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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 85 <>< <><
August 23, 2000
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1) Olympic Theme
2) Jonah Craft
3) Plagues of Egypt?
4) Jonah & The Whale
5) Appreciation gifts
6) Ideas For Christmas
7) Goliath Game
8) Thanks For The Great Ideas!

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1) Olympic Theme

I can't remember which newsletter I read it in but I recalled that someone
was looking for the Olympic Theme. I am from Sydney Australia and we are
using a curriculum that has been put out by Logosdor. It is called On
Track and it has an Olympic Theme. You can visit their internet site on
www.logosdor.com.au or email them on oasis@logosdor.com. Hope this helps
someone. Thanks for having this newsletter. I have found it very inspiring
Sydney Australia

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2) Jonah Craft

I saw a craft in a magazine for Jonah and the Whale where they used a paper cup for the whale with eyes drawn onto the sides and a hole punched through the bottom (small) with a piece of yarn about 10-12 inches long tied through and a Jonah figure tied onto the other end of the string. The kids could catch the "Jonah" in the "whales" mouth. The Jonah figure could be either cut from an old Bible leaflet and glued onto a piece of poster board or laminated. You could even make it from an old fashioned clothes pin. To disguise the knotted string hanging out of the back of the cup, you could make two whale tails and tape them to either side of the string.

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3) Plagues of Egypt?

I am looking for a craft for the plagues of Egypt, We are short on time with in the class and the age group is 6-12 year olds. I would be very grateful for any ideas. I have a game picked out and some puzzles for us to do. The craft would complete the lesson . Thanks, Kim.

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4) Jonah & The Whale

<< I need a craft idea to go with Jonah and the Whale story for our Night Sunday

We made a whale, better I think than Groups! The first time we used a lot of things to make the frame. Now we have a PVC frame that we use. It is in the shape of a whale, so this looks like a whale, rather than blobs of plastic. We cover the frame with black plastic. Open sardines inside for smell, squirt water from water bottles (it's wet in a whale) pass out edible seaweed and goldfish to eat. We also put blacklights inside and wrote on the inside of the plastic with blacklight crayons. The kids loved it.

For a simple craft cut whale shapes from paper or fun foam (2 per child). cut a 2-3" diameter hole from the center of the whale. Glue clear cellophane to cover the hole. Glue the 2 whale shapes together by gluing around the edges only and leaving the mouth unglued. Copy a man figure and let the children color it. Punch a hole in the man and in the whales mouth. attach the man to the whale with yarn. The children can make the whale swallow Jonah and spit him out.


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5) Appreciation gifts

> We are trying to find cute little "Appreciation" gifts to send out each month.
> Do you have any books or ideas on things we could do?

I use candy and attach it to cardstock. I print notes on the cardstock from the computer, such as:
"I know the children enjoy your class from the ('snickers' candy bar) I hear."
"We (peppermint) to tell you how much we appreciate you."
"Thanks for (tootsie roll-rolling) along with our Children's Ministry Team."
"Here's a (Hershey's hug) for you. Thanks for being part of the team."
Thanks for (stick of gum-sticking) with us."
It's easy to see you have a (heart shaped sucker) for Children.

There are books available with these ideas, we make up our own.


--From ChristianCrafters.Com- my S.S. Director at church hands out similiar gifts at the beginning of each month. It's really nice to be on the receiving end of those little reminders! ;o) Teresa, Thanks for sharing! Sarah Keith- Moderator.

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6) Ideas For Christmas

Hi Cece,
I teach grades 4/5 boys and girls. Last September we started to use our
craft time specifically to make items for our Christmas Church Bazaar in
November. The kids make and sell their own crafts at their own table (s). I
feel this is a good way to teach service to church and others.
God Bless, Janis

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7) Goliath game

I had a picnic for the 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Grade classes that my husband and I had taught this year. We had Bible Olympics. It was really fun! I first read scripture about running the race. Then talked about we need to have minds prepared and ready to run the race for the Lord. Minds and bodies! We then played the game.
Each child had to go to 6 different stations were the would answer a bible question after completing their task. Some of the stations were.....knock down Goliath with a stone. Goliath was three boxes on top of eachother, I drew a giant on the boxes. They used small practice golf balls as stones. Hit the baseball over the clothes line (plastic bat and ball), Ring toss at the horseshoe pit, throw the football through the tire, throw the boats into a tube in the pool, hit the golf ball into a hole. This was a great success and the kids had so much fun.
Tweety, Pennsylvania

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8) Thanks For The Great Ideas!

Just wanted to thank Christian Crafters for the great ideas for crafts
that we used at VBS. I emailed for ideas for paper flowers and just
wanted to let you know how we used some of the other crafts given on
this web site. Our church is a small rural Wisconsin church and the
theme for VBS was JESUS LOVES US, VBS was 5 evenings (M-F, 6 to 7:30).
Monday was God promised us a Savior, Jesus, we cut out the star
snowflake pattern you provided and made an eight point star using two
different colors of paper. Showing God keeping his promise and the star
that showed where Jesus was born. Tuesday was Jesus telling the disciples to let the little children come to him, to show he loves them. We made the heart wreath from the craft site, using 3 inch foam hearts and writing Jesus loves (the child's
name) on one of the hearts that dangles and (the child's name) loves
Jesus on the other one. We also glued a picture of the child in the
center of the heart wreath and put a magnet on the picture so the
parents can put the wreath on the refrigerator or hang it from the
string in the top of the heart. Wednesday we talked about Jesus dying
on the cross and paying for all our sins. We tried to make the bead cross
but they didn't lay out as well as the picture showed. We instead used
made the cross out of palms, we actually used a plant with similar leaves that grows wild in our area because every place I called looking for palm leaves said call
back at Easter. We also punched outlines of different types of crosses
into aluminum plates (only the circle base of the plate) and wrote sins
we had done that day on card stock paper then using a PAID stamp with
red ink to cancel our sins. Thursday we talked about Jesus rising from the dead and how they found an empty tomb. We made coffee filter butterflies and butterflies from
card stock(cut two butterfly shapes out, the same size and color them
the same then glue them together at the body, when dry bend the top set
of wings up to give the butterfly a 3D effect, we also inserted wire
antennas) to signify Jesus entering the tomb and emerging in his
heavenly form. Friday was the 40 days and then Jesus returning to heaven.
We made paper flowers, with coffee filters and pipe cleaners.
On the first day of VBS we set up a dead tree as we are dead from sin
without Jesus and everyday the children hung the crafts on the tree. By
Friday our tree was alive because God kept is promise and sent Jesus to
save us and give us new life. Again Thanks for all the great ideas and I hope
this might help someone else reach a child who doesn't know that
Abrams WI

--From ChristianCrafters.Com-- Dear Terri, it truley blesses my heart to know the ideas I've put into my site our being used to tell children about Jesus! Awesome!!
Yours in Him, Sarah Keith.

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