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SSTN # 89 - October 7, 2004

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1) Praise Streamers
2) October Memory Verse
3) Odd menu: Dinner with a Difference
4) Sermon on Luke 19

--> Last Minute Ideas!

5) Tent Camp-In?
6) Praise Streamers
7) Alternative Halloween Ideas
8) 40 Days of Purpose?

Instant Christmas Plays

10) Harvest or Halloween sermons?
11) Christmas Message
12) Father & Son Respect

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1) Praise Streamers

Another idea for these - I was concerned about our kids getting poked with
the sticks when we learned a worship dance so we used the small thick
fuzzy pony tail elastics and tied ribbons around them by folding the
ribbon in half and pulling the end through the loop with the elastic being
in the middle (there's a name for this kind of knot but I don't know it).
The kids were then able to slide the pony tail holder on their fingers
like a ring; this was actually easier for the smaller children to control
then the sticks.

Linda in Edmonds

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2) October Memory Verse

"The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid." Psalm 118:6

You can find this verse as well as past verses on the home page of:

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3) Odd menu: Dinner with a Difference

I would like to share my example of a SECRET MENU.  This was given to me
at my ordination.  The congregation was sorry that they didn't have the money
to send me to Hawaii.  LOL

Make up a menu with the following items:

01 Palm Trees
02 White Caps
03 Canoe Paddle
04 Deserted Island
05 Sea Urchin's Attack Red Sponge
06 Grass Skirt
07 Rosy Pibment
08 Lava Rocks
09 Crustacean
10 Sea Foam
11 Surf Board
12 Lei

Second sheet looks like the following:  (they choose 4 items)

Course 1

Course 2

course 3


01    brocoli
02    sour cream
03    spoon
04    chocolate pudding with cherry & dream whip
05    jello red fruit cottail
06    fork
07    ham
08    potato
09    bun
10    drink = green drink with gingerale (made the fusz with the
11    knife
12    pineapple slice

-Staple 1 and 2 together to give out to your guests
-keep page 3 for your reference
-Set the table only with a tablecloth, salt and pepper and centrepiece
-Your guests choose the menu they want from the menu writing
down the numbers
-Don’t allow much time for choosing ( a few seconds only)
-Each course choice is removed before the next course is served, including
the cutlery, which was part of the menu

brenda from Canada

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4) Sermon on Luke 19


There is a great free site for childrens talks at sermon4kids.com.  they
have one available on the story of Zaccheus.

Hope this helps


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--> Last Minute Ideas!

Give our "Easy Make N' Take Projects" a try.

Learn more at: 

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5) Tent Camp-In?

Our Children's Department is having a camp in for grades 1-4 and I need
some ideas for activities that have a Biblical base. Our theme is Pitch
Your Tent at Bethel...the story of Abraham being obedient to God telling
him to move. I'm a Girl Scout leader and have plenty of ideas for camping
activities (we will pitch tents inside, make sit-upons, roast weinies over
a campfire, sleeping bag relay) but need some tie ins to the story. I'm
going to show a video of the Abraham story. Please help me with ideas for

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6) Praise Streamers

This is in response to the Praise Streamers. My church made these last
year. What we did was use cheap pencils, in bulk. Actually, they were
donated to us from an office supply store. Then we bought cheap plastic
table cloths, from the Dollar Store, in solid colors, like bold & pastels.
We then cut the table cloths into long strips. Then we taped one end of
the strip, and then taped it just below the top of the pencil (where the
eraser is). We wrapped the strip around the top of the pencil about 2 or 3
times, then put tape around that. We made around 500 of these and when we
handed them out to the kids, they loved them. If you tape them good
enough, they will not come off. And by using the plastic table cloths,
they will not tear as easily as paper streamers.
Tammy in Texas

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7) Alternative Halloween Ideas

Another SS teacher and I host a Hallelujah Night instead of Halloween.  We
have a games, prizes, candy, and snacks where everything relates to
church.  It was a huge success last year and we look forward to another
huge success this year.  Everyone was asking the next day if we would be
doing the same thing next year!  Another local church in our community
holds the trunk or treat; therefore, we wanted to do something a little
different.  I would be happy to share more of our ideas if anyone is
April S,
Mount Ida, AR

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8) 40 Days of Purpose?

Our church, school and Sunday school will all be participating in The 40
Days of Purpose beginning in mid-October.  There is a curriculum for all
six weeks.  I'm afraid the material provided may not be enough to fill our
time.  I'm curious if anyone has done this program within their Sunday
Schools yet.  Was the material provided sufficient?  Do you have any add
on ideas for any of the weeks?   Thanks to anyone who is able to help us
Lori Smith

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Instant Christmas Plays

The following easy-to-produce, instant Christmas Plays are available
in our Bookstore-Skits section:

The Mouse's Tale,
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I would like to share an idea I used concerning FROG! I brought a stuffed
frog to our first class meeting(6th grade) and introduced this frog as our
theme for this year.  I explained why I had chosen FROG as our theme...and
then invited them to name our frog. After sharing ideas we decided on his
name being BOB....their homework was to take the name BOB and tell me what
it stands for!  I am anxious to see what they come up with...my own ideas
ranged from Bible On Board to Beatitudes Our Buddy!  

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10) Harvest or Halloween sermons?

Have any Harvest or Halloween sermons/Object lessons with craft, songs,
etc. Don't need Thanksgiving as such. Basically want a story to help the
children thru the Halloween season. would love a story that would help the
children understand better why Christians don't celebrate Halloween.
These children are in a weekly afterschool Bible club and range in age
from 6 - 11.
Thanks, leona. <><

--from SSTN: check  out the "Scarecrow Lollipop" in the Crafts-Yummy
Devotions section as well as the Sermons section at:

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11) Christmas Message

We are doing something a little different this year. I will be the
"storyteller" telling the story of the Great Church Robbery which I found
at http://www.christianskitscripts.com and 1 teen and 1 child will be
acting out the story. Then we will have another script which the children
will perform. We will end the program with the song entitled "Go Light
Your World" by Chris Rice. We purchased a battery powered candle for each
child and the song will be sung in complete darkness. As the song is sung
each child will "light" their candle. As I was told by parents for our
past performances... I will be putting Kleenex in each of the aisles.

SKC Director

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12) Father & Son Respect

> This may not be the right time of year, but there is a slow
> disrespect for men growing in our society.

The hardest part about this issue is that we as Sunday School teachers
cannot control the outside influences that our kids are facing on this
issue. We found that we had many children who had negative opinions of
their fathers for very understandable reasons. Even some of the very men
that attend and are involved in church are not Godly fathers. Father's Day
can be difficult, so we encourage our kids to give their craft to a male
family member or to their spiritual father, our Pastor.

We realized that, aside from our homes, we can only control what happens
within the church walls. So, we decided to give our kids as many positive
role models in the form of male Sunday School volunteers as we could get.
Thankfully, several brothers have stepped up to the plate and are modeling
how a Godly man behaves before our kids. Of course we have the rule of at
least 2 volunteers in a room at all times, to avoid any potential

God Bless,
Elise Peterson
Clearwater, FL

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