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SSTN  # 95 - September 17, 2002

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1) Invite a friend Sunday
2) Increase Attendance
3) Bible lessons in a bag
4) Motivating My Teachers

--> Ten Commandments Crafts, Games, & Lessons

5) I Need Used resources
6) Keeping the Bible Stories out of Games   
7) Motivating Teachers - Conference   
8) Motivating My Teachers
9) A Blessing

--> Holiday FUN-draising

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1) Invite a friend Sunday

Michael, have an "invite a friend' Sunday. Get the 3 children you have to
invite friends to the class and make the class special.  Maybe serve light
snacks, buy a few gifts, put them in a large bucket with Styrofoam peanuts
and have the children swish their hand in the bucket and if they guess
what it is they feel, they can keep the gift.  Most dollar stores have
inexpensive items you can use for the tub.

Try to choose gifts that are not easily recognized. The point is, things
are not always what they seem. You can do an entire lesson around this
theme and how the Christian life is believed to be a life of restrictions,
but Jesus gave us a great freedom of life if we only answer the door when
He knocks.

We need to reach this age group so desperately before we loose them to the
world.  May God be with your program.

Linda Rife <')))><

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2) Increase Attendance

Michael Fowler wrote "Any suggestions on how I can get these children back
and interested."

A neighboring church has an Awana program that is the biggest single draw
for kids Pre-school through 8th grade in our small, rural town.  They have
1/2 hour of scripture memorization (and receive awards for memorizing
scripture), 1/2 hour of active games, and 1/2 hour of story time.  The
kids get a sticker toward completing their books for the year, if they
bring 1-3 visitors a year.  This is sometimes hard because 75% of my
daughters 4th grade class already attends Awana!  But, it brings the kids
who have stopped coming, back to Awana again.  If there is a new kid in
school, they get several invitations!  The incentive for inviting the
kids, is to complete part of their book for a ribbon or plaque at the end
of the year.  The guests receive a small gift (ruler or eraser), and a
cute booklet that explains the Awana program and has verses for them to
memorize.  You could do something similar in any Sunday School or
Wednesday night program.  It has been very successful for them.  Good
luck!  - Trish in Nebraska

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3) Bible lessons in a bag

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is impossible to be effective
with no prep time.  There should be a volunteer schedule, made a minimum
of one month in advance and all volunteers could be given the materials a
month in advance. A monthly planning session is also needed. There needs
to be at least one or two stable (meaning there every week) teachers in
the nursery.  Perhaps if the parents see you are trying to teach and not
baby-sit they would be more willing to participate in the teaching.

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4) Motivating My Teachers

There are workshops around the U. S. I also travel and do teacher training
around the country. Email me if you need details.

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Ten Commandments Crafts, Games, & Lessons

"God's Top 10 - Understanding God's Love..."
The Ten Commandments contain many "Do Nots". They teach us God’s holy
standard and show us how far we fall short of his perfection. But they are
more than this; in these "Do Nots", I believe one can find a positive
message: a message of God’s love. Click below to learn more:


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5) I Need Used resources

Janie Gausmann at WWW.Childrensministry.net is getting ready to put up a
new board on the web site. It will be for people to list used resources
and be a way for people to share things they no longer need.

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6) Keeping the Bible Stories out of Games   

In response to Marion S. that games should not have bible names. I have to
tell you that some of the children had never heard of Stephen before this
day and if this is what it takes to get them to maybe go home and read
their bibles to find out more about Stephen. Or even ask questions it did
what we had intended. You have to remember that we first told the story
and then the game. Also in todays world of video games and all the other
distractions it may take something like this to get their attention. I
know this is sad to say but we are living in a world where you have to get
their attention with visuals. I have  talked to teachers who told me that
the kids had problem remember from one Sunday to the next what had been
taught. But when you add visuals they remember a lot more. Also remember
that Jesus taught with visuals. I am sorry if this offended anyone.We
meant no dis respect to God's Holy word.  This is just one of the things
that has worked at our VBS.


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7) Motivating Teachers - Conference   

--from SSTN: this was posted a few times. I'll post it once:

There is a "Children's Ministry Magazine Live" conference.  Just call
1-800-704-6462 for the location nearest you.

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8) Motivating My Teachers

>I am looking for information on how to conduct a Workshop for Teachers.
>We are in desperate need of Sunday School teachers.

One thing that can bring some fun as well as pertinent information to a
Children's Teaching Workshop is to turn the adult audience into a
children's class.

Use name tags on the audience - as though it was the first day for class.
Tell the audience what age level of class that you will be conducting for
the next few minutes. Have your experienced teacher conduct a Bible story
for the specific age you are targeting.

The audience should participate as the specific age child for that class.
For an extra learning experience, and to add the fun, incorporate some
specific "class-members" to participate by having difficulty sitting
still, talking out, and asking questions. These things are going to happen in any
given class setting. Having an opportunity to see the experienced teacher
"handle" the challenges will boost the confidence for the first-time

Remember to actually teach the lesson - including the salvation message
and invitation. Doing a simple craft and including a snack (if your church
includes those things in your weekly class) will let new teachers-to-be
see the timing and transition first hand.

Hope this helps give you some ideas for Teachers Training.

Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler
Trafalgar, IN

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9) A Blessing

Hello Everyone:
This site is a God sent blessing.
Thank you for sharing your ideas.

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Holiday FUN-draising

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