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SSTN  # 92 - September 6, 2002

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1) Bible lessons in a bag?
2) Paper tearing sermon
3) I Need Used resources
4) Team Building and other Games?

--> Fundraising for Youth Groups, Schools, or Home Parties!

5) Used SS Materials   
6) Water Games
7) Motivating My Teachers
8) Bible Maps

--> Kidzoo-Shuffle Game

9) Fritz and Fran?
10) Children's church   
11) Teaching the apostles   
12) P.U.S.H

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1) Bible lessons in a bag?

I am in need of quick bible lessons for our nurserys- 1-2 years old, and
3-4 years old.  Our nurserys have rotating teachers and I need quick
lessons-age appropriate that I can have ready for our volunteers to teach
with no prep time for them.  I have seen something called Bible Lessons
In A Bag for babies age 1 month to 9 months, but not for toddlers and
preschoolers.  Can anyone help me?
Dianne Barnes
Kansas City, MO

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2) Paper tearing sermon

The lesson you are looking for is in Show Me Devotions published by Group.
It is called "Square Stepping" and you are able to step through an index
card due to the way you cut it.  I have done this with my kids, and they
loved it.  This book is well worth the money, as I have used a lot of the
devotions with the kids.  All have been a hit.

Happy Cutting !  Raleen in Texas

--from SSTN: You can purchase it here:

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3) I Need Used resources

I tried to get a hold of the one that hd the materials and didn't know if
anyone would be able to use them. I'm the Sunday School superintendant at
my church and could use the old materials if she hasn't given them away
yet. My name is Joelene Flack,
my e-mail address is clownbootsie@aol.com. please let me know soon.
Because of Christ

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4) Team Building and other Games?

We run a ministry which takes Sunday School to the children of a local
orphanage. Every year we hold a christmas party for them but this year
we have decided to give these children what they have never experienced
before and may never experience again a weekend camp. Most of these kids
between the ages of 8 and 18 have been abused and neglected and although
we have been there for 4 years already there are still some children who
have not opened up, we are therefore planning to have some games and
activities which will allow them to open up to us ( to talk to us about
their problems so we can minister Christ into their broken lives). I
will appreciate any ideas no matter how small. Funds are limited though
because the money raised is to pay for the camp facilities and food and
very little is left over.

Vicky - Full Gospel, Benoni, South Africa

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Fundraising for Youth Groups, Schools, or Home Parties

This holiday season raise funds for your youth group or school,
or have a home party! Sell our popular Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments books!
There is NO financial risk for your organization. Learn how on this page:


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5) Used SS Materials   

I need to talk with Tracey from Maryland.  She has offered her used SS
materials.  I have wrote her but her email does not work.  I would like
for you to reply to me.  Thanks  my email is:
Praying for you,

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6) Water Games

>Well at our VBS this year we played two games  that no one may have
>thought of they were Stoning Stephen and Drying up the River Nile.
>Stoning Stephen was the name we gave to our water ballon fight. But

The sincerity of this church in their VBS outreach is to be applauded,
but perhaps these fun water games would have been better left as just
that, and not associated with true Bible events.  We must be very careful
not to trivialize God's Holy Word in the minds and hearts of children,
especially in this day and age when there is such a dearth of respect and
belief in it. 
Marion S.

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7) Motivating My Teachers

I am looking for information on how to conduct a Workshop for Teachers.
We are in desperate need of Sunday School teachers.   I have several women
who are interested in teaching, but want some training.
Thank you.

--from SSTN: You might also check out, "Children's Ministry That Works",
in the Bookstore-Christian Education section:

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8) Bible Maps

>I was looking for some good teacher guides or material you may have found
>individual, maps of journeys, deaths, etc...

Here are 40 maps that I made that are available for yours and others use
at no charge.  There are 6 or 7 about the apostles.  Some are based on NASA
satellite photos.  You can reproduce them for free and give to others
also, all I ask it that you leave the website address on them.  There are both
English and Spanish versions available in several formats.



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Kidzoo-Shuffle Is a BLAST!

The Kidzoo-Shuffle game helps children to develop eye-hand coordination,
depth perception skills and strategy plays. Kidzoo-Shuffle is a blast to
play indoors or out! Developed by Sarah Keith for kids ages 5 and up.


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9) Fritz and Fran?

I am seeking material called "Fritz and Fran".   Published many years ago
by Child Evangelism.   I have contacted CEF and found that it is no longer
in print.
East Side Baptist Church
Crawfordsville, IN

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10) Children's church   

I have been pretty quiet on the issue of children's church versus the
children staying with their parents, but decided to throw my two cents in,
also.  I believe Sunday School/Children's Church is a very valuable thing.
It's a great way to get kids coming to church, and this is also an
outreach to their parents.  I personally was in Sunday School from 13
months to about 11 years old. I feel what I learned was invaluable - the
repititon of the Bible stories over the years have put them way deep down
in my heart. I also can see the other side, where the kids need to be in
church with their parents.  What we currently do is the kids ages 4-11
stay in church for prayer meeting and the singing on Sunday morning and
then they go to Sunday School/Children's Church.  However, we also have
Sunday evening and Thursday evening church.  This is the time that
families can worship together and the kids can learn how to behave in
church.  We don't encourage bringing toys and such, as we encourage the
children to join in the worship and listen to the message.  For babies and
toddlers, they sometimes bring a stuffed animal or paper to draw on for
the toddlers.  They learn at an early age to be involved in church.  This
works well for us.
1st UPC = Trinidad, CO

--from SSTN: one thing to keep in mind, some churches offer Children's
Church instead of a Sunday School program, while others offer both.

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11) Teaching the apostles   

You might find the following book useful.
Disciples Then! Disciples Now! by Phyllis Vos Wezeman and Judith Harris
ISBN 1-877871-88-5
Published by Educational Ministries, Inc.

--from SSTN: you can purchase it in our bookstore. Type the title into the
search box:   http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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12) P.U.S.H

>Pray Until Something Happens

There is a story that goes along with that if anyone wants it I will
email it to them. You can contact me at audreyt@cowboy.net It's about a
page long and I didn't want to take up that much space on the

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