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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 86 <>< <><
August 25, 2000
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1) Yearly curriculums
2) Jonah and the Whale
3) Appreciation gifts
4)Jonah and the Whale
5) Goliath Game
6) Jonah and the Whale
7) 4th, 5th & 6th Grade Sunday School
8) Theme Dinners?

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1) Yearly curriculums

<< If anyone has any suggestions as to yearly curriculums >>

Dear Mandy,
www.edupatterns.com has a one year curriculum that is a simple Bible survey for kids. It has a weekly Bible lesson which includes an action game. Each lesson includes a take home paper (called The Home Sower) with suggested daily readings from the Bible for the parents to use with their kids at home. The goal of the curriculum is to give kids a simple survey of the Bible. The lessons follow the chronology of the Bible by following the story of the Land of Israel as well as the people. A simple cloth mat is used to represent the Promised Land so children actually see Joseph being sold away from the land by his brothers, Moses leading the Israelites back toward the Promised Land, and Joshua leading them into the land. A simple model of the temple is made from a shoe box for the children to put in the land during Solomon's reign.The children build a wall with blocks dividing the land in 2 so they can see the divided kingdom.The children become the prophets voices warning the Israelites not to make idols in the land. They see Daniel taken away from the Promised Land into captivity to Babylon and participate as the Israelites return to await the promised perfect king. The curriculum follows the life of Christ and the missionary journeys of Paul. Each lesson has a theme such as We're never trapped when we follow God , the theme that goes with the lesson when the Isrealites are 'trapped' by the Red Sea before God parted the waters. And each lesson has reflective questions and is followed by a prayer time.

The goal of the take home paper is to equip their parents to read the Bible to them at home. The suggested Bible readings are age appropriate and follow the chronology of the Bible. Each daily reading takes about 5 minutes so no parents are are put off by an unrealistic time committment.

All the lessons are free and use things at hand (such as a roll of masking tape to make a game board on the floor or some chairs to make an obstacle course) to keep preparation simple and prep time to a minimum. The instructions for making the cloth mat are included at the web site. It is easily made by gluing and ironing felt shapes onto a piece of fabric. Again, that web site is www.edupatterns.com

Blessings to you and your husband in this ministry.
Linda Lawler Pittsburgh, PA

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2) Jonah and the Whale

>I need a craft idea to go with Jonah and the Whale story

A simple game to make for Jonah and the Whale is take a plastic or
Styrofoam cup and put a small hole in the bottom. Draw,color, and cut out 2
fishes or whales about the size of the cup. Glue the fish to the outsides
of the cup. Use a small clothespin and draw a face for Jonah on it. Try a
9" to 12 " piece of string around the clothespin. Pull the string through
the cup and tie a knot at the outside bottom of the cup. Now the game is to
hold the cup and swing Jonah in the air, catching him in the mouth of the
whale! Karen , 4-yr..-old - 1st grade, Austin, TX

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3) Appreciation gifts

> We are trying to find cute little "Appreciation" gifts to send out

Hi Laura:
Depending how many teachers and assistants you have this can be expensive, but in the past I have used the Oriental Trader Magazine. One time I ordered little mailboxes out of the magazine and stuffed it with candy. Like I said, this can get expensive so now we wait until Spring when the teachers need a pick me up and they have Secret Pals. (People in the congregation) The secret pals leave a gift for them for 4 weeks.
(all gifts are left in the Superintendent office and they distribute them) and then the last week they find out who is there secret pal. We then have a luncheon for secret pals and teachers.

God bless,

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4) Jonah and the Whale

>I need a craft idea to go with Jonah and the Whale story

1. Fill a clear plastic water bottle with water. Add a few drops of blue food coloring. Out of a Styrofoam meat tray or white plastic bottles (bleach or other cleaning products), cut out a whale shape and a Jonah. Color with permanent markers. Bend gently to fit into bottle. Screw on cap and tape securely.

2. "Jonah Jell-O" This is a snack rather than craft idea. Using two 6-ounce packages of blue gelatin and 2 1/2 cups of boiling water, make gelatin "water" in a 9x13 pan. When gelatin starts to thicken, press fruit snack figures or gummy figures into the gelatin, spacing far enough apart to be able to use fish-shaped cookie cutter to cut fish shape. Chill till firm. Cut fish shapes with figure in each. Enjoy!

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5) Goliath Game

Another thing you can do with the Goliath game is to draw a big face of Goliath on posterboard and hang it from the ceiling. Then make a slingshot like the one David might have used, a piece of material with two strings attached. Using large marshmallows, show the children how to use the slingshot by whirling it around and then letting one string go. The marshmallows are safe and they can eat the remaining ones as it only takes 3 or 4 if the children are trying to hit Goliath one at a time. They might not hit Goliath very often but they enjoy trying.

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6) Jonah and the Whale

Two liter bottles can be converted into whales by cutting a mouth in the large end.
Make a small Jonah to stick inside.

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7) 4th, 5th & 6th Grade Sunday School

This is in reply to request from CeCe for ideas for 4th,5th&6th grade Sunday School class - I have used games such as Bible Tic Tac Toe in which I went thru
the Bible beginning at the Old Testament and made up true or false or multiple
choice questions - divided the class into 2 teams and then we played the game
(much like Hollywood Squares) - the class really liked that one & all of them
could participate - also we used the Who Wants to be a Bibleaire which
I got from this site, the only drawback is that only one or two kids get
to play during an hour class. I also made up a game called Who am I?
where I would give the class a pretty specific clue about the biblical
character and they would attempt to guess - i.e., "I baptized Jesus" -
answer John the Baptist - of course you would want to make the questions
a little harder than that, but they liked that game as well and it involved
the whole class. Yes, they are an interesting age group and some of them will
astound you at their knowledge - God bless you and give you great ideas
on how to get them interested in knowing more about Him and His goodness.
In Christ - Pat Rogers, Dade City, FL

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8) Theme Dinners?

Can anyone give me some ideas for a theme dinner that I am responsible to
have at the end of September.
Gary Griffith

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