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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 94 <>< <><
September 14, 2000
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1) Ten commandments song
2) Plagues of Egypt
3) Ornament
4) Fixing A Hole
5) Mentally handicapped?
6) Bible memorization-Children's Clubs
7) Bible memorization
Organization in class?

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1) Ten commandments song

> our neighbors children taught my children a song about the ten commandments
> and unfortunately my children have forgotten it, if anyone knows it could
> you please pass it along?

One Way Street has a tape with a song called "The Perfect 10." Kids love it
and it's easy to learn the commandments using it.

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2) Plagues of Egypt

>I am looking for a craft for the plagues of Egypt, We are short on time

Kids remember what they make and eat, so we do a lot of edible crafts. We made frog cookies. Use slice and bake (sugar or peanut butter) cookies, slice them up and put one in each section of a mini muffin pan. Push them down, so they cup up on the edges. Cook as directed. While cooling cut a Rolo candy in half - don't cut all the way through on the backside (cut across the candy, half way from the top to bottom) - this is the frog. Insert a piece of candy corn in the cut (if candy corn is big you may want to just cut the tip end and use it. This makes his tongue. Glue mini M&M's to the top of the Rolo for eyes. Set the frog inside the cooled cookie.

We also made hailstones to eat. Water to blood can be made by adding red koolaid (some churches ban red koolaid because it stains).

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3) Ornament

> I need an idea for an ornament or refrigerator magnet to hand out that is either
> computer oriented or Christmas or.....anything would be appreciated!

Start collecting the CD's that come in the mail, the ones that advertise online service providers. The office supply stores give them away. You can make refrig magnets with these, as well as spinner toys. They are fairly shiny, so your caption could be something about mirroring Jesus.

--From ChristianCrafters.Com: Check out the Crafter's Showcase for
a free object lesson and craft instructions for the 'Reflecting Christ CD-Mirror'.

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Fixing A Hole

Our curriculum is full of ideas for each lesson. I am surprised that yours doesn't offer ideas.
1. Bring crutches, slings, ace bandages, etc. Let the children take turns being handicapped. Talk about how it feels when you can't use one leg or arm.
2. Tie the left arm of one child to the right arm of another. Have them try to tie their shoes. Talk about how they were hindered without the use of one arm.
3. Divide into pairs. Cut a hole in a plastic trash bag and put it over one person. Blindfold the other person. The blindfolded person has to feed the other person pudding or jello.
4. The man let down through the roof was stricken with the palsy, modern day term is a stroke-he was paralyzed. Set a timer and instruct the students not to move until the timer sounds. Talk about how it felt not to move.
5. Bring a sheet or blanket. Let one child lay down on the sheet while the others pick him up by lifting the corners and sides of the sheet. Talk about how difficult it was for the friends to get this man up on the roof (probably the house had outside stairs) and down through the roof. Discuss how the man must have felt, since he was helpless.
6. Use Lincoln logs, blocks or legos to build a house. Use a small doll (GI Joe), place it on a piece of cloth and let 4 students take turns lowering him through the roof. It isn't as easy as it looks! Use a large cardboard box if the other items are not available.


--From ChristianCrafters.Com: WOW, Teresa! Four postings in a row of GREAT ideas! Thanks for your wonderful input! Sarah Keith ;o)

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Mentally handicapped?

Hello I went to the sunday school teachers network and I was wondering do you or do you know anyone that would be willing to know where i can get some craft ideas for mentally handicapp adults my husband and I teach a mentally handicapp sunday school class and i think they would love some activites to go do or some crafts work or something they are adults but they are very smart ladies and men but they just have a mental condition and it is a very nice blessing to the lord that we are teaching them.....They just brighten anyones life... Thanks but if you know anything about something like this could you please email me something or if you know what i could do a search on or anything... thanks stuartki@megagate.com

From ChristianCrafters.Com: Check out the Archives List for past suggestions, and the Chrismon-Kids crafts in the Crafters Showcase are for ages 3-103! Also, anyone responding directly to this posting, please copy to the newsletter so we can all benefit from your knowledge! Thanks! Sarah Keith.

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Bible memorization-Children's Clubs

Check out www.childrensministry.net Click on forums and idea swap. They have some great ideas for learning the Books of the Bible.

RE: Children's Clubs. We have been looking at BOYZ and DOVES. This is a little like scouting in that the kids earn badges, but it's all Christian based. Check it out online at www.upci.org/pph.


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Bible memorization

>I would like some hints on how to better get these kids acquainted with
>their Bibles (being able to look things up). What is the best approach; having them
>memorize the books of the Bible? or does it just take practice. Are there
>any activities for assisting them to learn the books of the Bible?


Pastor friends at an inner city church in St. Louis created "what's
missing?" for books of the Bible memorization. They built a basic 'shelf'
out of scrap wood, then covered shoe boxes with brown kraft paper and
labeled the end of each box with a book from the Bible. They sent home a
list of all of the books (OT & NT) with each child two weeks before they
first used the game (but showed them the game then), to give them a chance
to study before actually putting it to use. When you play the game, you
take 3-4 volunteers who want to play. Have them face the shelf and give
them 30 seconds to scan it (memory refresher). Then, turn them all around
and the leader removes one box, but pushes all of the others together so the
"blank" isn't that obvious. Then, turn all of the children around and the
first one to correctly guess which one is missing is the winner (of a
sticker, a piece of candy, points, whatever works for your group). If
you've given a guess and it's not correct, you can't guess any more on that
particular turn. Our friends say it's incredible how quickly the children
learned and how eager they are to participate. You could scale it down to
fit your budget/time/creativity, whatever, but it works!

Tina Jackson
Peachtree City, GA

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8) Organization in class?

I have a question regarding K-1 children. We are having difficulty in getting to some point of organization in our class. One of the problems we face is that the children are arriving at different times throughout the Sunday School session. Therefore, we are always stopping to give each child the paperwork that the other children already have, explaining to them what it is we are giving to them and this causes for constant confusion. There is no cohesion during class. The children are given quite a few craft projects to do out of the workbooks and then there is Bible story time. We just can't figure out how to get the whole thing running smoothly. Of course, we know that everything would run much better if the parents would bring their children to class on time but how would we approach that delicately ?

Thanks for any help you can give us........Linda Anderson @ Riverside Baptist Church

--From ChristianCrafters.Com: one thing we do at our church is to have an opening song time with other classes. I also will serve donuts at the beginning of my class, so that when it's time to actually get going with lesson, crafts, games, etc. most kids have arrived...most of the time.

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