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SSTN  # 86- August 21, 2002

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1) God Made Me Special
2) Stop and Go song
3) JR Children's Church (JR= Joyful Respect)
4) Starting A Wed. Night Program

--> Kidzoo-Shuffle Game

5) The ABC's of Trusting God
6) Starting A Wed. Night Program
7) Starting a Wed. Night Program.
8) Back To School Party

--> Card Game of Christian Symbols

9) Motivating kids to sing 
10) Harvest Party Ideas?
11) Starting a Wednesday Night Program
12) Pig prints outs   

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1) God Made Me Special

Here's an idea for God Made Me Special...a couple of years ago, I
was a helper with VBS at our church, each child and teacher/helper
was supplied with a T-shirt with the words "God Made Me Special"
across the front in bold/crazy printing.  The children were given,
for their first days craft, crayons, a special type, to make a
picture of themselves on a piece of paper.  Then the picture was
ironed onto their T-shirt.  The Sunday following VBS the children
all wore their shirts for their concert for the parents.  It was
a very colorful display of their artwork and it really gave them
a sense of pride that they created a work of art unique only to
them.  I still see those shirts surface once in a while and I do
still have mine and wear it often.

Jan Jones <grmaj_99@hotmail.com>
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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2) Stop and Go song

From SSTN: I received numerous responses for this song. Thank you to
EVERYONE that replied. I am not able to print the words due to copyright.
However, Vivian Douglas of Northview Baptist Church, Jacksonville, has
given her email if you are interested in receiving the words to the song:

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3) JR Children's Church (JR= Joyful Respect)
Dear Emmalea,
Thank you SOOO much for this awesome idea. (SSTN # 82- August 10, 2002) I
am going to try to incorporate it into our Sunday school and midweek kids
class this fall.  What an awesome way to prepare our children to be loyal
servants to our Lord!
Thank you for sharing!

In Christ's love, Kristine

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4) Starting A Wed. Night Program

Our church uses the AWANA program on Wednesday nights and our attendance
has grown to an average attendance of over 100 children with all age
groups. It takes volunteers to teach each age group and coordinate the
games, etc.
AWANA is an international organization and includes scripture and story
time, scripture memorization, game time, and special activities. If you
have access to the internet there is a lot of information about how to get
started.  Good luck.
Linda Rife <')))><

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Kidzoo-Shuffle Game

Kidzoo-Shuffle will help your children learn eye-hand coordination, depth
perception skills and stategy plays. Kidzoo-Shuffle is a blast to play
indoors or out. Developed by Sarah Keith for kids ages 5 and up.

Learn more at: 


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5) The ABC's of Trusting God

A-lthough things are not perfect
B-ecause of trial or pain
C-ontinue in thanksgiving
Do not begin to blame
Even when the times are hard
Fierce winds are bound to blow
God is forever able
Hold on to what you know
Imagine life without His love
Joy would cease to be
Keep thanking Him for all the things
Love imparts to thee
Move out of "Camp Complaining"
No weapon that  is known
On earth can yield the power
Praise can do alone
Quit  looking at the future
Redeem the  time at hand
Start every day with worship
To "thank" is a command
Until we see Him coming
Victorious in the sky
We'll run the race with gratitude
X alting God most high
Yes, there'll be good times and yes some will be bad, but...
Zion waits in glory...where none are ever sad!

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6) Starting A Wed. Night Program

>My church is trying to expand our ministry.  We would like to start a new
>Wednesday night kid's group and expand our Sunday school program.  We
>ideas and advice.  How do we get started and what should we do.  

Sept 2001 our church decided to establish a midweek kids ministry.  Our
church was a small one also, with about 12 adults and 5 kids. There were
some kids (whose families don't attend services) who would come to Sunday
school once in a while, but we wanted to do more to help them (and their
families) learn about the Lord.  Our program is called "BraveHearts for
Jesus."  We did our own lessons and crafts, focusing on the gospels and
New Testament themes.  We had a wide age range, from 3-9 year olds, and ran on
Wednesday afternoons, after school.  When the kids arrived we had a snack,
then prayers, song, lesson, craft, song, prayer.  The first time a child
came, they were shown the reward system (for lack of a better word).
After the 5th consecutive attendance, the child would receive their "sash"
(think miss America) made from plaid fabric (inexpensive to buy and sew) Then as
they progressed, we used badges for rewards i.e.: attendance, memory
verse, bring a friend, remembering books of the OT & NT, etc.  They didn't get a
badge every day for things like bringing bible, and attendance, but rather
had to accumulate a set amount to get a badge.  We grew incredibly, from 7
kids to start to an amazing 27 kids when we shut down for summer.  We
really emphasized, "sharing the light of the Word" and that is how we got most of
our new attendees, from kids sharing with their friends.  When they would
bring a friend, that friend had to attend 5 sessions and receive their
sash in order for the child to receive the "sharing the light" badge.
As for hiring, my advice would be no.  We started and ran using 3-4
volunteers.  Put the money into craft material, snacks, gift bibles (for
kids that come without one, there will be lots.)  Personally, I prefer to
use our own material.  That is how I have always taught, this year we
bought material for VBS, and although it is good, I find it much easier to just
follow the Spirit's direction for what lessons to teach.  Whenever I would
be stuck for a lesson/craft I would just pray and God would give me
something to work with!  He provides so well!  As for getting kids to
come, there are a few ways to get things going.  Word of mouth, posters, kids
bringing friends.  It is actually surprising (well it was to me anyway)
how many unchurched parents are more than happy to send their kids to a bible
program, especially if there is little effort required of them.  We have
really tried, with varying degrees of success, to include these parents in
activities, as volunteers or even just attendants.  Plays, potlucks, BBQ's
are all good ways to draw the parents into the church in a non-threatening
way.  They see how their child has improved as a result of learning more
about the Lord, and are often curious about what is going on in church,
but are still to hesitant to actually attend.  Using events like those
mentioned are a good way to introduce them to the love of God's family,
and hopefully make them hungry for more!
We have tons of things that we did throughout the year that we would be
happy to share, just email me.  I would be happy to correspond with you
and help get things going!  May you be blessed as you begin this new adventure
for the Lord!

In Christ's Love, Kristine <>< drkatz@telus.net

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7) Starting a Wednesday Night Program

I, too, attend a small, rural church that has Sunday and Wednesday night
Bible Studies.  During that time, the children and I are in a different
room and have our own Bible study.  I usually use a devotion from a kid's
devotion book and then ask the children how that applies to their lives
and if they have ever had a similar situation they had to deal with.  The
children are very receptive to this and are very anxious to let you know
the troubles they face at school, home, etc.  It really opens them up.  I
also found a great website that you can make your own word searches.  It
is www.discoveryschool.com. I make up word searches according to the
lesson.  I hope this helps!

P.S.  I usually have older kids (ages 7-10) attend the Sunday and
Wednesday night services.

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8) Back To School Party

Sarah, Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your newsletter.  I
also wanted to share with the readers an idea given to me by the Lord.
I am the Children's Church teacher at a small, rural church and we are
having a Back to School Party at the church about 3 weeks after school
begins.  The party begins after church lets out (12:30 p.m.) and will last
until 3 p.m.  I am planning on a lunch - hot dogs and mac and cheese - a
small school craft, recreation and cake and ice cream.

I am making invitations for the children of the church to give to their
school friends, who maybe don't attend church.  I think this is a good way
to introduce church to kids who don't attend, and to make it a fun place
they want to come back to.

I am also asking the church members to donate small school supplies
(pencils, erasers, glue, etc.) so that I can give each child a small lunch
bag of supplies to take home with them.  I will also drop a card in the
bag telling about our church and the times of worship.

I pray that this will inspire some of your readers to try the same to
reach out to the kids in their communities.

God BLess,
Samantha K>

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"The Card Game of Christian Symbols"

FaithShapes! ®  A fun, must-have game for every Sunday School class! For
kids and adults, readers or nonreaders. The 64 cards are beautifully
illustrated with historical explanations and Scripture verses. Use them
for family game night, during Sunday School, or for personal enrichment.
Shape your faith with FaithShapes ®.

In the Curriculum section: 

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9) Motivating kids to sing   

>I lead Kid's Church for ages 7-9 twice a month.  I usually have a group
>15 - 19 kids.  I have difficulty getting the kids to sing praise and
>worship songs at the beginning of our service. Any creative suggestions

This was my question several months back.  Thank-you for all the great
ideas!  My dilemma has been solved with two simple steps, prayer and song
books.  I found a great CD with Christian kids songs and I typed up each
song and made bright colored song books.  I was amazed at the
in kids church, they wanted to sing every song in the book!  Some kids
asked if they could keep their song book and take it home with them, of
course I let them.  God has blessed us and He has grown us, in the 8
months we have been doing kid's church, we have almost doubled in size!
Thank you again, for all the helpful ideas!
In His Grips, Monica - Alabama

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10) Harvest Party Ideas?

I am getting things ready for our annual fall harvest party and Christmas
productions.  I have gone through the archives and have written it all
down.  I am just checking to see if there are any more good ideas out
there. So, if you have a good ideas, I know I would appreciate any help
you could give me.  Thanks so much!!

Mary Beth Konvalin
Watertown, SD

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11) Starting a Wednesday Night Program   

Might I suggest a Royal Ranger Programme for your Wednesday nights?  I
have been part of this awesome programme for five years now and the kids
love it. There are fantastic resources for every age level and heaps of
support in camps, training etc. If this appeals go to
www.royalrangers.com.au for stacks of info on this programme.  This
programme also operates in America and in every state of Australia.
God Bless,  Gayle Lonsdale.

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12) Pig prints outs

> I am looking for pig printouts that are printable to color.

You can use clip art black & white pics by opening MS Word and Insert,
Picture, Clip Art, then select the button called Clips Online.   You'll
have to be online for this to work.  This button will link you the MS Clip
Art website where you can search for a black & white pig.

Have many blessings! ~Sheryl

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