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SSTN # 92 - October 19, 2005

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---> Christmas FunPaks Going Fast!

1) Worship Clock
2) Keeping Teens Interested?
3) King Belshazzar & Scary Hands
4) Children's involvement?

Lion of Judah, Prince of Peace, Alpha & Omega?

5) Prescription Bottles Craft
6) Why Have Sunday School
7) Children to participate?
8) Christmas Programs

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---> Christmas FunPaks Going Fast!

Find out how to get your funpak in our
Christmas and Advent section at:


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1) Worship Clock

You can now see a picture of Mary's Worship Clock with explanations
in our "Christian Crafts" section at:


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2) Keeping Teens Interested?

Hi Sarah, I have a teen YPWW class which ranges in ages from 13 to 16 who
are all saved.. we want to keep them that way and not bore them to death..
they are starting to say that church is boring and I can see them slowly
slipping back.. any interesting topics to keep them intetrested and also
allow them to grow in the Lord?

Denitria Mitchell

--from SSTN: do they have a point about their boredom? If so, ask them
what kinds of activities they want added to your program. My suggestion is
to use creative resources such as "Case Studies & Talk Sheets"; "Bloom or
Boom", or "Mystery Trips". Check out our bookstore under, "Christian
Education" at:

Also, a word of encouragement, it is our job to do the best job we can do.
It is the Holy Spirit's job to hold them (Ephesians 1:13-14).
God bless your efforts! Rest in Jesus.
sarah keith <><

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3) King Belshazzar & Scary Hands

I taught the lesson about King Belshazzar and the handwriting on the wall
for my class a couple of weeks ago and made scary hands by filling clear
plastic food-handler type gloves with popcorn. I put candy corn in each
finger first to look like fingernails, and then filled the gloves with
popcorn and tied the top shut.  I taped a pencil to the fingers, but you
wouldn't have to. The lesson was a hit with my class, most of whom do not
celebrate Halloween. I thought the story might be fun to use in other ways
and so wrote it out as a brief gospel tract.
It's posted at http://www.bulletininserts.org/bulletininsert_files/Scary.pdf
 if you might be able to use with your Fall festival, Reformation Day celebration or as an
evangelistic tract for trick-or-treat (if you used Sarah's scarecrow tract
last year, that is, and would like to use something different.) You can
download the story in .pdf in tract or half-page bulletin insert format.
Susan Verstraete

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4) Children's involvement?
Can u help me write a speech on Children's involvement in church
activities. I shall be grateful to u Thanking You, Rosita

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Lion of Judah, Prince of Peace, Alpha & Omega?

Answer: They are some of the names of God described in our hands-on Bible lesson series entitled,
"His Name Shall Be Called..."

Learn more at:

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5) Prescription Bottles Craft

Hi!  In VBS we took film canisters, (but I am sure prescription bottle
would work well also) and drilled a hole in the lid.  We took vinyl
cording  long enough to make a necklace and tied the knot under the lid so
it would be hidden when closed.  We let the kids decorate the bottle with
glitter/stickers and such.  We had each child write down some of his/her
prayer requests and rolled them up and put them in there, like the
necklaces you see in the Bible bookstores.  They really enjoyed that craft

Joni Russell    Pontiac, IL

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6) Why Have Sunday School

To all frustrated teachers in the Sunday Schools:
    Let me first identify myself:  My name is Bob Cooper; living in
Pennsylvania; 87 years old; having taught in Sunday Schools, etc., for
over 30 years having studied the Word privately close to 50 years.  And, I
am much disturbed at the question, "Why have Sunday School?"
    It astounds me that we are even considering the subject!  In reality,
we are actually discussing the viability of the Word of God!  It causes me
to wonder what God is thinking when we share thoughts about whether we
should teach His Word.  He cannot be pleased!  My preference for a title
for the School is an old-fashioned title - - "The Sunday Bible School." 
God gave us His Word, just as He gave us salvation through His Son.
    He gave us His Word to teach us that salvation can be obtained only
through His Son; to provide a principle for practice in our daily life; to
bring us assurance as we experience life in this world.  If some authority
tried to remove and destroy all Bibles, all of us, and even those who are
now indifferent to the Sunday School, would be up in arms in protest. 
And, there seems to be a strange concept afloat that "Sunday School" is
only for children.
    To know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior is to love His Word, and the
teaching of it to children, to all believers, and others who are
receptive.  In the Gospel of John, we read the words of Christ: "My sheep
hear My voice, and I know them, and they folloow Me."  We need the
teaching of the Word to apply that truth.  And, can we ignore Second
Timothy, chapter three, verses 16 & 17?  Should we ever consider the
question, "Why have Sunday School?"  God forbid!
Bob Cooper

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7) Children to participate?
How to do I get children to participate in worship service i.e build
their interest and make the church service more lively for them

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8) Christmas Programs
I found this wonderful Christmas Program on the internet.
You can find it by searching Yahoo with the following, "Twas the Night
Before Christmas A Retelling of the Poem and the Story of Jesus' Birth
Christmas Eve"
Here is another site on the internet for wonder Christmas programs at
dramatix.  http://www.dramatix.org/index.html
After you are at the site,
click on Scripts, then select Children, then select Children's.  There
are 27 Wonderful Christmas plays, and plays for other seasons too.  A
wonderful addition to any church looking for programs.

Marnie (Minnesota)

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