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SSTN # 96 - November 8, 2005

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Game Book For Kids ... Christmas gift!

1) Children's interest in worship
2) Children to participate
3) Satan's tools
4) Report card?
5) New Sunday school teacher
6) No Burn Candles
7) The Trinity
8) Crafts for Sunday school?
9) Detective game?
10) Trinity Books
11) Prescription bottles
12) Scavenger Hunts  

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Game Book For Kids ... Christmas gift! ON SALE TOO!

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1) Children's interest in worship

Dear Sarah,
I don't wish to start any type of dialogue that offends anyone. Below
are a few thoughts that have come to me when reading some of the recent
submissions and I pray they will be accepted in the instructional way
that I wish to present them. I have been involved in teaching children
for nearly 30 years and women for over 10. The question of keeping
people involved and interested in church is not anything new.

--the reply--
There have been a few submissions recently re: how do we keep our
children interested in worship and our teens involved in the church.What
I'm about to present may meet with some resistance, but please read it
with a willing heart to learn.
One thing we need to keep in mind, not only for the younger ones in our
care , but for ourselves too, is that worship is not about US , the ones
who are worshipping. Worship is  God focused,God ordered, and God
honoring , or else it is idolatry. That principle is set forth right at
the start of scripture - Genesis 1: 1 states "In the beginning God...."
and all else follows. When we read the law as God gave it to Moses in
Exodus 20, we again see the priority that God places on putting and
keeping Him in the place of honor. We have a duty to our children to
teach them the "Micah Principle" -  and to live it out for them to copy.
Look at Micah 6:8 for that instruction. It is also found in Ecclesiastes
12:13. Jesus taught that we must "love the Lord your God with all your
heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your
strength", Mark 12:30. By displaying this attitude for our children and
by teaching it to them with diligence, they will develop an
understanding that worship is for God and not for them. Worshipping God
is our duty and it is also our greatest honor. Sadly we are too often
distracted from Who it is that should have the place of honor and
authority in our lives. May God grant us the forgiveness we should seek
for failing to put Him first.
Ruth M.

--from SSTN: I don't think anyone would disagree with your posting, but
that's not to say we shouldn't honor God with our best resources, training
and creativity when teaching children.

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2) Children to participate

>How to do I get children to participate in worship service i.e build
>their interest and make the church service more lively for them
We have a small church, but the number of children attending worship is
growing.  These  ideas have helped us:

a.  We study the same Bible story in Sunday School for three weeks, using
storytelling, videos, crafts, plays, etc.  On the third Sunday the
children present the story in church.  It's very informal - we don't
prepare anything special .  One of our teachers asks a few questions and
leads the conversation.  If we've learned a new song or Bible verse we
include that.  We've done this for four years and the children enjoy
"teaching" the adults about their story.  At first, it was just this
"third Sunday" that brought many more parents and children to church, but
it seems to be carrying over into the other Sundays.

b.  In that same church service, we present "praise slips"  to those
children who have attended Sunday School all three Sundays.  "Praise
slips"  are just a slip of paper with the child's name, date, a little
decoration, and a line that says "Perfect attendance."   We often remind
the children that yes, we are praising THEM for attending Sunday School,
but ultimately we are praising GOD through our attendance.

c.  After the regular offering is taken during the worship service, two
Sunday School children pass around two baskets.  We invite people to
contribute any change or other monetary gifts toward our Sunday School
mission project - usually buying an animal for HEIFER International.  The
kids love to do this, and the adults love to see the children excited
about a worthwhile mission project.  Our Sunday School meets right before
the service, so I simply ask which children are staying for worship, and
choose from among those. 

d.  Our minister does a wonderful children's sermon using a "sermon
bucket."  It's just a big bucket with a lid and handle that's labeled
"SERMON BUCKET."   He gives it to a different child each Sunday.  The
child takes it homes, chooses any object to put in it, returns it for
church the next Sunday.  When it's time for the children's sermon, our
minister opens the bucket and has to quickly come up with an idea on how
this object shows God's love and care for us.  The child is SO secretive
about it and loves to watch Pastor's face when he opens the bucket.  Two
rules:  nothing stinky and nothing alive!

e.  Two ladies created and maintain a "play" cart that sits in the
entryway.  It contains lots of Christian books, quiet toys, coloring
sheets, etc.  Parents appreciate this as much as the children, and it
makes a statement that children are loved and welcomed in our

Hope this helps!  I'd love to hear more ideas from anyone!
Sharon Anderson

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3) Satan's tools

Dear Fellow Christians:
I have read the oppisitions to using Fear Factor or Survivor as part of
the teaching methods for God. And I have to say I feel that you are
closing yor minds to why God came. When Satan lures our children away, he
doesn't stop and say," Is this God's tool that I a using to take the
children away? " He uses whatever measure he can to get them under his
thumb. I personnally don't see why we can't use his tactics to bring our
children back in the fold, as long as it works. We need to take Satan's
tools away from him and use them for the Grace of God. My church has
started a program called Survivor Christian, which is based on teaching
the children how to survive in this world against all that comes against
them, and yes we use whatever tools we can to get the children to take a
stand against Satan and his ploys.
This is just my opinion and I feel that they are not doing worldly tings
by doing this but taking Satan's tools and using it against him.

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4) Report Card?

Dear All

I teach kids between the ages 9 and 13. I am looking for any ideas on how
to make up report card for them for year ending.
Maybe things like attendance, responsibility to homework, bringing bibles
and books etc.....

Yours in the Lord Jesus

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5) New Sunday school teacher

You need to order curriculum. All publishing companies have curriculum
that covers those topics (and many more). Does your SS not order
curriculum? Check with your SS director.
I highly recommend using curriculum, as it offers age appropriate
activities and covers things kids need to learn.

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6) No Burn Candles

Another way to make candles with children is to use wax crystals.  No heat
required.  Supplies should be available at any craft store.  This is an
instruction page link with pictures on the internet:

Rene' Tucker
Houston, TX

--from SSTN: I love this idea! You could even make a colors of Christ
candle! To learn more about "Colors of Christ" go to the crafts page at:

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7) The Trinity

>Does anyone have a list of children books which teach children from about
the ages of >6 to 8.

I like to use the book, 3 in 1 (A Picture of God) written by Joanne
Marxhausen, Concordia Publishing House  c1973 ISBN 0-570-07790-7.
A simple song to go along with a lesson on the Trinity (Tune - Are you
   God the Father (God the Father)
   God the Son (God the Son)
   God the Holy Spirit (God the Holy Spirit)
   3 in 1 (3 in 1).
Janice in Wichita

--from SSTN: you can find this book at:
type the title into the search box.

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8) Crafts for sunday school?

need more ideas!

--from SSTN: if you'd develop a theme, then you're more likely to find and
create ideas.
In the meantime, check out the fillowing pages:
and you can search the site for more ideas at:

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9) Detective game?

Hi Joni,
I've never heard of the detective game, but it sounds really cool.  Can
you tell me the site for it?

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10) Trinity Books

both storybooks - my favorite is the second 3 in 1 (using
a real apple - after reading the book with the children)
Three in One: A Book About God
Illustrator: Florence S. Davis
By: Lynne M. Lepley
Abingdon Press
Publication Date: 2004
ISBN: 0687007100
Trying to explain the Trinity to young children can be challenging. But
this beautifully illustrated story uses the roots, leaves, and fruit of a tree
to symbolize God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost---the true source of our
nourishment. Includes a kid-friendly recipe for baked fruit pies. Ages 6
to 8. 32 pages, hardcover from Abingdon.

3 in 1: A Picture of God
      By: Joanne Marxhausen
Concordia Publishing House
Publication Date: 2004 (reprint)
ISBN: 075860680X
This book effectively explains the Trinity to young children by using an
apple. Just as the apple consists of three parts:

  a.. the skin
  b.. the flesh
  c.. the seeds
...it is still one apple.
God had three persons:

  a.. Father,
  b.. Son
  c.. Holy Spirit
...but He is one God.
This new hardback version includes the same wonderful text and refreshed
artwork. Ages 4-9.


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11) Prescription bottles

I have hand written the name JESUS in yellow magic marker on a slip of
paper that was as wide as the bottle and sealed it up.
(It will not show thru the colored bottle)  We talked about how Jesus is
with me where ever I go and at the end uncap the bottles and discovered HE
was right there with us as we were discovering his truths thru our lesson.
Marilyn Tyler
preschool sunday school teacher

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12) Scavenger Hunts

I have done scavenger hunts with my camera.  I take pictures of the local
Toys -R-Us with the backwards R just showing either with the close up lens
or cropped.  Unusual things like odd shaped chimneys, lions, mailboxes,
Church Crosses.  The secret is the cropping or taking a close up picture
so there isnt alot of other referrence material around to give it away.
This way all that is needed is a pencil and paper for the participants and
you dont need to worry about the weather or other drivers and safety
issues.  Hands on hunts are wonderful but sometimes there just is not
enought help around to pull it off.
Marilyn Tyler
Peace Mennonite Church

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