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SSTN  # 93 - September 12, 2002

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1) Beehive Cake
2) Children's activities during church ? - ATTN Carol    
3) Back to School Blessing
4) Poor Sunday School attendance?

--> Holiday FUN-draising

5) Scrooge Becomes A Christian
6) Christian Pen Pals?
7) Motivating Kids to Sing
8) Parables?
9) Harvest Party Ideas
10) F.R.O.G.
11) Used VBS material & curriculum?
12) Tower of Babel

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1) Beehive Cake

I Just wanted you to know what a success our VBS was using your "Buggie
for Jesus, I'm a Believer" material. It was well written and the ideas were
WONDERFUL. We used the 'Monkees" song 'I'm a Believer' as our theme song
and sang it at the beginning and close of each day. Of course we used the
rewritten version I found in the archives. The snacks were fantastic, the
ladybug cookies and all the ideas were easy and affordable. The lady that
did our snacks even found the idea for a bee hive cake and we used it on
the last day as a celebration. We are a small church and our average
attendance was 12 with 3 that have never been to church. Praise the Lord!
A good time was had by all. Thanks Again, Lisa.

Beehive Cake-
You bake 4 different sized layers of cake and use yellow frosting-after
cakes are cooled place the largest layer on the bottom and graduate up to
the smallest layer, then frost the edges. Use chenille bees and stick
around the cake and use a chocolate cookie on the bottom layer as the
opening to the hive. The kids just loved it.

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2) Children's activities during church ? - ATTN Carol    

>Some items were marked for them to keep (like a bookmark) and other
>to put back in the  bag for others to use.

Carol, I have been doing the activity bags for our church....
How were the items that the kids could keep marked? I had been thinking
about doing this and I am curious how others worked it out.

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3)  Back to School Blessing

Our Youth Ministry also sponsors an Annual Back-To-School Blessing. We
invite youth groups from other churches eg.choirs, praise teams, drill
teams. Words of encouragements are given to the youth by a youth leader
also we invite a young adult to talk with the youth . This year we had a
young lady from our church who was just promoted to the rank of captain in
the army. Refreshments were served. And of course we had parents to come
in for the event.

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4) Poor Sunday School attendance?

Our Sunday school attendance (both children & adult) has been down and
going further for about 2 yrs now. We had a superintendent change about
3yrs ago and he is not someone that has great leadership qualities. I have
been approached by him to write up survey questions asking "why you
stopped coming to Sunday school?" etc. Has anyone ever had a similar
situation? Does anyone have any advise on what kinds of questions I should
ask? I am praying about what to do. God said to put it out on the sstn and
seek the feedback from my fellow teachers.
Please help! I am open to all advise.  Thanks for your time.

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Holiday FUN-draising

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5) Pumpkin Carving with Christian theme

Good morning Cheryle:
This is stretching the subject a bit, but this has become a tradition with
me.  One Sunday in early October we talk about feelings.  I have the
children make paper pumpkins and draw a feeling (without looking) out of a
bowl.  They then put that kind of feeling with black construction paper,
on their pumpkins.  Examples, funny, smart, sad, afraid, happy....some of
the ideas the kids have come up with are outstanding.  I then put them on
the bulletin board with the feelings underneath.
God bless,

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6) Christian Pen Pals?

We are running Sunday School at an orphanage in South Africa and I thought
it would be great if we could set up some kind  of pen pal program with
sunday school kids of another country (therefore another culture), our
children are from the ages of 8 to 18 and most of them are abused or
abandoned and alot are street children and I feel that children can
minister to children sometimes more effectively than adults (especially
where children have been abused by an adult) and I feel that these
children need to know about other countries too.

If you feel your sunday school would like to embark on this opportunity
then email me.
Vicky - Full Gospel Benoni South Africa, vickyv@easirun.co.za

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7) Motivating Kids to Sing

This is in reply to the message from Monica in Alabama
regarding motivating kids to sing (sstn #86).

I have found that Cedarmont Music tapes or CDs to be
helpful.  The Cedarmont Kids sing Bible songs, Sunday
School songs, action songs, silly songs, and more.
They come in bright primary colors, are inexpensive,
and the songs are in public domain.  One of my
favorites is the 1ST SUNDAY SING-A-LONG by The
Maranatha! Kids (MaranathaMusic).  Some of these songs
are not in public domain, but the kids love to sing
are good, contemporary songs that the children may
have heard in BIG church.  This is published by Word
Music.  Just about anything that Brentwood-Benson puts
out is excellent.  However, be careful, because many
of these songs are new, and are not in public domain.
Check to see if your church has a CCLI license before
copying THE WORDS ONLY to the songs.  If the song is
in public domain, then you may copy the words.  There
is always the listen and learn by rote method if you
cannot get a license.  I have found that if you can
decorate the song with clip art or drawings that is
meaningful to the song, that it helps keep the
attention of those who do not read or read well
(similar to the idea of a Rebus song, only all of the
words are on the page as well as the picture or
pictures).  Also, if you know some sign language or
can add meaning motions to a song, it helps to
motivate the reluctant singer.

I hope this helps,
In His Service,
Donna in Little Rock

--from SSTN: Many of the above mentioned are available in our
Bookstore-Music section:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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8) Parables?

At the end of September we will be talking about the Parable of the Two
Sons and the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard.  I am wondering if
any of your readers have any clever  ideas for crafts or games on these
topics.  I have already checked the archives.
God bless,

--from SSTN: thanks, Joni, for checking the archives too! ysic, sarah

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9) Harvest Party Ideas

To Mary Beth, who was looking for ideas for a Harvest Party:
Our church does a fall festival, which is not a
harvest party, but I thought I'd share the following
ideas in case they might help. We do this in lieu of
Halloween and have done it different ways. Last year
we got the whole Wednesday night group -
adults,parents, youth, kids - involved. Adults had a
prayer session and Bible study while youth led games
for the kids, who wore costumes. Afterwards, we did
trick or trunk and kids went from car to car to get
treats. If you do this, naturally you will want to be
sure kids don't get out into the street.

A previous year we had the kids dress up like Bible
characters and read the "Pumpkin Patch Parable" to
them, had a pumpkin and Bible based games for them to
play. Kids won tickets for games and exchanged them
for treats. We also had snacks. This might fit better
into your harvest idea. You could decorate for fall,
serve leaf and pumpkin shaped cookies, etc.

Hope this helps.

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10) F.R.O.G.

Tomi Williams there is also F.R.O.G. meanin: Fully Reliant On God.
Jean from Scotland

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11) Used VBS material & curriculum   

Our church is looking for any church that may have any of the old "Group
Publishing" VBS lessons/kits.   I believe this last summer it was called
"Bug Safari".  We are very limited on funds.  If you can help please write
to me at tmckb91@yahoo.com


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12) Tower of Babel

To Cathy regarding the Tower of Babel Sunday school lessons. We had a
wonderful lesson this summer. We started with reading the Bible lesson
Genesis 9:8-16. We talked about why the people of the city built the tower
(So they could reach up to the heavens and they wouldn't need God's help).
We talked about people today and if there are people who still think they
don't need God to get to heaven (Yes!). Then we had a tower building
contest which involved using dry spaghetti and marshmallows. We gave them
a time limit to see who could build the tallest tower. The kids had a
great time and spent a considerable amount of time consulting with each
other on how they could make their tower taller without falling. The kids
also enjoyed snitching some of the marshmallows, I hope this helps,
blessings, Jeannine

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