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SSTN  # 96 - September 19, 2002

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1) Used materials
2) Illusions
3) Writing For Copyright Approval
4) Father Abraham song?   

--> The UN-Halloween Book

5) Harvest / Christmas programs   
6) Children's Involvement?
7) First day of class?   
8) The importance of one...Object lesson for adults   
9) Bible lessons in a bag

--> Holiday FUN-draising

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1) Used materials

Our church has a complete VBS package of "Faith Mountain" by Standard
Publishing.  We are willing to ship the box containing the Director's
Guide, Craft Book, Skit Book, Song Book, Song Tape, a few crafts and the
puppet, Cliff the Goat, to whomever has a genuine need.  We also have a
few class books, etc. and will include everything we have for this VBS
program.   Please respond to thimblelinda@hotmail.com if you have any
questions and to place your request.  The responses will be discussed at a
congregational meeting and a prayerful decision reached as to where the
package should be sent.  We will cover all the costs of shipping...we just
need to know where God wants this material to go!

Go with God!

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2) Illusions

Recently I read a post about someone wanting to know how to do illusions.
Here are 2 websites with information.

La Marque, TX

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3) Writing For Copyright Approval

Gospel Action Songs, by Cedarmont Kids, and 100 Bible Songs for Kids,
ISBN# 0-7786-1472-7, you can write to them for permission to print song books.
Their addresses are located on the back of each CD. Lyrics are included
with the CD's for all songs.  Good Luck!

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4) Father Abraham song   

I have heard that there are hand motions that go with this. Does anyone
know where I could find these? Also, does anyone have the Spanish lyrics
for this song?
Thanks so much.


--from SSTN: at the end of the phrase, "...so let's just praise the LORD."
You say, "Right arm", and begin swinging your right arm up and down and
continue swinging while repeating the song. Second time through, at the
end of the phrase "...so let's just praise the LORD."  You say "left arm"
and begin swinging your left arm along with your right arm and sing the
song again. At the end of each phrase you add another body part: right
leg, left leg, chin up, turn around, and finally sit down. It's a sight to
behold with all appendages moving and body spinning at the same time! Lots
of fun too.
ysic, sarah keith <><
P.S. I don't know the Spanish version...anyone else?

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The UN-Halloween Book: A Complete Fall Festival for Children's Ministry 

Find this and many other Fall-Harvest books in our Bookstore-Holidays
section:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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5)Harvest / Christmas programs   

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus, I found your website by the
grace of God and it has been a blessing to me. We are planning a fall
party for our church and we decided to have a hoedown this year. My
husband and I have a puppet ministry and are also the founders of Because
He Lives Ministries and many times we run out of ideas... so your
site/newsletter was like a breath of fresh air.

I wanted to e-mail and help Natalie (Christmas Program) I have
written/published three books and one of them is a collection of Puppet
skits titled "The Voice Behind the Puppets" We have always worked with
limited funds/children and putting on a nice program can sometimes be a
real challenge. I suggest that you use puppets (if available) along with
your children. The children could have parts and help the puppets sing,
while the puppets tell the bulk of the story. Please feel free to e-mail
me with any questions. We are all going toward the same goal.

God Bless you all,
Rev. & Mrs. J.H.Smith Jr

--from SSTN: tell me the ISBN of your books and I'll attempt to carry them
in our Bookstore. Your webservant, Sarah Keith <><

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6) Children's Involvement

We are going to begin a proper discipleship programme with the children
who come to know the Lord. After which we need to encourage them to serve
the Lord in the Church ministries. Has anyone had experience with this -
did you have guidelines? what areas would you recommend for children to
serve in?

We are still unable to find the Junior Teacher's Book for teaching
Soncastle Fayre VBS - if anyone is willing to send me a copy, please
contact me at Theresa.gray@sasol.com

God bless each of you as you serve the Lord

Theresa from a much sunnier South Africa

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7) First day of class?   

I am looking for ideas, to make the first day of 4th graders sunday school
a day they can't wait to get home to talk about and better yet, can't wait
to return again next week.  Your help would be a blessings.

--from SSTN: check out the Psalm Series in our Sermons & Object Lessons
section:  http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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8) The importance of one...Object lesson for adults   

This idea came to me when a co-worker was complaining he only had one
child in his "scouting" class.  He said, "What's the point in working so
hard for one child? "   That really bothered me.....you see....I struggled
with very small classes as well...but I know how important each child is.
  So I thought for awhile and came up with this object lesson to teach how
important EVERY child is.  I said to him,   "Yes, I know how hard it
is...you work just as hard preparing for one as you do 10  students.   But
it has to be done.  Let me ask you a couple of questions,  John*,   If I
handed you an ear of corn could you make an educated guess as to how many
kernels are on it?"  He made a guess of 300.  I then asked him,  "Ok,  how
many of these ears might grow on one stalk of corn?"   He answered, "Maybe
5."  I than asked him a question that quieted him for a moment.  I said,
"OK, John, how many kernels did it take to grow that stalk?"  He knew what
I was getting at.   It needed no explanation.

This would work well as a group by passing around a few ears of corn and
have them make several guesses as to how many kernels are on them, 
before asking the questions.
Or you could make a game out of it by having everyone put their guess on a
piece of paper (like guessing how many jelly beans are in a jar)  then
throw the questions out.   Of course you wouldn't have to actually know
how many kernels are on the ear, but you might want to be prepared just in
case.    You know how crowds can get :)

From Dianne Richards, Childrens' worker for MANY years.

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9) Bible lessons in a bag

Hi Dianne,
I few years ago our church put together 'lessons in a bag' for our
preschool substitute teachers.  We literally kept the lessons and
materials in a paper grocery bag.  The lesson material we used was by
Karyn Henley - called Bible Learning Series/Early Childhood, published by
Standard.  They had various series, e.g., God Made My Family, I Listen.
I'll give you the ISBN numbers at the end of my email.  Anyway, the lesson
material was designed in a folder format to give you the ideas you need to
teach a unit.  It provided mix and match activities for 4 great sessions -
4 stories, 4 games, 4 music/movement activities , 4 art projects and
patterns, 4 cooking ideas and 4 science projects - Bible verses.  This
gave the teachers quick ideas and lots of choices to fit their experiences
and skills.  So, in the grocery bag was this great lesson material, then
some art supplies for the craft project (precut and ready to go) and if
possible thing! s for the cooking and science activities.
I think you could easily provide 'lessons in a bag' using any curriculum -
I think they key would be to keep it simple and provide some choices for
the user.  Not every volunteer has a lot of classroom experience and would
appreciate familiar music and simple craft ideas.
I haven't seen the Bible Learning Series in our local Bible book store
anymore, but here are the ISBN numbers if you want to check them out.
Standard Publishing ISBN:  0-7847-0673-5    I Listen
ISBN:  0-7847-0656-5   God Made My Family

Good Luck - your volunteers will certainly appreciate your efforts to make
their jobs easy and their time with the preschoolers go smoothly.   Judy

--from SSTN: try a title search in our Bookstore:

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