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SSTN # 8 - January 20, 2003

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--> Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

1) Hunger and Disruptive Behavior
2) Esther Ideas
3) Service In Church?
4) Esther Ideas

--> Ten Commandments Series

5) Books of the Bible
6) Walk the Talk - CD?
7) Fruit Of The Spirit Lessons?
8) Teaching the Books of the Bible

--> Easter Pageants...NEW!

9) Books of the Bible Songs
10) Adult Bulletin Board?
11) Sing the Books
12) Disruptive behavior   

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Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

Ten Egg-shaped cards that tell the Easter Story - When the cards
are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg Scramble and
learn the Easter Story! Reproducible so your whole class can make a set!

In the Curriculum section: 

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1) Hunger and Disruptive Behavior

I, too, found that my 9 through 12 year old girls were "antsy" while
trying to concentrate during my Missionette classes. We have a large bus
ministry that brings 50-60 children to our KidzCentre every Wednesday
night.  Many of these children come from poverty or other unfortunate
situations.   I am also a registered nurse and mother of a child with
ADHD.  Knowing that low blood sugar levels (hunger) can trigger disruptive
behavior, I started feeding all my girls before we start class (while the
other leader is taking roll or hearing memory verses).  Many parents don't
have time to feed their children before coming to church at night as they
are also in choir or other ministries within our church.  The girls calm
right! down and we all have a much better night of praising the Lord!
Carbohydrates coupled with protein work best - cheese crackers or peanut
butter crackers are great.

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2) Esther Ideas

>>I'm looking for ideas to teach the story of Esther.  Thank you.

There is a wonderful Veggie Tales video about Esther...in fact, it is our
favorite VT video!  I did a lesson on Esther in my SS class, and the kids
loved the movie.
God Bless, Heidi/NY  <(((><

--from SSTN: "Esther: Veggie Tales - The Girl Who Became Queen" may be
found by typing the title into the Bookstore search box. Or type "Veggie
Tales" to find other Veggie products:
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3) Service In Church?

I have to teach teens about service in the church and have no guidelines
as to what to cover.  Any ideas out there? CQuag
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4) Esther Ideas

>>I'm looking for ideas to teach the story of Esther. Thank you. Eva

Hi Eva,We are teaching a unit on Jewish history in our midweek program. In
our drama room, they are learning about the holiday Purim, which is a
celebration of the story of Esther. Our kids are acting out the story...
no script, but a narrator reads while the kids act it out. Here are two
links I found helpful in preparing the lesson:
I would also recommend www.rotation.org. This website is dedicated to the
rotation model of teaching and there are many (600+) free lessons there.
Click on the Ideas and Lessons Exchange Message Boards. Then scroll down
to the lessons on Ruth, Esther and other women in the bible. There is also
a serch engine on the site. A note of caution when using the rotation
site: Be sure you have LOTS of time whne you visit!!!
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Ten Commandments Series

Does your church offer a midweek Bible class for Kindergarten - 6 grade?
Then consider teaching "God's Top Ten - Understanding God's Love In The
Ten Commandments". This series covers 10 two hour sessions, or 20 one hour
sessions. Get the first lesson free! Learn more on the following webpage:


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5) Books of the Bible

One of our teachers broke it down into sections, gradually building up.
One game: have the books on strips of paper in a bag. Let the kids team up
to try to put them on order (I'm currently teaching a series on Psalm 23
and this is the first activity each week). After they are a little familar
with the books, assign some children to be books of the bible. Have
someone put them in order. To make it more silly (and fun), don't let them
"book arranger" know which child goes with what book. After they are
arranged, do a book reveal and have them be rearranged.

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6) Walk the Talk - CD?

I am looking for a copy of a song I used from some curriculum about 5
years ago.  The song is called Walk the Talk by Lynn Hodges and David
Alan.  I have moved away and have the words and sheet music but would like
the CD.  If any one can help me locate it, please email me.

Joyfully Serving Him,

Sonia Williams

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7) Fruit Of The Spirit Lessons?

I am trying to do a series of lessons on the fruits of the spirit. Does
anyone have some already prepared or know of any good websites? I would
like something with a craft or a object lesson included with each one. I
have about 45 minutes for each lesson. Thanks for your help. Sarah in NC

--from SSTN: yes, check the games, crafts, and links section at:

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8) Teaching the Books of the Bible

In reply to "teaching the books of the Bible" Check out a book called
_What the Bible is All About-for young explorers. Based on the
best-selling classic By Dr. Henrietta Mears, Author & general editor,
Frances Blankenbaker, Foreward Ruth & Billy Graham. It can be used for all ages.
It breaks it down and yet ties it all together.

--from SSTN: you may find this book by typing the title into the Bookstore
search box: http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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--> Easter Pageants For 2003!

Two new pageants have been added to the website. Choose "Fun and Easy
Easter Pageants - with Soundtrack CD", or "Stations of the Cross For
Kids". You will find them listed in the Games and Skits section of the
Bookstore at:


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9) Books of the Bible Songs

Re #11 of the January 10 newsletter-
Wee Sing Bible songs has 2 songs- one for the New Testament & one for the
Old Testament. Last year, my children who were in 4th grade & K-5 learned
both songs, & can now spout off the old & new testaments. If my 6-year-old
can do it, anyone can! This tape can be found at any christian book store.


--from SSTN: you can find some Wee Sing songs in the Music section of the
Bookstore:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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10) Adult Bulletin Board?

Normally I'm responsible for several church bulletin boards geered toward
children - I've been asked to do a large board that primarily adults will
see - many senior adults especially.  Anyone who has any ideas - I'd
really appreciate it.  I feel totally out of my element.  Thanks.

--from SSTN: what about a photo collage of the senior adults working in
various places of ministry within your church, a "Keenager Korner" (Or,
old and current photos that show a life of service. Maybe even feature a
few special people each week to honor them)

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11) Sing the Books

A great way I have heard of to teach the Books of the Bible is from a
song.  It has all the books of the Bible in the song. 

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12) Disruptive behavior   

I would like to applaud the person that wrote " i believe that building a
meaningful relationship with my kids if far more important than any lesson
i can teach them. i may be the only "jesus" that they see." - I agree with
this 100%.  Some of these kids have not other source for a meaningful
Christian relationship with someone who really cares for them outside of
their Sunday School environment - I applaud all who choose to reach out to
these children whether they be good or bad rather than turning them away!

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