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SSTN # 82 - July 11, 2003

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--> "His Name Shall Be Called..."

1) Do other Directors get paid
2) Children's Director   
3) Leaving Church   
4) Camel costume?
5) Paid CE Director   

--> Fruit of the Spirit - Bingo

6) Teacher Appreciation   
7) Action Songs?   
8) Fruit of the Spirit Activities
9) African Info
10) Pen Pals   
11) 50's theme ideas   
12) Please help
13) Treats for First Time Visitors?
14) Increase Offerings?
15) Heifer International

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--> "His Name Shall Be Called..."

The God of the Old and New Testament is known by many names. These names
help us to understand his nature and reputation. They define him as
Protector, Defender, Friend, Advisor, Judge, and Savior to name just a
few. The Third Commandment says, "Do Not Misuse God’s Name". "His Name
Shall Be Called..." contains fun crafts, games, and lessons to teach
respect and honor for God to the children in your ministry. Free USA

To learn more, go to this page:
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1) Do other Directors get paid

I work 30 hours a week and am paid $30,000 per year. (This is in the
Philadelphia, PA area.)  I do have my own office, $250.00 in continuing
education money and 250.00 in reimbursement money, for gas mileage, office
supplies, etc..

I suggest you speak with your pastor and your personnel committee about
the possibility of being paid and setting up a job description.


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2) Children's Director   

I am a Children's Director for our church.  I was hired in February and my
duties are suppose to include planning lessons, etc. for Children's
Church, lining up all volunteers for the Nursery and Children's Church,
and overseeing all of the Sunday School teachers and curriculum etc for
the Sunday School program for kids 5th grade and under.  It is a new
position for our church.  Previously the Youth Pastor did everything from
12th grade and under.  I do get paid and have an office, but I only get
paid for 10 hours a week.  I  put in at least 15-18 hours on a good week,
and that does not include Sunday mornings, or any extra meetings that are
held at night.  I am also responsible for VBS and that alone is about 10
or so hours a week between meetings and preparation.  I am currently
keeping track of my hours so that when the budget is prepared for next
year I have the information needed to increase my paid hours.

The longer I am at the church, the more the  responsibilities  that are
expected,  it is kind of moving into more of a Children's/Women's ministry
position.  For me, it is a matter of keeping good records of what I do and
how long I do it so that I can approach the board for more compensation
that is more appropriate to what I am doing.  I can see the rewards of
putting in the hours right now, but I want to make sure that, like you, I
am not taken advantage of.

I can tell you a year ago I would have never pictured myself doing the
job.  It was the furthest thing from my mind.  God has an interesting way
of putting you where he wants you to be.  So I am being faithful in doing
what God has set before me and I know that He will bless me for having
faith and most of all the children of the church are being blessed

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3) Leaving Church   

Hello Out there number 7,  LEAVING CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MY name is Suzanne, When I read your letter I wanted to share with you
what I've learn't over the years!!  When you come uner the attack of
someone in your Church it can be very hurtful to you and your family.
BUt--- When ever this happens -I say OK Lord--I will keep on serving you,
let you take care of this person-let you fight this battle
for me as it's over my head and under your feet!!!  Lord I'm going to sit
back and watch
what you do for this person!!   Remember God says he will fight our
battles for us---,
remember the scripture that says its not the person who is attacking you
but Satan through them---When we pray for this person, if the person is
saved--the Holy Spirit will convict their heart and they will become
ashamed.  The kndness that they will start showing you is almost
funny--You know that God is working in that persons heart!!!
AT LAST I'll say and a good amen to that prayer !!!!  There's no spanking
on this earth like the person will receive as from Father God
himself!!!!!!!!!!!!  AMEN???????????
You never said if this lady is a helper in your class ------BUT----IF she
is jealous--I"D put her to work-----She will know that the work you are
doing is in the sevice of the Lord.   GO BACK TO CHURCH------TRUST
GOD!!!!!!!  HAVE FAITH---God will take care of his servants.  Be not
concerned over this person but in prayer for her--GET on
with seving the LORD!!!!   He will bless you!!!  I promise!!!    Don't let
her hate make you hate--That girl needs to be shown what LOVE is----SO

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4) Camel costume?

i need ideas for  a easy to make camel costume--- any ideas

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5) Paid CE Director   

Dear Cindy,
I am a CE Director at a fairly large church.  I am part time, but am paid
very good wage.  My church recently moved the position from full time to
part time before I was hired.  The biggest problem I have found is that I
am doing full time work.  The job description did not change when they
changed the position, and they even increased some of my duties.  I feel
that any church who expects one person to coordinate and direct an entire
program should pay the person as a full time worker.  If your church is
able to this, be sure there is a detailed job description.  Also, be
specific on the amount of hours needed.  I have had to try to recruit many
volunteers from the congregation to assist me, which is also a lot of hard
work.  Good luck and God Bless the work you do!

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--> Fruit of the Spirit - Bingo Game

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6) Teacher Appreciation   

<< I am looking for some ideas on Sunday school teacher appreciation

Good morning:
This year they had the parents donate a dollar for each child in Sunday
School and then they took us out to lunch at a nice restaurant. 
God bless,

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7) Action Songs?   

I was wondering by any chance does anyone know of any Bible Actions Songs
that has the hand motions? We are trying to find some music that our kids
will enjoy singing in Kid's Church. Our worship is bad. Sorry to say that
but I don't know of any way to say it. We are in need of some type of
music that will get the kids moving and worshiping God. The just stand
there, with a few exceptions, during worship. The children don't want to
sing what mom and dad are singing in big church they want their own music.
Can anyone help us to develop or come up with some worship songs with
hand motions to get our worship together? Thanks.

Can't carry a tune,

--from SSTN: check out the music section of the bookstore:

If you respond, please include product codes.

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8) Fruit of the Spirit Activities

We made soap last year at VBS for this activity. Each child was given a
paper paint holder cup and we filled it with melted glycerin (purchased
from Michael's) and melted in our microwave. You can then add color (we
added orange color and smell) which were stirred in by the children using
wooden kabob sticks, and gave the children fruit stickers, which they also
added using their kabob sticks.

Adults moved them to a tray for cooling. They really came out well and the
kids enjoyed it.

Sabrina in Nashville

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9) African Info?

I have two resources to share with you:

Round the World, Crafts, Games & Activities by Jane Choun has a whole
section on Nigeria. It is published by Group Peacemaking Creatively
through the Arts has a chapter on peace in the world with art, writing,
dance, games, music, etc. It is by Phyllis Voz Wezeman and published by
Educational Ministries, Inc.

Sabrina in Nashville

--from SSTN: find them in the bookstore search box:

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10) Pen Pals   

To all who wrote to me about the SS pen pal group I wish to give you all
my new email address. I am Rose Davis from New Jersey. My new address is

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11) 50's theme ideas   

Hula hoop contests are great.  They can also be used in relay races by
rolling them using sticks to guide them.    Bubble gum blowing contests
are fun.   Dancing?  The Twist....If not, how about doing the Limbo.

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12) Please help

Many of you mite remember me I wrote about the problem I was having
regarding parents living there children as a baby sitting service for
super saturdays and also my teacher asst who work with me was talking
negative about me and the lack of supplies we had for childrens church
well things have gotten worse. Every 5th sunday of the month we have
childrens day. The kids normally do what they want to do within limets
like dance sing reading of poem(things like that)............I was not
available to participate in the rehersing for this past 5th sunday and
called on my assit to get a program together for me which she did it was a
very good program mite I add.........I happen to show up for the program
and you could see dissapointment on 1 of my helpers face when I showed up
she begin to wisper to the other helper and the programe begin. They never
ask me to be a part of the program and at the end of the program she thank
several of people and never even mention my name sh! e dident even mention
us as a team she liked to thank everybody instead of on behalf of the
childrens department leaders it was all about her......I think it was just
rude not to acknowledge us as a team I made mention of this to her and she
said she only thanked the people who helped her out. And now all the
people want her to run the childrens ministry. I have labored in that dep
and worked with what i had and now all the parents have turned there backs
on me and treated me so bad that 5th sunday my  heart bleed with
tears......I just wanted to die at that moment.........I was out sick and
thats why i could not participate nobody never even called me to see how i
was doing and when they seen me they never even ask me how i was
doing........somebody please help me and give me some

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13) Treats for First Time Visitors?   

Our church is wanting to start giving a small treat to our first time
visitors in the following departments: 

1.  Babies (under 2)
2.  Children (2-5th grade)
3.  Teens (6th - 12 grade)
4.  Ladies (our ladies group is wanting to do something with the women)

I was wondering if any other churches out there currently give something
a first time visitor in the above categories.  We currently give a coffee
mug (with our church logo and filled with candy) to all new adults (men or

Thanks for any ideas you can give.

Kim in WV

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14) Increase Offerings?

Our church is looking for ways to increase our Sunday School offerings.
have tried a Double Your Offiering Sunday and done pretty well, but are
looking for some new ideas and programs that we can use.  These ideas need
to be both for the adults, as well as the children. 

Thanks for any ideas you can share. 

Kim in WV

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15) Heifer International

re. Curriculum Question   
Heifer International puts out a Bible based curriculum called "Animal
Crackers".  I've used it in the past to teach lessons in Children's Church
(age 4-6th grade) when we did a project to raise funds to purchase animals
from Heifer.  It's well written and gives lots and lots of ideas to choose
from.  I'm sure you could get more information by contacting Heifer
International.  Hope this helps.

Cathy Bodell
Benzie Area Church of Christ
Frankfort, Michigan

--from SSTN: in the bookstore you can find "Beatrice's Goat" the inspiring
story of a Ugandan girl who received a goat through Heifer Int'l.  Type
the title into the search box:

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