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SSTN  # 85- August 19, 2002

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1) B-I-B-L-E Poster
2) Children/Youth and Their "Clique" Groups
3) Camp Poem Bookmark
4) Interacting With Each Other?

--> Kidzoo-Shuffle Game

5) Bible Boys Card Game
6) Children/Youth and Their "Clique" Groups
7) Paper Tearing Sermon?
8) Young Adult Class?

--> Armor of God Game

9) Scrooge Becomes a Christian?
10) Envelope Quilt for Christmas
11) VBS: Victorious Life in Christ
12) Food Warning (Allergies)   

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1) B-I-B-L-E Poster   

Make your background look like a bookcase and the names of the books to
look like the spine title.  Each group, law, history, etc can be different
colors. Laminate the books so that you can use plasti-tack ob the back,
mix them up so children will learn where they are.

Our church is in the middle of a project - collecting cereal boxes - which
will be covered in paper, and each one labeled with a book of the Bible.
Have several children stand up in front, give 1 or 2 books per child from
the section you are learning - out of order. Then have someone sitting in
the class to put them in order.  Have the class repeat them several times.
Debbi      www.cortlandtrinity.org

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2) Children/Youth and Their "Clique" Groups   

Children/Youth and Their "Clique" Groups - I've been a little concerned
when reading about this situation and people's responses.  You've
mentioned going to the Assistant Pastor, but have you gone directly to the
Pastor.  If this is such a huge issue that people are leaving the church
over, wouldn't it be something the Pastor should know about.  I think he
could mediate a meeting between the two families involved.  There is
something bigger going on in the family with the "mean" child and maybe
they need some help.  I'm not condoning their actions, but trying to be
fair to all involved.  As far as the Assistant Pastor (and I think AP is
kinda disrespectful) please make sure he understood what you said before
you condemn him.  Most "fights" that happen between kids are no big deal
if delt with.  Maybe he didn't realize the severity of it.  Just make sure
if you are leaving the church that it is God's will, and not because
you're running away.
In my prayers - Sarah

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3) Camp Poem Bookmark

I did this poem on the front of a bookmark then I listed the kids names
that went to camp on the other side of the bookmark.  Hope you can use
this idea.  Only through Him, Daphne (djech@samson.com)

A "Guiding" Hand 

Trust in the Lord.
Read your Bible daily.
Uphold your faith in God.
Start each day with the Lord.
Treat visitors as you would Him.

Increase your time with the Lord.
Nurture your soul.

Tell everyone about the Lord.
Heed the Word of God.
Erase the sins of others.

Let the Lord show you the way.
Only do what is pleasing to Him.
Respect your elders.
Dare to be different.

Worship the Lord.
Invite your friends to bible class.
Thank the Lord in prayer.
Handle individuals with care.

Accept the Lord as your savior. 
Look in His Word for answers.
Love unconditionally.

Yield not to temptation.
Open your heart to the Lord.
Use your talents wisely.
Remember all He gave for you.

Honor the Lord thy God.
Encourage others to the Lord.
Add to your faith virtue.
Radiate as a Christian for others.
Treasure your time with Him.

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4) Interacting With Each Other?   

I'm looking for a book that teach on how Christians are to relate and
respond to each other, especially when one is disagreeable. Any ideas?
Freddie Burden
--from SSTN: the best book ever written: the Bible. The best sermon ever
delivered: The Sermon on the Mount, (the Golden Rule-Matthew 7:12,
also see Philippians 2:3-16.

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Kidzoo-Shuffle Game

Kidzoo-Shuffle will help children learn eye-hand coordination, depth
perception skills and category placement skills. Kidzoo-Shuffle is a blast
to play indoors or out. Developed by Sarah Keith for kids ages 5 and up.

Learn more at: 


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5) Bible Boys Card Game

Ms. Keith: Hello!  I was browsing the internet & found a copy of one of
your old newsletters.  (Volume 1-Number 131, 12.11.2000)
I found interest in Mr. Opper's search for the Bible Boys card game.  I
have a complete boxed set copyrighted 1918.  I have many pictures I could
forward him to make sure it's the same thing he's looking for.  I know
it's been a few years, but thought I'd chime in just in case he's still
interested.  If you'd be able to forward this info. to him, it'd be
GREATLY appreciated!  Janet Patrick / Atlanta, GA / email:

--from SSTN: isn't this the greatest? Almost 2 years later and someone is
receiving an answer from the Archives! YSIC, sarah <><

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6) Children/Youth and Their "Clique" Groups   

I am not shocked that some churches have resulted to "Clicks." I am
thankful that I attend a Church were every one is family - through the
blood for Jesus.  To the Lady that had the problem with the Children
teasing her child I say, God removed that family from the church and he
will continue to do so in your church.  This includes those that are head
over groups.  Just keep praying and stay encourage.  Remember where your
strength comes from....Jesus
Be Blessed,

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7) Paper Tearing Sermon?

Sometime ago I saw and used a paper cutting object lesson and now I can't
remember how to do it.  I was a lesson on faith and the paper was folded.
You asked the class if they thought you could cut a hole in this sheet of
paper big enough for you (the teacher) to step through.  Then several
vertical cuts were made in the folded paper.  When you unfolded it, it was
just a frame of paper large enough for me to step through.  It was great
but I can't remember how to do it .   Can you help me? Thank you.
Ruth Pickett
Temple Baptist Church           
Lubbock, Texas

--from SSTN: I haven't heard of this one...but would love to. However,
there are two free paper tearing sermons in the Sermons section of the
website. Also, in the Sermons section of the Bookstore you will find some
creative "cut and tell" sermons.
ysic, sarah keith.

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8) Young Adult Class?

I am going to be teaching our Young Adult Sunday School class (18-30) at
the begining of September 2002.  I want to come up with a "new" way of
teaching...exciting, fresh, involved, off the wall.  I have been, and
will continue to pray about what i want to do with this class (or my way
of teaching). Any suggestions will be considered and appreciated.
Robb Boswell
Carrollton, KY

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Armor of God Game

Kids scramble to be the first to build a full suit of armor using peel 'n'
play stickers, and soak up the lessons taught in Ephesians 6 while they
play!  In the Games section of the Bookstore at:


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9) Scrooge Becomes a Christian?

Hello, My name is Tim and I am searching for a christian christmas play
that involves Scrooge becoming a christian. Do you have or can you tell me
where I can obtain.

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10) Envelope Quilt for Christmas

I'm excited about using your booklet "Kids Can @ Christmas Time" because
I'm making an envelope quilt for my friends children. 25 envelopes to be
opened each day in
December. Thanks.I watch HGTV a lot because it is one of the least
offensive television programs.  Recently Alex Anderson of Simply Quilts
featured this quilt on her program, the idea of using it as a Christmas
quilt was an aside to what she showed.  Of course the envelope quilt has
endless possibilities.  I found directions for this quilt on the HGTV
website (www.hgtv.com), the episode number is QLT-732.  The lady who
demonstrated it had used it as a giant get well card with friends writing
get well notes and enclosing them in the envelopes.  Super idea.  Yours in
Christ, Evelyn Burkett

--from SSTN: Dear Evelyn, Love your idea of using the christmas activities
from my booklet! If anyone else is interested in obtaining a copy of "Kids
Can @ Christmas Time", you can find it in the Curriculum Creatives section
of the website:
YSIC, sarah keith.

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"Get em' in the LOOP!" 

L-eading kids to Christ,
O-ffering advice
O-pen discussion forum
P-roviding free resources

Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) VBS: Victorious Life in Christ

Our church had a very successful Vacation Bible School this year.  This is
the third year we have made up our own theme for VBS.  This year our theme
was "Sign on to a Victorious Life in Christ".  I asked a lady I work with
(who is a Christian also) to come and teach us a little sign language each
night.  It was marvelous.  She taught us our theme in sign language and
several songs.  She even sign language a song my daughter-in-law sung at
the VBS.  She taught the children their names and how to sign how old they
were. We had an adult class too, so she went over big with everybody.  We
took our lesson from the scriptures.  James 1:27, and our sub-topic was
"Don't be Polluted by the World."  If anyone is interested in our
literature, I will be happy to send you a copy.  Don't have to worry about
copyrights, we did it our selves including the crafts.


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12) Food Warning (Allergies)   

You addressed the problem of children having food allergies in the posting
on 8-7-02.  It would also be a good idea to have persons supplying food
for the children include a list of ingredients.  My daughter-in-law became
deathly ill after eating a commercially-made cookie that included an
unlisted ingredient to which she was allergic.

I am new to the newsletter but find it very interesting and have
recommended your site to my daughter.  She is in charge of her church
nursery and you have so many good ideas she can use there and at home with
her 3 and 4 year olds.

Warsaw, IN

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