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SSTN  # 91 - September 4, 2002

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1) Paper Tearing Sermon
2) Pig Coloring Sheet
3) Starting a Wednesday night program   
4) Children's church name?   

--> Fundraising for Youth Groups, Schools, or Home Parties!

5) How to Increase Attendance?
6) Pumpkin Carving with Christian theme?
7) Interacting With Each Other
8) Christmas plays & musicals

--> Kidzoo-Shuffle Game

9) Christmas plays & musicals
10) Christmas plays or skits   
11) Sept.11 remembrance
12) Children's Church   

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1) Paper Tearing Sermon

>Sometime ago I saw and used a paper cutting object lesson and now I can't
>remember how to do it.  I was a lesson on faith and the paper was folded.

Hi, Ruth. I recently read about the very activity you described! It is a
fabulous object lesson, and it appeared in Standard Publishing's 2002
Vacation Bible School Director's Guide. It was an idea to be used in the
opening assembly for the first night of VBS. I'm sure you can still order
this great resource and do this object lesson for your students! God bless

--from SSTN: Type "Faith Mountain Directors Guide" into the search box of
the bookstore to find it: 

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2) Pig Coloring Sheet

For the person who is looking for Pig prints outs, this site may help.
Click here:

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3) Starting a Wednesday night program   

Hello all:
Here is a great idea for a midweek program:
Good News Club... go to cefonline.org, go to the map to find a Child
Evangelism Fellowship chapter in your area.

Good News Club is where boys and girls ages 5 through 12 gather with their
friends to sing interesting visualized songs. They enjoy playing games
that help them memorize a verse from God's Word. Through the missionary
time they learn of children around the world who are following Jesus. The
visualized Bible story applies God's Word to what is happening in their
lives. They play review games that help them remember what was taught. An
opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as Savior is given. Activities that
help them grow in Christ are presented.

Child Evangelism Fellowship has many great things for reaching, teaching,
evangelizing & discipling children.

Loreen Banks
Washington, DC

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4) Children's church name?   

Hi, we are going to be starting up a Children's church program.  Does
anyone have a catchy name we could use for our program? I want something
fun and exciting, but also biblical. - SLK

--from SSTN: we use "Kingdom Kids" (ages k-4th) and "Club 56" ( 5th and
6th grade). Last year we used "K.G.B." (Knowing God Better - 7-8th
graders) Also, check the archives list:

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Fundraising for Youth Groups, Schools, or Home Parties

This holiday season raise funds for your youth group or school,
or have a home party and sell our popular Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments
books!    There is NO financial risk for your organization.
Learn how on this page:


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5) How to Increase Attendance?

I am a new Sunday School teacher for 5th graders.  There are only three
children in my class.  I know there are more children and the ones in my
class say that some of others just stopped coming. Any suggestions on how
I can get these children back and interested.  Also, since I am BRAND new
at this, any suggestions (and lots of prayer) would help!
In His Name,
--- Michael Fowler

--from SSTN: personal letters or emails, and phone calls always works for
me. ;o))
ysic, sarah <><

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6) Pumpkin Carving with Christian theme?

With Halloween coming up, could you help me find out about pumpkin carving
with a christian theme. I saw last year about carving pumpkins in such a
way that the story of Jesus was told. Thanks for your help. Cheryl Hart

--from SSTN: check out the Jesus O' Lantern in the Crafts - Fall section
of the site:

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7) Interacting With Each Other

>I'm looking for a book that teach on how Christians are to relate and
>respond to each other, especially when one is disagreeable. Any ideas?

You can order this book through the Christian Crafters website.  Just type
the title into the search engine on the "bookstore" page.  We just
finished reading this fun Chapter book as a family (kids are ages 6 and
9).  It's so funny, we want to get more in the series.  The book is called
The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle: #1 My Life as a Smashed Burrito,
by Bill Myers.  The publisher says this about the book "Twelve-year-old
"Wally-the-walking-disaster-area" is forced to stand up to Camp Wahkah's
number-one, all-American bad guy. One hilarious mishap follows another
until, fighting together for their very lives, Wally learns the need to
love even his worst enemy."

This book has a great message about loving the unlovable, choosing friends
wisely, and letting God's wisdom guide your relationships.  The book is
not "preachy" however, it is very funny and exciting.  The chapters are
short.  There are about 10.  And you can read each chapter in less than 10
minutes.  It would be a fun "story time" part of Sunday School, or
Children's Church.

Hope this helps!
Trish in Nebraska

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8) Christmas plays & musicals

We have performed the Fumbly Bumbly Angels.  It can be used in different
ways.  I used my Jr Hi kids as the main angels (4 trying to get into the
heavenly choir and 1 as the archangel).  The younger kids filled in all
the other parts.  My kids learned their parts, but these also come with a
CD that has all the parts and background music and the kids can just act
it out.  Depends on the amount of time and commitment of the kids and
parents.  I really like the involvement of the congregation throughout the
pageant as they sing all our old favorite Christmas carols.

Hope you find this helpful.

--from SSTN: Fumbly Bumbly Angels is available through our bookstore:
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Kidzoo-Shuffle Is a BLAST!

The Kidzoo-Shuffle game helps children to develop eye-hand coordination,
depth perception skills and strategy plays. Kidzoo-Shuffle is a blast to
play indoors or out! Developed by Sarah Keith for kids ages 5 and up.


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9) Christmas plays & musicals

>Christian Christmas play or musical instead.  Does anyone know of any
>resources for Christian Christmas plays or musicals?  Our group isn't

Our kids (a group of about 12, ages 3-11) did a play last year called "The
Christmas Guest" it is an adaptation of a short story.  It would be better
with a slightly larger group than we had since 3-4 kids did 2 roles.  It
was great, the kids loved it, parents & grandparents (not all church
families, either) attended & cried, took pics, then we had refreshments
and visiting after.  I'm sure you could do a Google search and find the
play, if not I have a reproducible copy.

God Bless your teaching, in Christ's love, Kristine

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10) Christmas plays or skits   

In reference to the posting about the Christmas plays or skits, I found a
fabulous new website www.dltk-kids.com.  It is free of charge and as far
as I could tell copy right free.  It has several ideas for Christmas
plays, poems, musicals and skits.  It also has Bible based activities.
Good Luck

--from SSTN: also you will find free Christmas skits in the skits section
at: http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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11) Sept.11 remembrance

Here are two:

Check out www.christianservices-sw.org.  Their grief counseling department
has put together a program for children, teens, and adults.  September 11
falls on a Wed. night, so this will be a wonderful opportunity for


Keep your automobile lights on as you are driving all day. E mail all your
friends to do the same.

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12) Children's Church   

I've been reading a lot from this list on what to do with Children's
Church.  At our Chapel, there happen to be a LOT of folks who are
committed to Children's Ministry through the AWANA program, which has been
running, even in our little rural community, for over 25 years!

One thing that has dramatically changed in the past 2 years, was that
folks really started cluing in to the fact that if we provide an excellent
quality ministry to children during the adult worship hour, our
congregation GROWS!  Most people are not willing to come for the
traditional 2 services, but if their children have a happy, vital home
where they are learning Scripture and Biblical life lessons, as well as
meaningful, active worship singing, they are very contented.

We have an overseer in the ministry, and then 4 people to head up the
nursery, toddler, middle and gr.4-6 classes.  We work as a team, trying
not to draw volunteers for double-duty. These four in turn also recruit
parents to come and participate in at least one of their child's lessons
per school year.  This is not burdensome if there is an experienced
teacher there.

We are spending a bit more time in the teacher training area of our Jr.
Church ministry this year, so that those "helpers" from last year feel
more confident and equipped to take on the classes as the leading adult.
I find that lots of my ladies from our Precept Bible study class are
finding themselves more confident to teach what they've learned to
youngsters.  This personal study level commitment on their part has made
an INCREDIBLE impact in the life of Children's Ministry, let alone the
Chapel in general.

I recruited some younger teens of observably good character last year to
help with copyright free puppetry and skits which we downloaded off the
Internet.  These kids were GREAT!  and learned to serve the younger ones
with a joyful heart.

Finally, after a few years of struggle and strife between leaders, our
current pastor has a heart for children and a vision which the rest of us
in the childhood ministries share that the future church is in our care
with these little worshippers.  We workers now feel empowered and
ennobled, so to speak, by the edification we receive by way of the pulpit.
He is careful to give us at least 4 Sundays a year to SHINE in front of
the general congregation.

I wish every pastor and congregation could catch the same vision.  It has
made our little chapel a vital and growing place to be!

And yes!  we are putting an abuse policy into place officially this year.
There are several of us who have already had the police checks and all, to
make parents know that we intend to make this a safe place for their
little ones.

Just sharing some thoughts....


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