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SSTN # 7 - January 25, 2005

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1) Tongues of fire
2) Tsunami Tragedy...how to encourage giving?
3) Spanish material for mission trip
4) Used Curriculum?

More Sample Lessons........download them today!

5) Christian hit clips?
6) America's Forsaken Roots
7) Stations of the Cross Banner
8) Ideas for busted mini blinds?
9) Less Cutesy Crafts...Need Spiritual meat

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1) Tongues of fire

We actually did a variation on the spinner - we
photocopied onto coloured paper (red, orange, yellow work well) and
attached them to party blowers (the ones that come curling straight out
without the whistling sound). The kids loved these and got to take them
home after the Pentecost presentation which involve reading Act 2:1-4.
This was followed by some of the older kids (representing the disciples)
having tongues of fire hats placed on their heads and said a sentence
("God speaks my language") in various languages from around the world . 
This was followed by a little explanation to the congregation. All the
kids then waved their tongues of fire walking down the centre aisle on
the way out.

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2) Tsunami Tragedy...how to encourage giving?

> The magnitude of the Tsunami tragedy requires the entire world to unite
> help the people affected by it. We MUST help! The following links are
> agencies where you can send your financial support:
> http://www.networkforgood.org
> http://www.er-d.org/newsroom.htm
> http://www.pcusa.org
> http://redcross.org
> http://www.salvationarmyusa.org

Sarah, I applaud your message to encourage people to help with aid for
tsunami victims.  I was thinking that I would like to use the children's
time duing our worship services for the next several weeks to encourage
children and families to do just that.  I thought we might collect funds. 
Since we're studying the commandments I thought my link might be "Love
your neighbour as yourself".  One week we could talk about who is our
neighbour and link to the Good Samaritan which we studied a while back. 
We can then talk about the tragedy that has befallen our neighbours in the
world.  I'm not sure what to do for the additional weeks though.  I'd also
like some ideas about how to encourage the monetary givings as well.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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3) Spanish material for mission trip

The Sermons 4 Kids website has kids stories and sermons  and coloring 
pages in both English and Spanish:       sermons4kids.com

All the best
Sharon (Australia)

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4) Used Curriculum?

I'm looking for used children's church curriculum to buy or borrow or
whatever, ages 4-8 and 9-12. we are a small church but growing. I've been
teaching for 7 years and I dont know what I would do without
christiancrafters. Praise God for all your help. I'm also open to
suggestions on different curriculum, where to look. thanks so much. your
sister in christ. Jesus Christ rocks!

Jesus Christ Rocks !!!!!      

--from SSTN: Hi Pegs, I produce very affordable curriculum
(one book is all you need for an entire class).
Check out my "Hands-On Lessons" at:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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More Sample Lessons....download them today!

"Vineyard Workers" 

"Blind To See" skit from "Amazing Miracles of the Bible":

"Living Water Relays" game from "Spirit Gifts:

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5) Christian hit clips?

My daughters love to listen to "hit clips".  Are they available by
Christian artists? 
Many Thanks and God Bless you and yours,
Brad Miller

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6) America's Forsaken Roots

Hi, Sarah, I don't know how long this will be on this webpage, but thought
if it is for awhile, readers might want to check it out.  It is what
people need to know about our history.

In Christ,
Helen Setser

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7) Stations of the Cross Banner
Large piece of dark felt to be banner (navy blue works great)
Pictures of the Station of the Cross
Examples to print out and color: 
Fold the top of the felt over the dowel and glue it in place, making sure
at least one inch of the dowel is hanging out of each side.  Cut a long
piece of ribbon and tie ends to each end of the dowel to make a hanger for
the banner.
Have the students color the pictures of the Station of the Cross.  Glue
the pictures in order on the banner.  Decorate edges of pictures and
banner with glitter, ribbon, rickrack trim, etc.
I hope this helps!

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8) Ideas for busted mini blinds?

I have some broken mini-blinds that I just don't want to throw away
completely. I have only come up with two ideas. To make an eight point
star (for use during a Christmas story, etc.) and to make grass props
(maybe reeds for baby moses being put in the basket in the river...) Any
other ideas would be great.

Amy- Rowlett, Tx

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9) Less Cutesy Crafts...Need Spiritual meat

>"Your website is informative, but I'm finding it more about cutesy craft
>ideas rather than real ministry for our children."

--I respectfully disagree. I am most grateful for a place that I can go to
get answers from leaders of grass roots ministries all aroung the world!
"Real," meaning genuine, and "Ministry," meaning to meet the needs of,
describes SSTN for me. I am so thankful to know that I can ask a question
and receive help from real people in real ministry! We're all different
with different ideas, but we all have the goal of guiding little hearts
toward Jesus :o)

"I've been trying to find a resource for our Children's Church that didn't
include crafts, games and gimmicks, and that is why I looked into your

--What kinds of things do you do with the children in your group? I'm
interested because I, too, would like to try new ways to reach kids on a
deeper level.

"Our ministry to the children is vital, but it looks as if the majority of
people are forgetting the work of the Holy Spirit and resorting to fun and
games to get the attention of their children."

--Wow! This is a bold statement and I really hope it is inaccurate! While
"resort" to fun and games to get the attention of the children as you have
stated, I certainly don't forget the work of the Holy Spirit!!! I couldn't
make it without Him! I count on the Holy Spirit to lead the children
the more serious times in my classroom, but I see no reason to bore the
children to tears or to expect them to be like little adults.

"Children have "ears to hear" and want to hear the truth in a calm and
meaningful way."

--While I agree that children have ears to hear, that they want to hear
truth, and that they want to hear it in a meaningful way, but CALM? Every
child? I have worked with children for over 20 years, am training to be a
teacher, and have three children of my own. If there's one thing I'd stake
my life on, it's that each child is an individual who learns in a
way from the next child! Some kids learn by listening- very few, though.
Others can't listen unless they're moving. Years of research demonstrate
that children possess various learning styles...some love to draw, some
love to sing, some love to run! We have to reach kids and I'm convinced we
have to get creative to do it. I apologize in advance if this offends
anyone, because that truly is not my intention, but having children sit
still while reading to them and asking questions or having them fill out a
worksheet is the easy way out. How much creativity does that take? But
providing hands on lessons that peak their interest and make them want to
come back week after week? Now that takes effort! Jesus was a hands on
teacher. He used illustrations, examples, and objects to teach lessons. He
provided snacks (the feeding of the five thousand), surprises (the net
full of fishes), and visual aids (writing in the dirt)! He taught from a
boat and called people down from trees. No one ever knew what to expect
when Jesus the Teacher was nearby :o)

"They don't have to be constantly entertained, energized or excited in
order to believe."

--I agree! But I think you misunderstand the way many teachers teach
I don't constantly entertain, energize, and excite my kids! I try to keep
things moving, but plan for lots of variety and this includes quiet times
of scripture reading, application, prayer, and reflection.

In response to this post, I tried to think of the most powerful lessons I
can recall having been privileged to teach. The lesson that stands out
to me is one that I taught on an Easter Sunday a couple years ago. I used
sensory examples of the crucifixion. Children held nails, smelled vinegar,
tasted salt (for the taste of blood), listened to a hammer pounding nails,
and then each hit a nail with a hammer as they asked God for forgiveness
the sins that sent his Son to the cross. Four children out of a class of
were saved that Easter Sunday...That can't happen without the Holy Spirit!

Please be more respectful of other teachers who have experience working
with children and who seek earnestly to reach children for Him...we all
have the same goal.


PS Sarah, thanks for your sweet spirit and for all you provide through
website. It has been (and continues to be an awesome source of help for me
and many others.)

--from SSTN: thank you, Angie. ysic, sarah <><

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