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SSTN # 95 - September 12, 2003

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1) Baptism, Reconciliation...
2) Lord's Prayer in candles?
3) Contemporary Worship Service?
4) Mission Friends 2-4 year olds

--> Midweek Ideas

5) Using "Evangelist" in name?
6) Multiple ages   
7) Candyland theme?   
8) New Women's Ministry?   
9) Psalm 23 Sign Language?
10) Jr/Sr High Sermon?
11) Full Armor of God/Medieval VBS   
12) Paying attention

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1) Baptism, Reconciliation...   

This is in response to the person looking for ways to expand baptism and
communion lessons to prepare children for baptism and communion. A woman
by the name of Laura Kalmer has an amazing communion and baptism
curriculum that is inexpensive. The curriculum for both baptism and
communion can be purchased together ISBN NUMBER 0-921788-87-8 or
individually as Baptism only ISBN NUMBER 0-921788-87-8 and Communion only
ISBN NUMBER 0-921788-88-6. The material is for kids ages 6-12. Hope this
helps! Love in Christ, Sarah in California

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2) Lord's Prayer in candles?

I KNOW that I taught a lesson a number of years ago explaining the Lord's
Prayer while lighting different colored candles, but I can't find the
directions anywhere. Can anyone help me out? Thanks,

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3) Contemporary Worship Service?   

I am a youth leader of 12-15 year olds.  We would like to begin a
contemporary worship service a couple of times a year.
There has never been one at our church and are looking for ideas for it.
If you have any ideas you could e-mail me at this address.
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4) Mission Friends 2-4 year olds

    We have used packaged curriculum for this age group from Cokesbury for
years. It is good and complete, but like you say, it is often complicated
and far too much material for 3 and 4 year olds. A lot of my teachers
to decide on a theme, read a short story, then use other resources to come
up with a short craft or game. Our 3-4 year olds are in class for 45
minutes. The morning looks a little like this: Children find their
and put stickers on the attendance chart; free play in the activity
story, discussion, and prayer, and possibly some music; craft activity or
game, then more free play. Children help clean up when their parents
It is not a lot of "curriculum time", but children are at such different
learning levels at this age. Because of the demographics of our church,
of these children only see each other for this one hour a week. They are
excited to see each other, and love the free play time. We want to promote
this social interraction among our very young members so they make friends
that they look forward to seeing through the years.

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--> Midweek Ideas

Our Curriculum Series are kid-tested and teacher approved!
They have been designed specifically for midweek classes
for ages K-5th grade.  Check them out at:


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5) Use "Evangelist" in name?

If a woman, has not been installed, can she use Evang. in front of her

--from SSTN: The ability to be an evangelist is a gift from the Holy
Spirit (see Ephesians 4:1-13). However, ALL Christians are told to do the
work of evangelism (see Matthew 28: 18-20, and Romans 10:17).

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6) Multiple ages   

Hi Cecelia,

Firstly congratulations on sticking with what your are doing, and also
congratulations for asking for help.

a. Alternate your main focus group each week,  For example when you want
work with the 13 and 15 year olds, have the 9 and or 10 year olds reading
to the 4,5,and 6 year old.
b. Have the 13 and 15 year old put together a skit for the younger
c.Involve the whole group in some drama. 
d if for example you where doing a theme with Daniel, you could have the
older ones writing theplay, the 10 year olds could be researching from the
bible to find out what needs to go in the play, the nine year olds could
either help with the 4, 5 and 6 year olds or help with the research. The
4, 5and  6 year olds could also help by using a very basic childrens
or give a picture book with Daniel and the Lions Den.  This would be to
them started.   on the second week bring them together and have a little
talk and pray together, go over previous week so children are reminded of
what happened the previous week.
At some stage spend some time with each group and talk about what is being
learnt.  make sure the children are understanding what it is all about.
the end of it allow children to play the different roles needed, including
writers, stage managers, actors/tress,  director etc.
If you give the one of the groups a worksheet or activity, have one of the
older groups help them while you work with yet another group.
Please be careful though because you do have a responsibility with what is
being taught.  so please don't allow older kids to be full on teachers to
the younger ones.  only give them basic things to do like help with
worksheets, read a story etc.
I hope some of these ideas might help.
Lisa  (Sydney)

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7) Candyland theme?   

I am having a kickoff to sunday school.  I want to have a candyland theme
or a theme of Jesus is so sweet.  Does anyone have any ideas on what to do
with this theme.  Thank You.  Erika

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8)  New Women's Ministry?   

God Bless You-
We are a new Women's Ministry group starting fresh and we could use any
and all ideas on how to raise funds and ideas on directions we could take
to benefiting our church family and community.  Our visitations are off to
a good start but we feel we need & want to do more, any advice would be a
Thank You and God Bless!

--from SSTN: you may want to check out Fundraising Ideas in the Archives
as well as the Fundraiser page on the home page of:

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9) Psalm 23 Sign Language?

Hi, I love the ideas and the ability to share on this site.  I am doing
a series for preschoolers on Psalm 23 and am looking for sign
language for Ps. 23.  Does anyone know of a site that shows
sign language for Ps. 23?  Thank you.

--from SSTN: hi Cindy, I just posted three great resource sites in a
recent SSTN. They are listed in the Archives. You can also find a site in
the Links section:  http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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10) Jr/Sr High Sermon?

Sirs: I'm in need of some short sermons for Jr. High & High students. I
have to have devotions in two weeks for this age students. I have no idea
what to do. Can you help me?
Thank You
Mary Winstead

--from SSTN:  check out:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/sermons.html 
Also our Links page:  http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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11) Full Armor of God/Medieval VBS   

We did that for our Kid's Kamp this summer. The Armor of God lessons and
activities that Sarah has at http://christiancrafters.com/game_armor.html 
are great. Our kids loved the game cube. You can buy paper that looks like
stone wall from
www.shindigz.com. Pretty inexpensive and it looks great. We made a throne
room and an entrance gate with turrets made from cardboard boxes covered
with the paper.  I got a mural pattern from www.painteroffun.com that we
used to make one wall the "armor" wall. (He has a lot of good murals
available.) There is a book available from Shining Star: Christian Concept
Series-The Armor of God, IBSN 1-56417-929-X that is full of ideas, skits,
crafts, etc. We had the children lay on butcher paper and traced around
them, had them cut themselves out and hung their "bodies" on the walls of
our "castle". Then we dressed them in the armor, one piece each day. It
pretty impressive at the end of the week to see all the soldiers ready for
war. There was a memory verse each day associated with that day's piece of
armor that was written on the armor. Let me know if you want more
information on how we organized our day.

Eric Manlove
Central Church of Christ
Wichita, KS

--from SSTN: you can find the "Christian Concept Series-The Armor of God"
in the bookstore. Just type the title into the search box:

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12) Paying attention

>how could i or we as a Sunday school teacher to gather the three to 5
>years old to concentrate on what we teach?

Use the 5 senses and lots of move around activities. Don't tell the story,
involve them in it. I do not like the idea of giving them a snack and then
telling the story.  I want them to be able to say words on cue or act out
motions. Hard to do  when you re eating. You must change activities every
3-5 minutes, since this is their attention span.  You can add visuals,
move arounds, whatever to your current activity and that is usually enough
to keep their interest.

Teresa Bohannon
Children's Ministry Consultant
La Marque, TX

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