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SSTN # 88 - October 5, 2004

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1) Fellowshipping around the country
2) Unused Sunday School Resources
3) Alternative Halloween Ideas
4) Party For Jesus?

--> Last Minute Ideas!

5) Christmas Ornament Ideas
6) Balloon Release
7) Growing Kids God's Way?
8) Praise Streamers

Instant Christmas Plays

9) Children In Church
10) Decorating Walls?
11) Praise Streamers
12) Party For Jesus?

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1) Fellowshipping around the country

> that I wanted my students to branch outside of their comfort zone.  I
>want them to begin fellowshipping (through pen-pals -email or regular
>with other teens who live in different cities across the country...
>please email me at PTSLUV@hotmail.com

Shirley - How would you feel about fellowshipping with teens in
Australia? I would love to present your fantastic idea to our teen SS
leaders, if you are willing. I tried your email address but it did not
work. Mine is  sharonbolst@ozemail.com.au
Gosford, Australia

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2) Unused Sunday School Resources


We have a great deal of unused partial Sunday School Learners Resources
etc that we would like to pass on somewhere rather than just recycling

Would someone kindly direct me as to where this could be put to good use.

Our Church is in Canada and we would prefer to have it utilized here if
possible (customs & freight charge issue only).

Please advise!
Many thanks and God bless!
Dick Frenz

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3) Alternative Halloween Ideas

There are all sorts of fun things to do as a halloween alternative.I know
of one large church that has what the call "The Happening" on Halloween.
It's specifically for children through 6th grades, and they use the older
children to help out. They have different activities for the different age
groups, mainly various games such as musical chairs, etc, with prizes for
the winners. Everyone gets a piece of candy for every game they
participate in. They also bob for apples. At the end of the night, every
child receives a bag of candy.

Our church is smaller, with fewer kids, so ours is not as large. Our
activities vary each year. Sometimes we just play games such as "fruit
basket," other times we have a hayride and or/bonfire. We also did a
carnival like thing one year, with several booths. We have each family in
the church  bring bags of candy and we split it up between each child. No
one ever complains about missing out on Halloween!

1st PC
Trinidad, CO

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4) Party For Jesus?

Hi Wendy,

I'd love to hear more about your birthday party for Jesus.


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--> Last Minute Ideas!

Give our "Easy Make N' Take Projects" a try.

Learn more at: 

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5) Christmas Ornament Ideas

Check out the Chrismon and Advent items in the
Crafts: Holy Days & Holiday section at:


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6) Balloon Release

I do this each year also but we put tracts on the end of string before
releasing.  Also, all kids like balloon and at most dollar trees, there
are 8 ballons in a pack along with sticks and holders(can hang over the
kids back like hobos used to use).  My kids love decorating with markers
and stickers.  nancy

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7) Growing Kids God's Way?

Dear SSTN, I received the following letter requesting your opinions
regarding the "Growing Kids God's Way" series. If you reply to this
organization, please let them know that you are responding via the "Sunday
School Teacher's Network" from ChristianCrafters.Com.

Thank you!
Your webservant,
Sarah Keith


Dear Sarah,
I am an Assistant Producer for a British television production company. We
are currently researching and developing a new series of documentaries,
exploring different approaches to parenting around the world.
As part of the series, we would like to feature parents who follow the
approach set out in the GKGW/Babywise series of books and classes and who
have found the approach to be a big success for them and their family. I
understand that GKGW has been seen as 'controversial' by some, but the aim
of our programme would not be to judge but to inform in an intelligent and
sensitive way.
We are still in a development period on this project and therefore all I
would require at this stage is to speak to parents about their experiences
of bringing up children and how this particular approach has helped them
to overcome the difficulties of modern parenting.
I wondered if you might be kind enough to forward this email to any
suitable families who might be interested in helping me with my research.
I can be contacted by telephone on 00 44 207 749 3117 or by email:
Many thanks in advance,
Katie Purnell
Assistant Producer 
020 7749 3117

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8) Praise Streamers

We have made these Praise Streamers many times. You will need dowels or
paint stirrers, large fishing swivels, curling ribbon and colored duct
Run a short piece of ribbon through one end of the swivel and tape this to
the end of the dowel or paint stirrer.  Bring the ribbon down each side of
the rod, tape around the first inch of ribbon (closest to the swivel),
then fold the edges back up towards the top and tape them again. The only kind
of tape we have found that really holds well is duct tape. Duct tape comes
in lots of colors (check your local hardware store) so you can find a
color that works with your theme. I think you could also use hot glue but be
sure to not get glue on the joint of the swivel.  Cut strands of curling ribbon
twice as long as you wish your streamers to be. For example for 6 foot
long streamers cut 12 foot pieces. Thread 6-8 strands of curling ribbon through
the free end of the swivel. Pull these strands through the swivel for
about half of their length and then tie a knot against the swivel.

If you are going to make a bunch of these streamers you might get several
folks together and create an assembly line. Go to a paper goods or party
store and buy big spools of ribbon. Buying the ribbon this way is quite
economical and it comes in lots of styles and colors. First fasten the
swivels onto the rods. Then, put the spools of ribbon around a broom
handle and fasten the broom between two chairs. Have person one grasp the ends of
all the ribbons and pull them out to the desired length. Have person two
gather the uncut ends of the ribbons near the spools. Person three now
cuts the end of each ribbon. Person two now has the ends of the ribbons and can
pull out the next batch. Person four has a rod with a swivel attached.
Person one takes the ends of the ribbons and threads them into the free
end of the swivel. Person four ties the ribbons. Person one goes back to the
spools of ribbon and becomes person two.

While these look beautiful when used in worship dance we have also found
that everyone enjoys having them. For instance, one year for Pentecost
Sunday we made red streamers for the whole congregation and they were a
big hit.

God's Peace


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Instant Christmas Plays

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Thank you!
Your webservant,

Sarah Keith <><

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9) Children In Church

My name is Kristin Ebey.  I am from Oklahoma.    Our congregation has
around 40 to 70 members in attendance.  We all have done different things
at the same time to help were needed.  It takes a family to do so.  I do
think that children's church is a great tool.  I sent both of my kids to
children's church until they were 5 yrs. old.  I then wanted them to learn
to worship.
My daughter is Aspburger's Autistic, and is 10yrs old.  My son is 7 yrs
old and in 1st grade.  Both of my kids have been in the worship service and
they play a big part of it as well.  I love the children's church.  It is,
in my opinion the only way to help the parents and kids get anything out
of church.  The little kids flourish and learn by being able to have freedom
from sitting still and not be bored.  They have activities that are
engaging and silly motion church songs that teach them lessons of value,
and growth.
I also feel the parents of small kids need to hear the service and not be
completely worn out from hassling around a young, bright, impressionable
child.  What a deal?  Kids have the abilility to learn from surroundings,
and they will be much happier,  in my opinion, if they are allowed to be
themselves.  It's a proven fact that adults only have 17 minutes of being
able to sit still in our society.  This is brought on by outside
influences such as video games, and so on.  And, that a small child only has the
ability to sit still for 1 minute per their age.  That means, that a 1 yrs
old can sit still for 1 minute and so on.  Please know that churches can
grow together and still help meet the needs of it's body.  Please work
together and find a middle ground and not loose focus on what is the most
important thing. Worshipping God and being able to teach the young to do
so too.

God Bless,
Kristin Ebey

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10) Decorating Walls?

We are looking to paint/decorate (permanent) our 1st/2nd grade Sunday
School classroom.  We want to make if fun, bright, meaningful, and
scriptural!  Has anybody done this and could share ideas or pictures.  I
have seen the "projection" ideas...where characters are projected and you
copy/draw and paint them.  I guess I want something a little different
than that. Thanks in advance for all your creative ideas!

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11) Praise Streamers

I have the kids tape 3 or 4 long strips of party streamers onto the large
craft sticks. It works really well! If you're looking for something a
little fancier (for a presentation or program) you might try spray
painting dowel rods a metallic color and hot gluing sparkly beads or
pearls in a pattern on the rod. Next, use an industrial strength stapler
to staple large bands of satiny thick ribbon to the ends of the dowel
rods. You could even add strips
of pretty lace. :o)


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12) Party For Jesus?

Wendy,  I'd like to hear more about your ideas for a birthday party for
Jesus.  We are planning on doing this, also, but I haven't given a lot of
thought to it yet.  Basically, what I'm planning right now is to have a
basic b-day party with cake, balloons, games, etc. with the kids bringing
some kind of donation to a charitable organization.  I'd love your input.


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