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SSTN # 94 - November 1, 2005

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1) Sunday School falling apart
2) Special Needs Children?
3) Empty Prescription Bottle Craft
4) Sunday School falling apart

Instant Christmas Plays

5) Prescription Bottles Warning
6) Service Projects
7) October Games?
8) Multiage groups - Noah's ark
9) Harvest Party / Fear Factor
10) Playdough Danger

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1) Sunday School falling apart

Dear Lois,
I understand the criticims you have about "rewarding" children for
coming to Sunday School.  My response is usually "why shouldn't we
reward them?"  These are children/teens who are taking time out of their
worldly schedules to learn about God.  In today's society, children have
a serious case of the "gimmes" (get it, give me?).. anyway, even Jesus
went and sat w/ the tax collectors and those who were considered "the
worst sinners".  When working with children, we need to meet them where
they are and introduce them to a better way.. we can't expect them to
show up and be perfect.  (I've been in the Sunday School system as a
teacher and student for 30 years and I'm far from perfect!) You are just
meeting the kids where they are and letting them know that you don't
have to be boring, or perfect to be a christian.  You have to be willing
to learn!
God Bless You and your ministry!
A fellow teacher in PA

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2) Special Needs Children?

Please help! I have 2 special needs children of my own. I am the children's director at a small church. I have noticed that my kids are really not accepted by the other children. My first thought was to leave and find another church. (I am still considering that.) 
After talking to a friend with an autistic son, I realized that there are so many parents out there who have special needs children, who do not go to church, because A.) they don't know if their child will be accepted by the other children. and B.) Because, they are afraid their child might cause too many problems in his/her class. This is a big opportunity for the church to reach out to families in this situation. I have considered starting a class for special needs kids. I have discussed this idea with family and some say, that should not be necessary and that the church should embrace children like that. The fact is mine clearly does not. I am confused. Should I find a new church that will accept my children and love them for who they are, are there churches out there who honestly will do that? Or, is this God's way of opening a door for myself and my church to meet the needs of many families out there? I know this will need a lot of prayer. It is a big decision for my fam
ily. I just wanted to hear some other opinions. Thanks.
Holly in OK 

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3) Empty Prescription Bottle Craft

When I was in girl scouts, we used prescription bottles to make first aid kits. Maybe you could tailor a lesson around biblical first aid and use the prescription bottles to make real first aid kits.

They could also be used to make noisemakers. Just put rice or beans or 
something similar in the bottles, close them and decorate the outside. 
The lids will keep everything inside locked in tight and each person can 
decorate the outside to suite themselves.

I guess that's all I can think of right now.

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4) Sunday School falling apart

Lois - we use many different types of rewards in our SS. There will always
be those who criticize (I would guess this person does NOT help in SS -
they usually don't but sure offer their opinions), but you have to do what
works for you.  Years ago we did not need to offer the things we do know
to get children excited about learning.
I believe we are offered rewards as Christians (Heaven, a crown, etc.). 
We are told if we give we it will be given back pressed down, shaken
together and running over. All of these things are incentives, which is
exactly what you are offering the children.

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5) Prescription Bottles Warning

 While it might be ok to give prescription bottles out as a favor with
scripture in it to high school graduates....(I admit, this is a cute idea)
I would refrain from using prescription bottles in any way with younger
children.  If they are introduced as a craft supply or play thing to
children, this could be confusing to them.  We DO NOT want children
playing with prescription bottles in our homes that we have medications
in...we shouldn't encourage their use as a plaything.  I don't mean to
criticize, just caution. 
God's peace to you.
Beth in NY

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6) Service Projects

In the past I have seen several people looking for ideas on service
projects for kids. 

You may find ideas at http://www.childrensministry.com/.

Take care -- Connie G.

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7) October Games?

i need ideas for our coming up the end of october. anyone have any games
we may be able to play?

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8) Multiage groups - Noah's ark

I taught a lesson on Noah's ark with my multi-age group earlier this
fall.  The idea was to draw an ark, but rather than having them do it
individually and put their parts together, I got a large sheet of butcher
paper (nearly covering the table), put out the crayons and got them to
work on it together.  I got them started by taking a brown crayon and
making a large ark shape, filling the paper.  Then, I would prompt them to
remember the story as they colored:  "What was in the ark?  How many
people were on the ark?  What do you think the animals would need to eat? 
Would you have to keep some animals separate from others?"  I find that
with small multi-age groups, it's often better to have them working as a
team on projects. 
The following week, when we studied the rainbow promise, I got a white
poster board, pre-outlined a rainbow in pencil, labelled in pencil which
color went where (at each end and the top of the arc).  I gave them some
photos of rainbows and had them create a rainbow together using
watercolors.  I added an appropriate verse pre-printed on a sheet of
paper, let them glue on some cotton clouds, then sprayed the whole thing
with glitter spray.  We put the poster out in the foyer for everyone to
enjoy as they came to the service.
Keep up the faith!  Nancy in Texas

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9) Harvest Party / Fear Factor

I would just like to thank all of you who contributed ideas for the "Fear
Factor" games.  We used it for our Harvest Party at church this past
weekend and by far it was our most successful and fun party we've ever
had.  Kids are already asking about next years party and wanting to do it
again before then!  Thank you again for all the great ideas - keep them

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10) Playdough Danger

When I read Margaret Carey's letter it reminded me of another danger.
If you have a child with celiac disease, never let them play with home
made playdough. I had a little girl in my class and her mother sent
along a folder with her to each Sunday school teacher, outlining what
she could and couldn't eat. She also mentioned the playdough. This
parent was in the habit of sending her daughter's snacks when she knew
the other kids would have them but I not only read her instructions but
read labels and was able to buy foods she could eat so the mother
wouldn't have to. It made the child feel better, too, instead of being
"different". There were a few times when I was not sure of a certain
snack, so either e-mailed her mom to be sure or looked it up on the
internet. A little homework makes it a lot easier for children who have
food problems.
Helen Setser

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