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SSTN  # 7 - January 25, 2002

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1) Memorize Bible Names
2) Classroom Management in Sunday School
--> Valentines and Scherenschnitte Art
3) Balloon Expedition book
4) Recycled or unused curriculum or materials   
5) Stations of the Cross? 
6) Mother's Day?   
--> Masks & Story Book
7) Through the Bible in a Year
8) Classroom Management in Sunday School
9) First Fruits Auction - Need Ideas?   
--> BIBLE Cards for Beginners
10) Teaching other Religions?
11) Black history skits and plays?
12) Gospel Snakes?

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1) Memorize Bible Names

Don't know if the bookstore offers this because I didn't get a change to
check. I bought a tape that had two songs on it, one for the Old Testament
and one for the New Testament. Our Wednesday evening kids practiced for a
few weeks and learned the songs well enough to sing them before the
adults. It was great because the adult leaders (including me) learned
them, too! One side has lyrics and one side is just the accompaniment.
This was the best method I've seen. Daywind - Kidz Soundtracks- Books of
the Bible Medley.

--from SSTN: In the music section of the Bookstore you can find "Bible
Break". The other item mentioned I'll attempt to carry if anyone has the
product code. :o) ysic, sarah

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2) Classroom Management in Sunday School

Children tend to act out for attention or they gravitate toward other
children they can dominate.  I have seen this many times. Something to try
is to take that child and give her a job and a specific duty during class.
Even a 4 year old can help pass out papers, collect things, straighten
things, sit near you and hold a book you are reading or turn a page.  This
would keep her busy and free from being distracted by others and things in
the room.  It would also solve the attention problem in a positive way.  I
would embrace this child, instead of excluding her.  She obviously doesn't
know how to act appropriately and needs some guidiance.  I have had some
intimate discussions with parents who have this type of child and it is
usually very stressful and worrysome for them to drop them off and "hope
they behavior" and act appropriately.  Four year olds are just starting to
find their way and I think it is important that we don't make them feel
that they are bad...or don't fit it.  Just food for thought.  Blessings,

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Valentines and Scherenschnitte Art

Scherenschnitte is the art craft of intricate paper cutting. Symbols of
faith were common in German Scherenschnitte. They were used to convey love
messages towards God, as well as by men to express love towards their
sweethearts.  Scherenschnitte cards contained expressions of love and is
the forerunner of today's Valentine's Day card!  Click on "Scherenschnitte
Art" on the crafts page to get a free craft and to learn more:


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3) Balloon Expedition book

>I have purchased an old VBS - Balloon Expedition
>however, it does not have a craft book with it and I can not get it

Hi there!! I have the craft book that Theresa is looking for and would
gladly send it to her for just the cost of postage.  I tried to email her
directly, but it wouldn't go through, so maybe she will read this message
and contact me.  I've been the VBS Craft Director at our church for 5
years, and the crafts in this particular book were, without a doubt, the
best we've had.
YSIC...Marilyn Lindsey

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4) Recycled or unused curriculum or materials   

> would love to ship it to the people who can use it.
>  Would you pass on the addresses to me?

Regarding unused or recycled curriculum: 
My husband and I have just joined with a new church body with no youth
ministry.  We have been asked to build this ministry from the ground up
from newborns to teens.  Since most of the materials we will use will be
purchased from our own pockets (and gladly so to our ability) we are
reaching out to our brothers and sisters in Christ to please help us with
any resources in the way of materials and curriculum that are no longer
being used by you.  We would gladly help with shipping of materials, etc.
We are mightily blessed to have been appointed to this new undertaking and
realize the awesome responsibility that God has given us in entrusting the
care of His "keiki" (Hawaiian for child or children) to be instructed in
His ways.  We thank you in advance for your "kokua" (help or assistance)
in this most wonderful assignment!  We can be contacted at:
JKLauderm@aol.com or toll-free at 1-877-839-4647
God bless you! 
Your Sister in Christ,

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and innovative way
for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!  Includes 4
Gospel Catcher patterns to make: the Colors of Christ (Gospel Colors), the
Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Promises of God. Follow this
link to learn more:


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5) Stations of the Cross? 

I just found your website.  I wish I had seen it a few weeks ago.  It
would have made my frantic search for Christmas Church School crafts so
much easier.  We do a Chrismon service every year!  Your crafts are

Have you ever heard of the Stations of the Cross?  It can be quite
elaborate including all ages. I would like some help in constructing a
stations of the cross for children.  Any help or direction you could
offer would be valued.
God bless
Cynthia MacInnis

--from SSTN: a similar idea to get your creative juices flowing is found
in the Skits section of the site entitled, "A Walk Through Bethlehem". 

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6) Mother's Day?   

I'm looking for ideas for our annual Mother's Day   Mother/daughter
banquet. Themes, verses...etc....  Please help Thank you, Pam Miller

--from SSTN: check the Archives List and the Crafts page too:

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Masks & Story Book

Dramatic Bible stories with pop-out masks and props kids can use in drama
and role-playing. In the Games and Skits section of the BOOKSTORE:


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7) Through the Bible in a Year

>>I'm looking for something for children that gives how to's and
>>for how to read through the Bible in a year.

Two years ago I organized a "read through the bible in a year" program for
our homeschool group. My son assigned points to all the books so that we
ended up having 4 levels, platinum being the highest (reading the whole
thing). Each level had a prize of its own and there was also honorable
mention. It was a fair amount of work to gather all the prizes, trying to
get donations as much as possible. But it was successful. This year I am
doing it again. But I am keeping it to one prize for finishing (a small
gold cross pin) and a certificate for anyone who attempts. I used the
cross pin for incentive last year doing a bible memory program and was
happy with it. It's great to see the children reading so much scripture
and being enthusiastic about doing it.

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8) Classroom Management in Sunday School

I agree with Sarah seek the parent's assistance in a positive way and you
will probably get them more involved in the church rather than driving
them away.  But you might also try some positive reinforcement.  I am no longer
teaching the little ones but I taught them for about 4 years.  I used to
use sticker charts - mine were bought at a local school supply store -
much like lots of school teachers use.  Each time they were helpful or
said something kind to someone in the class they got an extra sticker and
everyone got one for attendance.  When they had a full chart they got
something from my treat box - full of McDonald's happy meal toys and stuff
from the dollar store. They loved it and I never had many discipline
problems.  Hope this helps.

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9) First Fruits Auction - Need Ideas?   

Sarah our church is hosting a First Fruits Auction to raise money for
missions.  This is the second one it is a silent auction and each person
is to bring something to auction that represents their first fruits –
special talents, etc.  Anyway, last time we had lots of unique things and
it was a great success and I am stumped what to bring. Last year my mother
and I gathered recipes and printed about 100 cookbooks, because we are
both good with computers – that was my first fruit.  Lots of people
brought crafts or baskets they had put together relating to a hobby they
liked, but I don’t really have many hobbies – I’m too busy.  Anyway, does
anyone out there have an idea of something nice, yet fairly easy and
inexpensive that I might could take to the auction???
Thanks for your help
Amy – Smithfield, NC

--from SSTN: some of the craft ideas in the site might help you out.

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10) Teaching other Religions?

Hi. I've asked for a help a couple times before, but let me give a brief
intro. of who I am. My name is Rachele. I am 17 years old and I am
teaching at a small church in my town. We have 2 Sunday school classes -
mine, and the adult class where everyone else goes. I teach 4 kids
regularly - a 3rd grader, a 1st grader, a kindergartener and a 3 year old.
Needless to say, finding my lessons is hard. I am teaching my kids about
the fact that God loves us all and made us all, no matter what color our
skin is. I have been thinking about tying this in to teaching about other
religions, how they are different from ours, and things like that. I need
to things from all you wonderful people. First, do you think kids this age
would actually be interested  in a lesson like that? And second, do you
have any ideas at all for religions, crafts, sngs, etc. I could use.
Thanks so much, guys! :)
In Him,

--from SSTN: Hi Rachele: I think it is wonderful that you have a heart to
teach children. In my opinion this age group doesn't know enough about
their own faith to begin teaching other religions to them. Something I
once heard: when someone is being trained to recognize counterfeit money,
he or she is taught to recognize the fake, by becoming well acquainted
with how the real money looks and feels.  NOT by studying the counterfeit
money. Stay with the TRUTH by teaching them about Jesus! This is the goal
of SSTN. ;o))  ysic, sarah <><

PS from Rachele- If anyone still has some of that extra curriculum
floating around, I'd love to have it. As I said, I go to a small, poor
church. If you do have anything I could use, please e-mail me at
HoneyBelden@aol.com. Thank you! :)

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11) Black history skits and plays?   

We are looking for a short play or skit to do for black history month.  Do
you have any suggestions?  If you do, please let me know.

Yours in christ,
Bonna Gregory

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12) Gospel Snakes?


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