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SSTN  # 89 - August 28, 2002

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--> Church Notes For Kids

1) Back to School Blessing
2) Need Used Curriculum
3) Kid's Bulletins
4) Children's activities during church

--> Kidzoo-Shuffle Game

5) Kid's Bulletins
6) Christ-centered Rally Day?   
7) Water Game Ideas
8) Rope Knot Sermon
9) P.U.S.H?
10) Christmas play for wide group of ages?
11) Paper fold and tear   
12) Videos for teens?

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Church Notes For Kids

Church Notes bulletins may be used as an interactive activity for
kids during your church service. Change the keywords to suit your own
church service! Get it for FREE at:


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1) Back to School Blessing

Hello, In response to the back to school blessing questions, we are
fortunate enough to be allowed to go into each of the school buildings
within our school district and we have a community wide prayer walk.  We
meet at the entrance of the school and begin a group prayer.  We then
break into smaller groups and go down each hall and at every class there
is a  group that prays for that teacher and her students.  This is
awesome!  We touch  every classroom room in the building.  This is a very
moving experience for those that take the time to pray for our children,
their teachers,and administrators, cooks, counselors, bus drivers, and the
list goes on.  I would highly recommend this to anyone.  If the schools
won't allow you in the building, meet on the school grounds.

Thank you and keep up the great work on this newsletter!

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2) Need Used Curriculum

Hello, this is Sandra who was asking for information about VBS from 5p.m.
until 8p.m. Yes, I would love to have your materials if you still have
them. My e-mail address is: sandra_herren@yahoo.com. Please write me and
let me know if you still have them.

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3) Kid's Bulletins

> I'd love to hear more about kid's bulletins. I have worked up
> several for the rotations we will be starting in the fall, but am ever

Thanks to Sarah for her kind comments - I am SOOO blessed to work together
with her in ministry here in North Palm Beach! I'm not sure how you would
use a bulletin with the rotation method - we use them in a traditional one
hour worship service.  We currently subscribe to Children's Worship
Bulletins, published by Communication Resources, www.ComResources.com .
They have complete weekly bulletins based on the Lectionary, which we
follow in worship.  I only use part of their material - I cut and paste
the parts I want to use, and then I include a simplified order of worship,
with kid-friendly explanations of the different activities. We run them on
a 12"x17?" sheet paper, with a fold, so there are three activity pages and
the order of worship page. Hope this helps!  Kit MacLeod

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4) Children's activities during church

> Some parents wish we had children's church, but
>we just don't have enough workers.  What's the
> next best thing? -Jane

I have a few suggestions for Jane who asked about alternatives to
Children's Church. I do a Children's Sermon each Sunday and then the kids
in K-2 exit for Children's Church. I give a Children's Worship Bulletin to
the kids who stay in the sanctuary (it's for ages 7 - 12 and addresses the
New Testament Lectionary scripture passage for that day) and they like it,
but yours may not if they don't like the activity sheets. I have a
rotating list of workers for Children's Church and I pair an adult with a
youth. I used to have two adults, but couldn't get enough people. The
youth like to help and that made my list of volunteers longer. As an
alternative to a weekly Children's Church, you could try having children's
church the first Sunday of each month. Provide an easy
to follow lesson for volunteers. There are lots of resources available.
Also, at a Group workshop this spring, I bought a great book called,
"Boredom Busting Ideas to involve Children in Adult Worship." You could
try one of these ideas once or twice a month in addition to doing
Children's Church once a month. One idea for instance, is to do an "Eye
Spy" Sunday once a month. It's like the game ... only you use a Christian
symbol and get the kids to look for it. Another idea
in the book is "Word of the day" where kids listen for a particular word
that will be repeated (for instance, faith) and see how many times they
hear it. You could either announce the idea or theme or word or just put a
notice in the regular bulletin. I also visited my mom's church not long
ago and noticed they had little tote bags that children could take to
their seats and use during church and return afterwards. Some items were
marked for them to keep (like a   bookmark) and other things for them to
put back in the  bag for others to use. I haven't tried that, but would
like to do it, too. You could put an assortment of things in
those. Good luck.
Carol -

--from SSTN: "Boredom Busting Ideas" may be purchased in our Bookstore.
Type the title into the search box to find it:


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5) Kid's Bulletins

>I'd love to hear more about kid's bulletins. I have

In response to Maureen, I buy Children's Worship Bulletins that are mailed
to me each quarter and I make copies. There are two age levels offered,
but I just buy the one for ages 7-12 and our kids love them so much they
try to find me to get their bulletins before I can even get into the
sanctuary after Sunday School. The price is very affordable - around
$12-$14 per quarter. They are lectionary based - on the New Testament. I
also bought a book of non-Lectionary bulletins - a year's worth - in a
book published by Abingdon Press called "Children's Bulletins, 52 weeks of
activities." These also may be photocopied. I like
the quarterly sets best. Of course I can't put my hands on the address at
the moment, but I will look for it. You can email me at
lilcarol56@yahoo.com if
you want the address or I could send a sample to you.

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6) Christ-centered Rally Day?   

Sunday school will be resuming after Labor Day for us - does anyone have
any good ideas for Rally Day?  We have had a Fair in the past but I was
hoping for something more Christ-centered.  Thanks!

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7) Water Game Ideas

There is always the game where you separate the kids into pairs, and give
each pair a water balloon.  They start out a small distance apart, and
toss the water balloon to the other person.  Each time they catch it, they
get farther and farther apart.  When the balloon breaks, they are out of
the game.  The final pair that goes that farthest distance without
breaking the balloon gets a prize.

Also, a note of caution, is that water balloon fights are not always a
very good idea.  Being hit with a water balloon can be painful, especially
for a younger child.  Sponges and that type of thing are better.
1st UPC
Trinidad, CO

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8) Rope Knot Sermon

I ran across a workshop that did not use paper but used a rope.  It was
a VBS workshop for Mt. Extreme and the lesson to be learned was how to
be saved by using the ABC's of salvation!    It's been probably three
years, but you start off with a slip knot and after you have admitted,
and believed you are saved-then the rope was pulled away and no longer
in a knot.  I really can't remember the all details, but the children
are focused on the knot and listening to what you are telling them.

There is also another one using a cassesset, I never got the name of it
but you give the children a balloon, one child will clap and (I forgot).
When you play the cassesset the children are to listen real hard and
when the child with the balloon hear the wheels of the chariot they are
to rub the balloon, the child who claps (horses hoofs?), and then there
is a story telling them how to be saved then it will start back up with
the story and having the children participate.  Hope this helps, I


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9) P.U.S.H

Does anyone know what P. U. S. H.  means?  It is like W.W.J.D? 
Tomi Williams

--from SSTN: Pray Until Something Happens

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10) Christmas play for wide group of ages?

Our church has sunday school classes from ages 3-18 years old, averaging
6-10 kids per class.  We try to do one play that allows many roles from
all ages, sometimes even small skits within the play that maybe one age
group will specifically perform. Can anyone recommend an all-inclusive
program that is not too heavily swayed towards the oldest of our kids nor
too much towards the youngest?  We do have a reasonable budget to purchase
music and script books.  Thanks for any

--from SSTN: check out the Holidays and Holy days section and the Skits
section of the Bookstore:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 
Also, for anyone else responding, please include product code (ISBN) so I
can add your suggestion to the site. Thanks! Sarah Keith

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11) Paper fold and tear   

>Sometime ago I saw and used a paper cutting object lesson and now I can't
>remember how to do it.  I was a lesson on faith and the paper was folded.
>You asked the class if they thought you could cut a hole in this sheet of
>paper big enough for you (the teacher) to step through. 

This is a great object lesson that I have used numerous times. I found it
in a book by Group Publishing called Snip-And-Tell Bible Stories by Karyn
Henley.  I picked this up in a Christian Bookstore and have seen it many
times since.  They also came out with a sequel to this book called
Clip-And-Tell.  Children really seem to enjoy these visual lesson.  Hope
this helps.  If you need any more information please feel free to email me
at deanhay@pastors.com

--from SSTN: this book is available in the Sermons section of the
Bookstore:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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12) Videos for teens?

I am looking for a series of entertainment videos appropriate for teens.
Anyone have any input on the Chronicles of Narnia?

Candy Hall

--from SSTN: Left Behind-The Movie, and the Last Chance Detective series
(Focus on the Family) is great for young teens. Left Behind is available
in the Christian Ed. section of the Bookstore:

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