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SSTN  # 81- August 7, 2002

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1) Beatitudes, Bible Books, & Decorations?
2) Food warning
3) Bible Clues

--> Armor of God Game

4) No-sew puppets
5) Preschool Lessons on Elijah
6) Preschool Lessons on Elijah - con't.
7) "Stop-Go" song words?
8) Crafts for 2-3yr olds?
9) Spiritual Ropes
10) "Thumb" body Special
11) God Made Me Special   
12) Children's church...getting started

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1) Beatitudes, Bible Books, & Decorations?

I need some fresh ideas on teaching the beatitudes, books of the Bible,
and decorations for both that can be taken down in a multi-purpose
setting.  Thanks, Vickie

--from SSTN: check the Archives List:

Also, the WWJS Gospel Catchers contain the Beatitudes:

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2) Food warning

Be aware -- there are many food allergies.  Milk/milk products are another
major allergy source. Most kids know what they can and cannot eat. My
brother was allergic to EVERYTHING and he knew what he could eat. He
always asked "what is in this?"  I think we need to put the responsibility
of this on the parents/child.  The VBS form should ask "Any allergies?"
By doing this the church is covered should there be a problem.

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3) Bible Clues

This was done last year by a lady. You can read her posts on either
www.childrensministry.net or www.sschool.com.  I can't remember which one
it was on, but I know she did some awesome stuff.

La Marque. TX

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Armor of God Game

Kids scramble to be the first to build a full suit of armor using peel 'n'
play stickers, and soak up the lessons taught in Ephesians 6 while they
play!  In the Games section of the Bookstore at:


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4) No-sew puppets   

I purchased your no sew puppets. I found the tacky glue didn't work too
well. I would suggest using a hot glue gun. Other than that  am very
pleased with them. We are a church that is very small with limited funds.
If anyone has used puppets for a reasonable price I am looking for some. I
find the children really love and pay attention to them.
God Bless,  Sandra Gamel
Branford Fl.

--from SSTN: thank you, Sandra. I'm glad you're pleased! I agree that hot
glue works best. I do suggest either option when making them. For anyone
else interested in the no-sew New Life puppets, you can find them on the
Curriculum Creatives page:  
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5) Preschool Lessons on Elijah   

Hi Sarah, my class has been studying Elijah and I thought I'd pass a few
notes along in case someone else might use them.

Elijah the Tishbite
I Kings

Elijah means “my God is Yah”. He was from Tishbe of Gilead in the Northern
Kingdom. Elijah was the grandest and most romantic prophet that Israel
ever produced.
He was a man of the desert who counseled kings. His ministry had 4
1. His miracles
2. His struggle against Baalism
3. His prophetic role
4. His relationship to Jesus1. Elijah’s Miracles:
King Ahab and his wife Jezebel, who worshipped Baal. Elijah prophesized
there would be no rain until Elijah said it would rain and it didn’t rain
for over 3 years (I Kings 17:1) He was directed by God to go to the Brook
Cherith where he was fed by ravens.Next he went to Sarephath (Sarafand)
where he raised the widow’s dead son. This is the first time he was called
“a man of God.” (I Kings 17:17-24)While in Sarephath, he also restored a
widow’s flour and oil (I Kings 17:8-16)His greatest public miracles was in
I Kings 18:19-40 where he called together 450 prophets of Baal and 400
prophets of Asherah and there was a contest to see whose god would rain
down fire from heaven. The Baal and Asherah prophets did songs and chanted
for hours and nothing happened.Then Elijah had them wet the wood 3 times
and then Elijah prayed and Yahweh sent such a fire to consumer the wet
wood that nothing remained.Elijah ordered the false prophets killed
because of their deception.Elijah then says the drought would end after 3
long years. He goes to Mt. Carmel and prays. (I Kings 18:41). He sent his
servant 7 times to go see if any clouds were in the sky and on the 7th
trip he reported a small cloud appearing, the size of a hand. Ahab was
told to flee before the storm. Elijah outran Ahab’s chariot and the storm
to arrive in Jezreel.2. Elijah’s Stands Against Baalism:Jezebel, Ahab’s
wife the queen, had brought Baal worship into Israel and also had her
husband Ahab worshipping Baal a little (2 Kings 10:18). Baal is the name
of a false god. Many times in Israel’s history Baal is worshipped and
there are many examples of how this false worship almost destroyed the
people. Jezebel was furious that someone would defy her god and ordered
Elijah killed. Elijah fled to Judah and then Mt. Horeb (where Moses got
the 10 Commandments). There Elijah observed wind, earthquakes, and fire
but the Lord was not in these things. Then, Elijah heard a “still small
voice”. That was the voice of God. Elijah comes down from Mt. Horeb with
God’s instructions and anoints Hazael King of Syria, Jehu as King of
Israel and Elisha as this very own replacement.3. Elijah the Prophet:His
role in denouncing Baalism, put Elijah at odds with most of the people in
his own country. Ahaziah, the son of King Ahab, had fallen and had hurt
himself. Ahaziah had sent messengers to Beelzebub (lord of the flies)
about his fate. Elijah intercepted the messengers and sent word to Ahaziah
he was going to die. This the kings son very angry and determined to kill
Elijah. Ahaziah sent detachments of soldiers to track down Elijah and
destroy him. The first two detachments were consumed by fire (2 Kings 1)
and the captain of the 3rd detachment pleaded for his own life. Then he
safely escorted Elijah to King Ahaziah where Elijah told him personally
that he was going to die.4. Elijah’s Relationship with Jesus:Elijah and
Elisha were involved schools of the prophets. Elijah stuck the water of
the Jordan River and waters parted (2 Kings 2:1-12) which allowed them to
cross.Malachi 4:5 tells us the God will send Elijah before the coming “day
of the Lord.”John the Baptist spoke about the Messiah that would come in
the spirit and power of Elijah (Luke 1:1-17)Elijah himself appeared on the
Mount of Transfiguration when Jesus ascended to the Mount to pray right
before He entered Jerusalem to be crucified (Matthew 17:4, Mark 9:5, and
Luke 9:33). Revelation 11:6 tells us of two prophets that will appear at
the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. While the prophets are not exactly
named, but it is said that they will say “to shut heaven, that it might
not rain” which leads a lot of people to thing it is Moses and Elijah.

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6) Preschool Lessons on Elijah - con't.

For his miracles, my preschoolers studied or will be studying:

1.  God is our friend when we are all alone - ravens fed Elijah at the
Brook Cherish.  For craft time, I created a coloring sheet on my PC of
several ravens, drew a circle in the middle, made copies and then had the
children glue birdseed inside the cirlce - the ravens share with Elijah,
we need to share too.

2.  God is our friend who leads, guides and directs us - God dries up the
brook and sends Elijah to Zarephath.  Craft time:   We walked around our
church area and pointed out many things (flowers, birds, etc) that we
could enjoy during journeys.  Since this is vacation time, we also have
the children talk about vacations they had taken and where they had gone,
seen and done.

3.  God helps us share - The widow in Zarephath shares with Elijah her
last flour and oil.  Craft time:  I printed out a couple of "paint by
number pictures" and gave each child one market to color with.  Each child
had to color in their color and then pass it on to the next child so they
could fill in their color.  I kept the coloring pages to only about 4
colors so we could complete the pictures by the end of class.  I used a
doll and a wagon.  But you could take an Elijah coloring sheet and make
your own. I also printed on my PC a few clip art pictures of food items
and on a second
sheet, items we use everyday.  The children can circle the items that we
can share.  For example, we can share 2 cookies, 3 apples, 4 bananas, etc.
Then on items they use everyday, I printed out a picture of things like a
Bible, a hairbrush, a toothbrush.  Try to mix up the items so some can be
shared and some not so the children will have to look closely at the

4.  God is our friend who takes care of us - God takes care of the widow's
needs and He takes care of us too. I haven't taught this one yet, but for
craft time, I thought I'd do something along the lines of what is full and
what is empty using a small cup and snack items.  They can fill their cups
with a few snack items and then
turn them out on a papertowel and then refill their cups.  Also, I thought
the children could tell us (1) who takes care of them and (2) who they
take care of (pets, baby sisters/brothers), etc. Then have then tell me
how they take care of
their people and pets and have them discuss how God takes care of them
(food,clothing, shelter, etc.)

Sorry this is so long, but I have about 4-5 lessons out of it.  If you
can't read it, let me know and I'll try to break it out into smaller
lessons.  I only do the 3-6 year olds.  I try to get the Bible facts down
- on an adult level, and then break the lessons out for the 3-6 year olds.
The Lord  is always faithful to give me ideas
on things to do with the children.   Some say I'm very well suited to my
age group (tee hee). God bless your ministry.

Linda Rife <')))><
167 Pactolus Road
Kingsport, TN   37663

P.S. - if you can believe there is a P.S. to such a long note, for older
children, a good recap lesson would be to assign each child a part in the
story of Elijah.  One could be ravens, one could be the widow, one could be
Jezebel, one could be King Ahab and then have them act out the various
parts. Can you tell I like the study of Elijah?

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7)   "Stop-Go" song words?

When I was little we used to sing a song and the teacher used a red stop
sign and a green go sign.  The only words I can remember is "Stop and let
me tell you what the Lord has done for me,"
does anyone know the rest of the words.  I would love to teach it to my

Have a great day!!
Denise Hicks

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8) Crafts for 2-3yr olds?

I am interested in crafts geared especially for two and three year olds.
I recently volunteered to help out our Nursery Department once a month at
church.  In the past, I have worked with four, five and six year olds,
but I need crafts that are more age appropriate.  Any help would be
sincerely appreciated.

Thank you,
Ahreita Griffin-Charlotte, NC

--from SSTN: Check out the Pray & Play Bible in the Bible section of the
Bookstore. It is really great!

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9) Spiritual Ropes

I hate it when I do this -(from SSTN # 75- July 15, 2002) I got so wrapped
up in telling the story about Sampson and Delilah, I forgot the point.
The point is Sampson was tied by "spiritual" ropes.  When he defied his
vow to God, man's "earthly ropes" could certainly hold him. What ropes are
you bound with?

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10) "Thumb" body Special

I have a craft idea, i used it with my 3-5 year old class.  Take a 3x5
index card and use washable ink pads and use the child''s thumbprint draw
a face on the print with a fine tip marker make it a lil print person. and
at the top of the card write "God made me "Thumb"body special".  If the
kids are older then that have them write on the back of the card something
they can do that they think is special; i.e. can tie my
shoes, sing, play baseball...etc.


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Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
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11) God Made Me Special   

In regards to your posting about information for the topic God Made Me
Special, I have some ideas I can share with you.  For VBS this year we did
God's Great Gallery.  This VBS taught the children they are masterpieces
of God.  I will be glad to share some of the VBS ideas with you, just
e-mail me at samdermott@hotmail.com.  Hope this helps!!!
Sam Dermott
Program Director-Divine St. UMC

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12) Children's church...getting started

>If anyone would like to explain to me how
>to get something like this started you can e-mail me...

At our church, we have maintain a working Children's Church program during
our worship service by creating teams.  Currently, we have 5 leaders who
rotate Sundays.  Each leader has 1-2 other adults or older teens to help,
plus each week we have a wonderful older woman who helps with name tags,
songs, etc.  We use Group Publishing (www.grouppublishing.com) Hands-
On-Bible curriculum.  The children get a Bible lesson, crafts and a snack.
With 5 committed leaders each year, we have kept our program going for the
past 3 years.  Rotating teams gives everyone a break.  During the summers,
we have started a video series. We read a Bible story and watch a video.
Last year was Veggie Tales, this year is Adventures from the book of
Virtue. Some of the tapes were owned by the church, others were borrowed
from attending families. This is a very simple program and we attract
several adults each year who may have been hesitate in participating
during the school year.  Some of these adults have taken on a leader role
in the fall. Thank you for your SSTN e-Newsletter.
Karen - Austin,TX

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