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SSTN # 90 - October 10, 2005

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--> Bloom & Boom - Lessons for Teens

1) We're Keeping Sunday School!
2) Why Have Sunday School
3) Multiage Youth Club group?
4) Worship Clock?
5) Operation Blessing Request?
6) From the Manger to the Cross - song
7) Only one in Sunday School
8) Sunday School Snacks

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--> Bloom & Boom - Lessons for Teens

A girls and guys guide to growing up. Practical advice from a Christian
viewpoint about the internal and external changes experienced by
teenagers. Learn more in the Christian Education section of our bookstore


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1) We're Keeping Sunday School!

I'm happy to report that our church decided to continue with Sunday
school, as well as the Wednesday night program.  I think one or two
workers were just tired and discouraged about the lack of help, and that's
where the idea came from.  However, virtually everyone at our last
business meeting spoke in favor of continuing with Sunday school.  The
consensus seemed to be that the Wed. night program is more evangelistical,
reaching out to unchurched children, while Sunday school is more
discipleship of children already in church, and that both types of
programs are needed.  We now have several new teachers and/or helpers in
both programs, and are excited to be beginning our "new" year this Sunday.
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, suggestions and prayers! 
Karen in Montana

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2) Why Have Sunday School

Sunday School is always in order, you never know who will walk through the
doors of the church with children as well as adults.  I teach the adult
Sunday School Class and sometimes I only have two adults in my class, and
I teach just as hard for the Lord as if there were a full room. We walk by
Faith, not by sight.


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3) Multiage Youth Club group?

I am in charge of our Wednesday night Youth Club at our church.  We are a
small group, tonight was 14 children.  They range in age from 1st grade to
6th grade.  We have a music time, supper and fellowship time, and then 
rec/lesson time.  We run from 5:30-7:15.  We are trying to use the theme
of "Servanthood."  We are okay on the music and the supper part, but would
like any great ideas to use for rec/lesson time for that wide range in age
group.  I want to have it more activity based around a scripture because
they don't need to be sitting after being in school all day.  Tonight we
used the Sheep/Goat game and the scripture from Matthew 25.  That worked
great.  Thank you in advance.  I know God has lead me here for a reason. 
I just need to be patient and listen.
Blessings,  Jenny

--from SSTN: all the Hands-on Bible lessons have games and crafts to
coordinate with them. There are complimentary samples from each series to
download as well at:

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4) Worship Clock?

>One of the things that I have devised is a Worship Clock. This shows the
>things that happen during the service. A clock hand can be moved as the
>progresses so that the child (and parent!) knows where they are!

SSTN has received a number of requests for the clock template. If you
would please send it to  sakeith@aol.com
I will gladly post it to the site.

Thank you!
Sarah Keith <><

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5) Operation Blessing Request?

Dear Friends,
Bill Horan, President of Operation Blessing, just issued an urgent call
for hundreds of volunteers to come down to Slidell, LA to help clear
fallen trees and to repair roof damage on many homes.  It looks like a war
zone down there and thousands of people cannot return to their homes until
the streets are cleared and roofs patched and covered.

Here's the offer:
Drive to Slidell, bring your own chain saws and tools and be prepared to
feed and house yourselves for as long as you stay.  We do have a warehouse
to sleep in if you have your own cot or sleeping bag, but no showers, no
cooking facilities and no food.

Operation Blessing can provide gas and oil for the chainsaws and they have
an onsite supervisor who will direct you in the clean-up work. We also
have roof repair materials. You need your own tools. If this sounds like
tough living conditions, you should see how the residents are living!   

If interested, call me at 757-620-3067 or email me at bob.fox@ob.org 
Please do not just show up without contacting me first so we can be
prepared to receive you.  
Daily updated details about what Operation Blessing is doing for Katrina
and Rita victims can be found at http://www.ob.org/

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6) From the Manger to the Cross - song

Last year someone emailed me and requested the words and motions for the
Christmas song "From the Manger to the Cross".  At that time, I could not
locate it.  If anyone needs it this year, I now have the words in hand and
will be glad to share.  Contact me at kpoynor@hotmail.com.  Please put
SSTN or something distinguishable in the reference, otherwise, I delete
any mail I don't recognize. Kathy

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7) Only one in Sunday School

The teaching of the children should be a concern for everyone who attends.
We dropped the idea of Sunday School about four years ago.
Now we run a service from 10:30, lunch at 1:00 and another class in the
afternoon for those who want something heavy for the adults.
Babies to teens, all sit in the same room as the adults do.
After about 45 min of Praise and Worship, the children are taught to keep
quiet during the reading of God's Word.  Many children as young as 8 or 9
offer to read a few verses themselves.  We usually read about six
Then the mom's with babies, sometimes, not always take the babies out to
feed them, while the young kids from 2-10, play in a room that is off the
main room. This is during the sermon time.

Then the kids come back and with their parents, have a drink and a snack
and sit with the adults.  We have an open discussion for the next hour on
what we read and the sermon. While we are doing this, the kids have their
own workbooks.  The pages have things for them to color, fill in with
words, mazes, cut outs, crafts, etc.

If we as adults talk about Noah's ark, then that is what the child is
working on.  Just as they are encouraged to read verses outloud, they are
encouraged to particapate in the discussion.

The teens also have workpages. They can do them, while they also
particapate in the discussion.

If the kids or teens don't wish to do the pages, it isn't a problem. They
can play quietly beside the parents.  Life has been much better for all,
once we removed the pews and put table and chairs in its place.

Since four years ago, with about 4 faithful kids, we now have 5
babies/toddlers; 11 kids between 4-9; 19 kids between 10-21.

It has worked well for us.  It is exciting to hear from a young child,
what they have learned from the lesson.  With all age groups hearing and
studing the same lesson.... this discussion often continues at home during the week.


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8) Sunday School Snacks

I teach Children's Church/Sunday School for our small church.  We have
basically only 8-10 kids on a regular basis.  I would bring in cupcakes
and punch or some other type of treat every Sunday I taught.  One Sunday
there was a special function at church.  I was not going to provide
treats, but brought them to go with the meal on the grounds we were having
that day. 
There were 20 kids there that Sunday.  My kids all went in looks of the
"treats" at the meal and made sure the new kids got one, too.  The kids
who did not attend regular were told--we always have treats.  One set of
cousins started attending regularly--just so they could have treats.  They
became one of the group’s most avid learners--taking part, asking
questions, and giving answers.

When I first began teaching, I always told my kids that the snacks are a
reward for you listening to me teach you about God, Jesus, and Heaven.  In
the beginning they were told if you take part and listen we will have
treats.  Now the group itself to co-operate, listen, and take part. 

They will say to one another "You won't get a treat if you misbehave!" 
All kids get a treat.  The ones who misbehave have to explain to me why
they felt they needed to act that way before tehy are handed a treat.  One
little girl, who has problems controlling herself, has actually made me
and herself proud that she behaved in class and not only got a treat, but
was given the opportunity to help pass them out.

I also get the opportunity to see my kids interact with each other. 
Wonderful ideal lessons have come from watching how they treat each
other.  We have had lessons on love, compassion, sharing, and helping each
other.  I have the opportunity to see how my kids talk to each other and
have asked questions about why did you say that or why do you think
that??  Most importantly they have the opportunity to see me interact with
them and know that they are important even when I am not being teacher
teaching a lesson. 
I also get the opportunity to correct them if they are talking about the
lesson and have misunderstood.  I guess it is the opportunity to teach my
kids on a social level—how to treat each other-because of the interaction
during snacks with each other that has made snacks a must for me.  The
Bible says “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old,
he will not depart from it.”  Proverbs 22:6.   I want to take every
opportunity to not only teach, but show my kids the ways we should treat
each other.  One of the best ways to do that is watch their interactions
with each other thru a social environment.

Vivian Tampa, FL

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