium.net

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4) Camp Poem

Here is a poem that I wrote for the Christian camp for my church.  You can
use it if you would like.  I tied the poem to the candle.  The poem goes
like this:

A Little "Glow"

All you do is light it
so it will have a glow.
To guide you in so many ways
and here's a few I'll let you know.
The little glow is just enough
to help you when you pray.
To concentrate on the Lord
and what you want to say.
A sufficient glow to help you
read a scripture or two.
Just before bedtime
like you want to do.
So here's a little candle
to keep beside your bed.
For little things like this
that is so imperative!
(Please get your parent's
assistance on using this!)

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5) Children/Youth and Their "Click" Groups

Trevia...Many of the VeggieTales videos address this issue...I'm thinking
in particular of the one titled "God Wants Me to Forgive THEM?"  The VT
videos teach in a gentle and loving way...we just love them.  I teach 5th
grade Religious Ed and we use VT materials often. Good luck and God Bless,
Heidi/NY  <(((><

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6) Click groups   

How very sad it is, but I know what you mean!!! I am currently doing a
series of SS school lessons on Friendship and what it means to be a
"friend" I have found several lessons on this subject at The Resource Room
at www.daniellesplace.com a subscription is required but totally worth
it!!! I teach 6-9 year olds, and I have found that doing life applications
skits have helped tremendously, I give the "clicky" kids the parts of the
ones being condemned, so they can SEE what it is like to "walk in
another's shoes" Jesus showed us how to be a friend through his teachings.
Continue to pray for your kids and you'll
be amazed, maybe do a compassion project with your class, my kids made
"warm fuzzies" ( pom-poms with google eyes glued atop poster board feet)
to give to a local children's shelter)

--from SSTN: if anyone has written a skit on friendship or the Golden Rule
that you would like to share, send it in so I can post it to the website.
Your webservant, Sarah Keith <><

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7) Faith Mountain Props?

I;m looking for ideals for VBS Faith Mountain.  Props, etc.  And what do
you do for the teens.  VBS ?
Thanks sherri

--from SSTN: check out the Archives List:

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8) Keys For Kids

Don't know why I never thought of this before.  Every month, I receive a
little book called, "Keys For Kids".  It is free for the asking and if you
tell them what you are, then you can also receive one for each of your
kids to take home.  It ia a daily devotional for kids.  It is cool Bible
stories and they relate to today's kids.  The web-site is
www.cbhministries.com. There are all kinds of things on this site.  I knew
CBH when I was 10.  Hope ya'll like it.

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Full Armor of God Game

Kids scramble to be the first to build a full suit of armor using peel 'n'
play stickers, and soak up the lessons taught in Ephesians 6 while they
play!  In the Games section of the Bookstore at:


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9) Graduation Certificate

To Toye from Lethbridge Canada about Graduation Certificate
Thank you for answering my question about certificates for children
graduating from Children's Church.  I guess I'll try to design something
on my own.  Thanks for your suggestion.

Cathy Bodell,
Frankfort, MI

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10) FREE Award Certificates

I just found this site and you are going to love it:

Click on "Show and Tell" when you get there.
Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) God's Promises   

This is from Vol 1, #13.
God's promises are all in the Bible.  One that I like using is Abraham.
God told him to sacrifice Issac and he obeyed.  Then God promised lots of
kin by showing him the stars.  I made a cross and glued it on one side of
construction paper and wrote "Jesus gave all He had".  On the other side,
I glued blocks on top of each other for an altar and drew a ram.  I wrote,
"Abraham, trusted God".  The wording can be changed to suit lesson. Noah
is another one, along with Daniel, David and soforth

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12) Baptism Song   

Group Publishing has a cd called "Sing & Shout Songs for Children's
Ministry - Vol 4" with a song called Come to the water. We're using it for
our baptism service here in a few weeks. It's short, easy to memorize, &
the kids like it.

--from SSTN: you can find this in our Bookstore. Just type "Sing and Shout
Songs" into the search box: 

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