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SSTN # 92 - August 28, 2003

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1) Crafts for boys 3-6th grade?
2) Halloween Alternative
3) Halloween Alternative
4) Church in Turmoil-Update
5) Used Hymnals?
6) Patriotic Ideas for Missions Campaign?
7) Mission Friends 2-4 year olds?
8) Activities for 9-11 year olds?
9) Craft For 100+ Children?
10) Multiple Ages?   
11) Thanks so much for this site
12) Baptism, Reconciliation,...?

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1) Crafts for boys 3-6th grade?

Does anyone have craft ideas for boys grades 3rd through 6th grade?  My
Sunday school is using the One Room Sunday school curriculum this year
and all ages will be in together.  I"ve found lots of pre-school through
grade crafts, but for 3rd through 6th grade crafts are hard to find.  I've
searched many sites on the internet, but haven't had much luck. 
Thank you.  God bless.

--from SSTN:
Any specific themes? This will help our creative juices to flow.

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2) Halloween Alternative

In response to the alternative to haloween party.  We throw a Happy
Harvest Party .  We have a pot luck dinner. After we eat we clear the
and play tons of games. There are games from toddler to adult!  No
costumes, but that could be worked in if you wanted to dress up.  There
are fall decorations, with hay stacks, corn stalks, pumpkins , etc.  We
had our first one last year and it was a blast.  I try to find unusual
games for everyone with a real cute icebreaker at the beginning of the
party.Hope this helps..... Gail Jordan

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3) Halloween Alternative

We do an All Saint's Day (1st of November) and have people dress up as
their favorite Bible Character and tell the story about their character to
the group. We had some very creative people come as Herodias with John the
Baptist's head on a platter, a guest at the wedding in Cana, David,
Elizabeth, Martha and Mary, Goliath, and others that I cannot recall.  We
played some traditional Fall games and had snacks as well.
Hope this helps...Sue

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4) Church in Turmoil-Update

Dear Co-worker in Christ - I have been in church conflicts in the past.
The best way, is to PRAY and do what the Lord leads in
this matter. Let your area of the church be done in such
a way as to lead the adults - "and a little child shall
lead them" and if your department or your children's
ministries are up and working - the Spirit will show the
adults how to proceed.  Child Evangelism Material is
the best because it includes teacher training. I feel you
are on the right track. May God continue to lead and
bless your work. Do not be discouraged in well-doing.
Nancy <><

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5) Used Hymnals?

I have many old hard back hymnals you are welcome to in trade.  I am not
fussy about the type of binding or age of the hymnal.  I have numerous
Methodist Hymnals that have many of the sons we Baptists use.  If
interested, please contact me.
Andy Sonntag

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6) Patriotic Ideas for Missions Campaign?

Our church is having our Fall Campaign tied into our annual Missions
Conference, both with the theme of 'Reaching Our JerUSAlem' I had hoped to
find some interesting historical Christian or Missionary figures my
4th-6th grade sunday school class might enjoy hearing about. But I have
been unsuccessful in my searches-the internet is too large for a vague
Anyone have any resources, or other American/Patriotic theme ideas? We
like to have activities, give-aways, and an attendance/visitor contest all
based on the central theme.

from SSTN: Check out the "USA Patriotic Catcher Toy" pattern at:

And read about D.L. Moody at:

There are other great biographies at:

Also, read what our founding fathers believed and wrote about:

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7) Mission Friends 2-4 year olds?

I am new to teaching pre-school age children. I have recently taken on a
Mission Friends group at our church with children ages 2-4. The group is
small but the curriculum is a little over there heads and the activities
somewhat complicated. I would like for it to be a fun interactive class
where they can learn and I would like to add some music as well. Can you
suggest a curriculum, understanding that I am a rookie and I usually deal
with older children?

--from SSTN: yes, check out the Play & Pray book in the bookstore
Christian ed section:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.htmlFor
anyone else responding, make sure you send product codes for the items you
suggest in order to have them posted here and listed in OUR bookstore.

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8) Activities for 9-11 year olds?

Dear SSTN,
I'm looking for activities, tips and ideas that are suitable when teaching
9-11 year old children. I was teaching a group of 4-6 y/o, now I'm with
this older group and I'm not familiar with this age group, I appreciate
all the help you can provide, thanks! Sabrina

--from SSTN: all of the curriculum series booklets are designed for this
age group, as are most of the free ideas in the rest of the website:

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9) Craft For 100+ Children?

Hello, I am looking for a craft idea for about 100+ children.  I need an
inexpensive craft that I can do with all age groups, so hopefully it will
be simple but nice. Our church is doing a service at a local camp site and
I am looking for a craft to do with the children at Children's Church. Any
ideas would be greatly appreciated. This will be Labor Day weekend.
Thank You,
Janet Gould

--from SSTN: check out the "Easy Make & Take Projects", especially the
Sword of the Spirit. It will cost you a total of  $3.00 for ALL 100 kids,
as well as the paper to print the pattern:

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10) Multiple Ages?

I teach a class on Sunday nights that is a mixture of children. A typical
class is about 12 kids (a 4 year old, a 5 year old, a 6 year old, a 7 year
old, three 9 year olds, three 10 year olds, a 13 year old, and a 15 year
old). I love teaching them and I'm doing my best, but I've only been
teaching for about 3 weeks and I have no clue what to do now. I've helped
out with the Children's Church group on Sunday mornings and I've helped
the regular children's Sunday School, but with this many ages in one room
don't know what I'm doing. The younger ones are happy coloring pictures of
Jesus, whereas the older ones want a real lesson. How do I combine all
different things into one? The are in my charge for about 2 hours on
nights, so a short lesson (like the ones in Children's Church books) are
long enough. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so very much,

--from SSTN: there are quite a few churches with this same "problem".
However there are also some creative solutions to be found in the

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11) Thanks so much for this site

I've recently joined our Women's Missionary Society and many of the
women are 40 or over.  Me being 32, I could bring some great ideas
for upcoming events.

God Bless,

--from SSTN: you are welcome. Please remember me in your prayers.
ysic, sarah keith <><

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12) Baptism, Reconciliation,...?

My name is Sarah. I'm 18 and from Willmar, Minnesota. I have volunteered
to be a catechist at my church for the second time and, although I was
told I did a good job last year, feel that I need some new ideas on how to
teach my students.

I was assigned to take a class of about 10 eight and nine-year-olds and
prepare them to receive the sacrament of Baptism, Reconciliation, and
First Holy Communion. I would like to take any suggestions for lesson
plans, activities, and ways to simplify explanations of holidays and Bible

Any suggestions that you have are greatly appreciated and can be mailed

Thank You and God Bless!

--from SSTN: for those responding, please respond to the network so that
all may benefit from your knowledge.

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