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SSTN # 93 - October 22, 2005

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...Write On My Heart Every Word

1) New Sunday school teacher?
2) Detective Party
3) Hallelujah Night?
4) No Burn Candles?

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5) Craft Using Hymnals?
6) Jeanne's Skit?
7) Most successful outreach
8) Rewards
9) Sunday School falling apart
10) Prescription bottles

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...Write On My Heart Every Word

"Tell me the story of Jesus, write on my heart every word." Those are the
words, from that old beloved hymn, that inspired me to write my latest
hands-on Bible series, "Tell Me The Story of Jesus". This two-semester
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Sarah Keith <><

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1) New Sunday school teacher?

Hi everyone;

I am basically a new Sunday school teacher. Does anyone have a list of
children books which teach children from about the ages of 6 to 8.  I'm
specifically looking for the following topics:
b.. The Bible
c.. Praise & Worship
d.. Leadership
e.. Faith

I'm looking for books which are readable and reasonably priced for the
above age groups.  I would like for the book if possible to be separate
to each of the topics. It must be bible based with documented scriptures
to support facts, activities and pictures.

I would even be interested in books with a good overview of the topics
that I have selected.

--from SSTN:  Check out the following hands-on Bible series titles:
"Spirit Gifts", "Names of God" and "Parables of Jesus" at:
And for anyone else responding, please include ISBNs for our bookstore. 
Thank you!

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2) Detective Party?

Hi!  I teach 4th-6th grade Sunday School.  We are doing the detective game
listed on a Sunday School site where they answer one each week, as well as
reading the Concord detective stories, which they love.  They are earning
Bible Bucks to buy a ticket to the detective party.  Does anyone have any
great detective themed party ideas.  I thought a great scavenger hunt
town.  Any other games, or snack ideas?  Thanks so much!
Pontiac, IL

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3) Hallelujah Night?

Hi Sarah,
Last fall at some point someone posted ideas for a "Hallelujah Night". I
can't remember if this was a Halloween alternative or a Christmas party. I
would love to read the message again as it had some great ideas in it. Any
suggestions of where I could find it?
Appreciate your help,

--from SSTN: you'll find it in our archives at:

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4) No Burn Candles?

I am looking for easy ways to make candles. Any suggestions? something
that want burn small ones.

--from SSTN: you can try microwaveable soy wax, only don't melt it to a
liquid. Soften the wax, making sure it isnot too hot, then allow the
children to roll around a wick and into balls, or use sheets of beeswax to
wrap around wicks.

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5) Craft Using Hymnals?

Am looking for used hymnals to be used for a craft project.  If you have
hymnals or know of anyone who has them, please contact me at

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6) Jeanne's Skit?

I don't know about others but I love that little skit that you wrote.  As
much as I saw.  Could you send me a copy of it.  My email is
jackies@tularosa.net   Thanks for the help.

Jackie Schlageter

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7) Most successful outreach

Our MOST successful outreach has to be our Parent's Day Out.

Parent's Day out is an opportunity for Parent's to go Christmas Shopping
without their children. On a Saturday in November we keep the kids from
12Noon to 6PM. We charge $3.00 per child which covers the cost of the
dinner of pizza and pop. During the time in which the children are with
us, we run the children through an entire rotation. Our lessons that we
use for this is from the rotation.org website.

Our Parent’s Day Out was organized for approximately 10 weeks prior to the
event. The most difficult part of the planning process was creating the
schedule which took approximately 4 hours to create due to needing to make
sure that no 2 groups were in the same workshop at the same time. One
thing I found out which was really important is that you really need to
make a cut off date and stick to it. I had parents calling me up to and
including the date of the event. It was hard to turn down the children –
but I would have had to do the schedule over again – I really didn’t want
to do that.

The schedule, which was created, was placed (I used spray on Glue) to a
foam board and posted so that all parents who came early could easily find
their children.

Our advertisement consisted of having our local newspaper run and article,
bulletin/newsletter inserts and we passed out flyers for trick-or-treaters
given to parents as “their” treat. Most of our success came from the
flyers at trick-or-treating. I called it "A Treat for the Parent's!"

Our congregation members donated many of the items that were used. We were
also able to get a wonderful deal with a pizza place in the area. All the
soda was donated for the kids. The congregation also donated juice Boxes –
we wound up with 100 juice boxes – half of them are still leftover. We
will be using them for our diner rotation in the future. The first year we
had 26 children. This past year... we had to cut off registration when we
reached 80 children.

The lessons which were used were mainly from the website of rotation.org.
This is a wonderful website and has my job as director a lot easier.

SKC Director

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8) Rewards

This message is in response to Lois Re: giving awards to kids for coming
to Sunday School. Lois, more power to you and your workers! If I thought
it would work, I would gladly give awards to every non-believer I met on
the street to go to church every week. Just being in church and hearing
the Good News is one important way the lost come to know our Lord and
Savior. It sounds as though the Lord is empowering you by giving you ideas
to get kidos into a place where they can hear His Word. Sometimes people
(specifically kids, in this case) just need a little motivation. Sometimes
we as adults even need to be motivated to do the things that are good for
us. Maybe right now the motivation for these children attending Sunday
School is the award--who cares! As time goes by and these little ones are
wooed by the Holy Spirit, drawn into the Word and taught its truths, and
shown God's love by Spirit-led Sunday School teachers and workers, they
will become motivated to attend because of what their heart tells them. We
must just get them there. The Lord will do the rest. You will be in my
--Melinda Smith

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9) Sunday School falling apart
I have a story that might help. I attended church as a child, but quit going when I moved out. I married and had kids. I'll tell you how I got back into church. It's a little embarrassing, but true.

One Sunday in May the church was having Baby Day. I thaught, "I have a baby, I'll go and get a gift." The next Sunday was Mother's Day. I thaught "I'm a mother, I'll go and get a gift." The third Sunday was "Graduation Sunday". I thaught "I just graduated, I'll go and get a gift." Well, the fourth Sunday came and I didn't want anyone to think I was just going to get the gifts (even though I was), so I went that Sunday too.  I think they say it takes 28 days to form a habit, and I have been there ever since. I think that was 7 years ago. The point is, sometimes you need an incentive to get people to church. Once they are there, they can see how much more God and the church have to offer them. I'm sure some will disagree and this is just my opinion. 
Good luck in what ever you do.
Holly in OK

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10) Prescription bottles

Here are a few suggestions that I have for empty prescription bottles:

a.  Make animals out of them.  One animal could be a sheep.  The bottle
would be the body of the sheep.  Then glue on pipe cleaners as feet and
cotton balls as their skin and face.  Similar idea could be done for a
lion.  Change the bottle covering to some type of material and use a
wooden ball (get at a craft store) for the face.  The main could be made
from either material or fake doll hair found at a craft store.  Yarn may
work as well.  

b.  Make a set of people out of the bottles.  Use pipe cleaners for the
arms.  Glue on cloth for clothing and use wood ball with or without faces
for the heads (available at craft store).  Hair can be made out of yarn or
fake doll hair.  You may wish to let the kids make a person that
represents themselves.  Then let them tell Bible stories using these
prescription bottle people.

c.  Make a stand up game board with slots to hold the prescription
bottles.  Cover the tops of the bottles with either paper or material and
then write a number on it.  Inside the bottles put review questions from a
pervious lesson(s). 

d.  Glue the prescription bottles together to make a replica of a bee
hive.  Then talk about how God made the bees and what the purpose of bees
are.  Later this can be used to talk about the Bee-Attitudes (play on
words) in the book of Matthew or characteristics you want the kids to

e.  Build a house or some type of building with the bottles.  Glue them
together and then cover the outside with paper.  Make the roof out of some
type of material that will allow you to remove it to tell stories.

f.  Put different items in the bottles then drop them into a sack.  Have
the students select on bottle without looking.  Have them shake the
bottle, still without looking,  to see if they can determine what is
inside.   Then reveal what is inside.  Talk about how things are not
always what we think they are.  How this applies to our lives:  Only God
know what is inside a persons heart.

g.  Talk about how memories are powerful.  Put cotton balls dipped into
different substances and then place them into the bottles.  Have then talk
about what that smell reminds them of.  Then talk about how things in our
past and past memories can affect how we respond to situations now and in
the future.  This would be a good discussion starter for teens.  Item that
could be used for the smell are rubbing alcohol, Vaseline, hand lotion,
perfume, vanilla extract, etc...

I hope these ideas help.
Connie G.

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