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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 80 <>< <><
August 8, 2000
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1) Chrismon Snowflake-Lesson
2) Carnival follow up?
3) Handicap Sunday school class?
4) Christmas Play
5) Pirates/treasures theme
6) Model of the tabernacle
7) Welcoming idea

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1) Chrismon Snowflake-Lesson

> I would like to use the Chrismon Snowflake Ornament book for a Sunday School
> lesson relating to the Old Testament. Can anyone give me ideas on how to use
> them

Thanks for asking! All the patterns include inspirational Scripture verses. However, only a few have Old Testament passages. Here are my suggestions:

* Use Bibles with cross-referencing. For example, the inspirational verse for 'The Star Within A Star' pattern, is Matthew 2:2. In my Bible, (NIV Study Bible), there are two O.T. cross-referenced verses: Jeremiah 23:5 and Numbers 24:17. Have the children find the New Test. verses, as well as their Old Test. cross-references. This type of study helps children, (and adults) to see the connection between the Old and New Testaments. The New Testament is the completion of God's work! (The Star Within A Star pattern can be printed for free from my website.)

* Use a Bible concordance (Strong's Exhaustive is a good one) to find 'keywords'. For example, the keywords to look up could be: Dove, heart or love, crown, angel. The concordance will have references to Old Testament verses. For example, in my concordance under "Heart", you'll find Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Deuteronomy 11:18-21. These verses stress the importance of loving and following God, and learning his Word.

Hope these ideas help! (Just a side note for everyone, the Chrismon Snowflake book, the NIV Study Bible and the Strong's Concordance mentioned above, are all available through my Bookstore.)

Sarah Keith-Your Moderator <><
"Home of The Sunday School Teacher's Network"

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2) Carnival follow up?

We our planning a bible school family carnival follow up at our church. We had over 145 children from our small rural community attend our bible school this year over 100 of these children are not from our church. Does any one have any idea's for games, crafts, promotional give away for the children I would greatly appreciate it. Also has anyone every tried anything like this at their church?
Thank you and God Bless,

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3) Handicap Sunday school class

Hi there my name is Kim and my husband I teach a mentally and handicap Sunday school class .... This Sunday school class we teach they are adults with child like minds so what I am wondering if there is anything out there on the web or if I could do a search on stuff for us to do. They love using there hands so what I was wondering this is a Sunday school teachers network so I am wondering if they have any more teachers out there to help me with some ideas.... What I was wanting is like crafts for these adults and they are so special to God and to us. Please write back to me stuartki@megagate.com Kim

--From ChristianCrafters.Com: For anyone responding to Kim directly, please copy your letter to the SSTN so everyone may benefit from your wisdom! :o)

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4) Christmas Play

< I thought I'd try something new this year and get an early start on our
< Christmas planning instead of my usual procrastination till it's too late
< approach!

I have a play I wrote myself for my S.S. class, which consist of 5 children, ages 7-l4. If you would like to know more about it I can be reached at fscott424@aol.com. I think you might enjoy this play. I am new at this computer stuff so don't know if I am doing this right.

--From ChristianCrafters.Com: Please consider sharing your play with the rest of the network. :o)

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5) Pirates/treasures theme

> Our VBS theme is pirates/treasures,etc. Any suggestions for crafts? Ages
> are 3-12. Thanks.

Ruth, I did a birthday party with this theme for my son a couple years ago and I went all out decorating, and with crafts. If you want to email me off list I could brain storm with you and maybe give you some ideas, but a few off the top of my head would be,,,,,, I decorated the basement with different stations like one room the ocean, another an island etc. The room with the island had sand and coconut trees which I had made coconuts out of paper mache and put prizes inside like individual piatas they each got to pick a coconut from the tree before they left, maybe you could tie this into Gal. fruit of the spirit and place the scripture and a representation of it in there, LOVE...... a candy kiss, patience,,, a toy watch....etc. How about a treasure hunt that they can find" do not store up your treasures here on earth" related things to this scripture........ email me if you are looking for ideas like this Pat...... Spdnw@aol.com

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6) Model of the tabernacle

Dear Roxanne:
There are instructions to make a model temple from a shoe box at www.edupatterns.com.there are free Sunday School lesson plans at this site. Lesson # 20 is the story of Solomon and his temple. You could adapt the lesson to make it a tabernacle instead of a temple by cutting out the sides and putting coverings over it. There were actually 4 covers on the tabernacle. The first cover was a white cloth, the second was a cover made from goat skins (tan), the third cover was made from ram skins died red, and the top cover was made from badger skins and were gray. If you need it to be a larger display model use a bigger box than a shoe box. The instructions for making it are included with the lesson and they include an explanation of each piece of furniture. Wood blocks, a matchbox, and an upside down juice lid are used to represent the furniture. To access lesson 20 at http://www.edupatterns.com, from the home page go to the Free Bible lesson page. At the bottom of the Free Lesson page click on the link marked Lessons 20 - 27. There is also a web site at, http://www.oursalvation.com/index.html - Yeshuateinu Company, which has informationand links about the Jewish roots of Christianity.You may find more information there about the tabernacle. Blessings,
Linda Lawler, Pittsburgh, PA

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Welcoming idea

>> Our Church just hired a Youth and Family Director
> Does anyone have suggestions on something special we could do
> for her? Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Potlucks are always nice and if you don't want to do something that big, cake, coffee and punch between services is always nice. Be sure and introduce her during the services.

God bless,

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