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SSTN # 80 - September 9, 2005

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Tell Me The Story of Jesus...FOR 2005 / 2006

1) Missionary projects ages 5-12
2) Mission project
3) Fear Factor, Original Posting
4) Local Missions...getting started
5) Youth group ideas?
6) 1st and 2nd Grade

Grandparents' Day Skit

7) Music to Ten Commands
8) Peer Pressure
9) Teaching 1st and 2nd grade
10) Beauty & Outward Adornment?
11) Operation Christmas Child.
12) Fear factor on faith

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Tell Me The Story of Jesus

"Tell me the story of Jesus, write on my heart every word." Those are the
words, from that beloved hymn, that inspired me to write my latest
Hands-on series, "Tell Me The Story of Jesus". This two-semester
lesson series contains coordinating crafts, games, skits and enrichment
ideas to tell the story of Jesus, from childhood to Pentecost. One book is
all you need for TWO whole semesters, and it's value priced!
To download two sample activities, go to the Curriculum page and click the
book's cover at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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1) Missionary projects ages 5-12

Last year my class of 3rd through 6th graders listened to a CD by a group
called Caedmon's Call.  They have a whole album ("Share the Well")
dedicated to their mission trips to India and South America, where they
worked with ministries such as OM India, Gospel for Asia, and Compassion

I wrote to the above mission organizations for information, and was sent a
personal letter and some mission magazines about India.  During the
semester, I would read them an article from the mission magazine, and we
discussed the Caste system.  Voice of the Martyrs also had information on
persecuted Christians in India that I used.

One activity that was really fun, was a "Quiz Bowl" type of game show.  We
didn't have "buzzers", but the kids slapped their hand on the table if
knew the answer.  Sometimes, I couldn't tell who was first, but they were
all good sports about it anyway.

I had made up several questions about India, and printed them,
attractively, in large print on cardstock.  The questions ranged from
"What do we want to do with our mission money this semester" to "What is
the capitol of India" or "What do you call the lowest caste members in
India".  I'd "flash" a card at the kids, and they would slap their hands
if they knew the answer.  We played upper classmen against lower classmen,
then boys vs. girls.  We went through the questions several times so by
the end of the game, all of the kids were answering all of the questions. 
They really learned a lot and it was so fun!

Hope this helps!
~Trish in Nebraska

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2) Mission project

In response to the teacher who needed a missionary
project for children 5 to 12 , I want to bring up the
Christmas Child shoebox ministry from Franklin Grahm
and Samiritan's Purse. We do this every year at our
church . Each child can fill and wrap a Christmas
present for a needy child around the world . They may
enclose a personal greeting and could receive one in
return .What a blessing for all! Now is the time to
start,however, since shoeboxes are collected in November.

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3) Fear Factor, Original Posting
I didn't criticize this kind of event, I questioned the point of it. All
the ideas that had been shared up until I replied didn't coincide with any
Bible lessons. I understand that the Bible has much to say about fear and
trusting God, but my point was, how did these gross activities apply? What
lessons were actually used? It's fine to have fun...but if we're not
instilling God's Word, then in my opinion, it's useless.
Sam in FL

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4) Local Missions...getting started

> >I would love to more about the outreach that your children do in  the
> >community.  How did you get started?

In answer to TP's question, we got started because our church's mission's
budget includes a number of local missions, so we already have a
relationship with some wonderful inner city groups and were blessed to
have contacts at these agencies. Our program for 5th and 6th graders
stresses service, as well as fellowship and Bible study, so we make it a
point to have a service project at least every other month, and most of
these projects are somehow related to the local missions that our church
supports.  During our summer camps (VBS and Fun Arts Camp), we always
have a mission focus - one is local, and the other is foreign.  For the
local project, we collect back-to-school supplies for inner city kids,
and they are distributed by Urban Youth Impact.  We also work with UYI
for our Thanksgiving project - they select a family that is struggling to
make ends meet, but is on the right track and making good choices. We get
the background info on the family (ages and genders of children and
parent(s), and their needs).  Then we collect food, toys, books,
clothing, etc. for the family during Nov. On the Sat. before T'giving, we
gather in our church kitchen, bake cookies for the family, and then pack
up all we have collected and take everything down to them.  At Christmas
we visit a local retirement home on a prearranged Sat. afternoon. We make
Christmas ornaments and sing carols with the residents, then we leave and
go to the home of one of our kids for a party. As Sarah mentioned, we
also have a relationship with the Guardian Ad Litem agency - for those
who don't know, the Guardians Ad Litem are court-appointed advocates for
children who have been removed from their homes for their own protection.
At Christmas these children often receive nothing other than what their
Guardians provide, so our church family collects gifts, which are donated
to the Guardian Ad Litem agency to distribute to these children. We have
also taken our kids gleaning in local citrus orchards(remember, we are in
Florida!) and donated the fruit to the local food bank. At Easter time,
our 5th & 6th graders stuff and hide eggs and shepherd younger children
for our church community's Spring Festival and Egg Hunt. 
Kit MacLeod

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5) Youth group ideas

I am looking for ideas for fun gatherings and projects for youth groups. 
Ours ranges in age from kindergarten to college. We really encourage them
to spend a lot of time together and like to keep them busy.  The pumpkin
carving day sounds great, we're definitely going to try it!
Lisa H.

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6) 1st and 2nd Grade

> After years of teaching preschool and kindergarten, I am being promoted
> the 1st and 2nd grade class.  At least 2 of my current students, both
> active boys, will be in my new class.  Most of the other students will be
> 2nd graders, and I am not sure how to adjust my teaching to work for
> level as well.   Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I love teaching preschool, and teaching 1st and 2nd graders can be very
different.  I can understand your concern with taking those boys from one
environment to another, and the only thing the same will be...you!  Try
having the boys visit with the current older class.  Then, when you arrive
to teach, ask them how it's normally done, and get their input.  They
might end up explaining the class rules and showing you what's different
than their old class.

As for how to change your "tactics" for the new class, try using opening
activities like Christian-themed puzzles (the $1 store has a few),
Christian Bingo games - played with snacks or small candy - Legos,
playdough, or other small manipulatives to get them sitting down and
concentrating before class.  Then, present the lesson, trying to make it
as interactive or visual as possible.  Quickly follow up with a review
game or craft. 

The younger kids will be able to keep up with the lessons and crafts.  You
might want to let one of the older children each have a week where they
are the helper, and they can watch out for the younger ones.  Also, when
you have review or pencil work, include something from every level of your
lesson so they can participate at their own level.

Good luck in your new class!  It will be a blessing for you, just as much
as you will be a blessing to those kids.


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Grandparents' Day Skit

You can find "A Grandparents' Thanksgiving"
listed in the skits section at:

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7) Music to Ten Commands

to those who requested the music to the 10 commandments....
I am sorry that I have not sent you the tune...my husband had a stroke two
weeks ago, and my life has been rather chaotic. I will send it just as
soon as I come up for air. Please keep my husband, Charlie in your
In His Name,

--from SSTN: our prayers are with you.

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8) Peer Pressure
I have just done a lesson with my girls group (9 - 12 year olds) about
peer pressure. I took the opportunity to really discuss with them what
peer pressure was and when they had experienced it. When we did this we
also talked about peer pressure in a positive way and how they can use
their influence with each other positively. I learnt more about the girls
in my group in this session than in the other weeks so far and it was so
wonderful to let them open up and freely talk while I then also had the
opportunity to have Godly input into their lives.

While the games will be great, if you have the right setting give the
girls a chance to talk it out!!


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9) Teaching 1st and 2nd grade

Karen in Montana,

Karen, I have a teacher manual that I created that will answer how to
adapt your teaching style to 1st and 2nd grade (6-7 yr olds).  I would
be glad to share this with you.  Also, Sara mentioned incorporating
games.  In the back of my manual is a description of different games and
a list of links to game sites.  Please let me know if you would like a
copy of this teacher training manual.  I can be reached at

Take care,
Connie G.

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10) Beauty & Outward Adornment?

We will be using these verses, 1 Peter 3:3-4,  ("Your beauty should not
come from outward adornment…instead, it should be that of your inner self,
the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth
in God's sight.') during one of our AWANA clubs and need some ideas for
giving a ten minute devotional.  The kids will be kindergarten through 2nd
grade.  Any good ways to demonstrate this verse?


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11) Operation Christmas Child

I thought that was a great thing for the children to do, but it was also
something that we as adults could do as a year long project. 
Karlene Helman

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12) Fear factor on faith

We did a fear factor on faith for kick off for VBS and it was great. The
children loved it and we were able to use a lot of object lessons to
instill faith

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