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SSTN # 96 - September 16, 2003

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1) Full Armor of God / Medieval VBS Theme
2) Noah's Ark Ideas for 3-5 yr olds
3) Pre-school lessons?
4) Armor Lessons

--> Last Minute Ideas!

5) Full Armor of God / Medieval VBS Theme   
6) Noah's Ark Ideas for 3-5 yr olds
7) Bible drillers?
8) Halloween Alternatives   
9) Armor of God
10) Noah's Ark Ideas for 3-5 yr olds?
11) Encouragement
12) Alternative to Halloween   

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1) Full Armor of God / Medieval VBS Theme

Check the prom and party company catalogs. They have great ideas, we keep
the catalogs in our SS supply room. Often you can order some stuff and
make the rest.  We like Stumps (www.stumps.com). and Anderson's
(www.andersonsparty.com). A web search for prom or party supplies will
turn up others.

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2) Noah's Ark Ideas for 3-5 yr olds

I have compiled several Instant Lessons for this age group, and Noah's Ark
is one of them. Feel Free to email me at Phoenix01@zoominternet.net if
you'd like a copy of the lesson...

In His Service,

--from SSTN: please share some with SSTN.

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3) Pre-school lessons?

i have my 1st sunday school calss commming up and our books arent here,
any ideas for a lesson? i teach pre-school! thanks alot!

--from SSTN: check the archives and the other sections of the site
(crafts, lessons, etc)

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4) Armor Lessons

Hi,  We're doing the full armor of God as the theme for Sunday School this
month (rotation model) and have chosen various activities:
the armor of God cube from Christian Crafters:

and some things from these sites:



Blessings on your planning.  Sharon

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--> Last Minute Ideas!

Give our "Easy Make N' Take Projects" a try!
Learn more at: 


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5) Full Armor of God / Medieval VBS Theme   

This is in response to the person looking for some VBS ideas on the Armor
Of God theme. Shining Star Press has an awesome book ISBN Number:
0764704966  called
"Armor Of God Crafts And More" that is definitely worth taking a look at.
If you are looking for resources online that are available free of cost,
please feel free to e-mail me at living_life_my_way@earthlink.net and I
would be happy to e-mail you a copy of the list that I have compiled (It's
far too lengthy to list here, but I would be more than happy to forward it
to anyone who asks for it). Hope this is helpful. Love in Christ, Sarah

--from SSTN: "Armor Of God Crafts And More" is available in our bookstore.
Just type the title into the search box to find it:

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6) Noah's Ark Ideas for 3-5 yr olds

This message is in response to the person who was looking for Noah's Ark
ideas for 3-5 year olds. Over the years I have compiled an extensive
listing of Noah's Ark crafts that range from toddler to elementary school
in difficulty. Here are just a few of the 3-5 year old ideas. Please feel
free to e-mail me for more ideas at: living_life_my_way@earthink.net
One of the favorite activities among kids this age seems to be games, all
though finding games they can enjoy can be difficult. You might try follow
the animal which is very similar to follow the leader. You can make animal
sounds, such as the roar of the lion, and then let all of the kids copy.
For older children you can say the lion says roar and have them copy but
if you just say roar then they would not copy. Some other ones you can use
are moving like a monkey, making an elephant trunk with your hands, etc. A
simple game of pin the tail on the donkey is also a fun game for a Noah's
Ark unit, make sure to purchase two donkey posters and attach them
together side by side, since the animals went onto the ark two by two.
Another game is to have animal races back and forth, where you stand on
one side of the room, and then give a command like hop like a kangaroo,
slither like a snake, waddle like a duck, etc. You can say freeze to get
the kids to stop once they are in a motion, or you can designate a sound
like roar to mean stop, so that you can use multiple commands to have them
do before reaching the side of the room you are standing on. A quick craft
idea, is to buy the Hefty Zoo Pals plates and cut the eyes out, you can
also cut out the mouth if you want to. Have the kids attach a popsicle
stick to the bottom for an in hand mask, or punch a hole on each side and
tie a string for a hands free mask. Hope this helps! Love in Christ, Sarah

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7) Bible drillers?   

Our church has put me in charge of doing bible drillers and I was
wondering if you all had any ideas on how to get the kid's instersted in
it and keep them instersted it .thanks your friend in Christ Diana

--from SSTN: check out some of the Bible games in the website:
see especially:   Quick Draw, Bible Book Name Game, and Bible Spell.

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8) Halloween Alternatives   

Hello I am a Pastor, and what we do for Halloween. Instead of having
Halloween. We have what we call Allelua Night. On October the 31st. We
prepare hot dogs, cookies, cake and juice for the childrens. we also
includ the adults. First we have classes broken down by age groups. On why
we do not celebrate Halloween. after that we go into the game time. the
games that we was put together by my wife. We have bible feud. We have
bible bingo. And there are others, like we ask question in the bible and
the kids have raise there hand before answering. The child with the most
answer will receive a door prize. But know that all our games is bible
related. If we can help you in any way please email us and we will be glad
to assist you. God Bless you all for your good work in leading our youth
in the right way.

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9) Armor of God

Hi, this is in response to the request for VBS Armor of God ideas.  We
recently had a Super Saturday using the theme of "Put on the Armor of
God." We used many of the curriculum ideas from
christiancrafters.com.  One of the ways we decorated was using gray
"stone" paper which comes in rolls. This was found at a store here in
Apopka called U.S. Toys. It is a wonderful resource for teachers.  In our
Children's Bible Hour classroom, we turned the puppet stage into a
"castle". The walls are covered in the paper to look like a courtyard. We
had a puppet skit called "Leroy Learns about the Armor of God." The kids
~ "soldiers"~ accumulated their armor by playing the Armor of God dice
game. The "soldiers" moved from station to station ~ Bible Story room was
"Ye olde Storyteller" / Arts & Crafts was "Ye olde Craft Masters" /
Outside games was "Ye Olde Jousting Games" (where we played the dice
game) and lance throw (styrofoam noodles), etc. 

Here is a cute idea for the helmet~
for 2 to 5 year olds~ use clean, plastic gallon jugs. Turn jug upside
down with handle facing you. Use a sharpie to mark off cut away area. Go
up 1" above the handle and Draw an 8" horizontal line (4" on either side
of handle). Draw line about 4" down on both sides of jug~with a line to
connect. Basically you are cutting away the handle and top of jug. Hint~
use a small child as a model to ensure proper fit... then paint with
silver metallic spray paint. Then we poked a hole in top center of helmet
and let children insert a feather. Blessings!
PG...Apopka, FL

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10) Noah's Ark Ideas for 3-5 yr olds

>I am looking for some additional Noah's ark ideas for 3-5 year olds on
>Wednesday night.  We normally have around 20 kids and split into two

Have you checked out Heifer international? Go to www.heifer.org and check
out their website. In this program you not only learn about the animals on
the ark but it can be a mission project to buy livestock for different
nations [including the USA]. A family is given an animal and learns to
for it and use it's by-products. When the animal is breed, the offspring
goes to another family in need, so the gift keeps on giving. They supply
materials. Some animals are expensive, some are not. Our Sunday School has
bought chicks, a cow and a Llama [the kids saw one at our fair and were
fascinated by it!] God bless your efforts!

Mary Czeisel
Lindenhurst, NY

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11) Encouragement

Thought I would say a little encouraging thoughts about this neat and
uplifting site it is awesome and IM truly enjoy reading and getting this
thanks for all the good ideas that I have received and read and I IM
looking forward to soon encourage others also once I get my feet off the
ground and begin to teach my class of 4-6 year olds.  I will doing my
month on zacchaeus.

--from SSTN: thank you for saying so. SSTN looks forward to hearing your
ideas too. Please remember me in your prayers! YSIC, sarah keith <><

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12) Alternative to Halloween   

Our church holds a Harvest Festival .  We play games, have a pot luck
dinner and decorate the rec hall with haystacks, corn stalks, pumpkins,
scarecrows, etc.  We have a lot of games we play and there are two or
three who take the small, 2 thru 5 year olds and they have their own
    We have Who's the mummy?
          Pick a team of three or four people for each team.... give each
a full roll of toilet paper.  They have to choose which one is to be the
mummy........ at the word go they wrap their 'mummy' from head to toe with
the toiley paper,,,,, nothing can be showing and theyhave to use the whole
roll of paper... first team done, wins.
         take hula hoops and ask for teams,,, as many as you like or have
hula hoops for,,, put the hoop on the floor and at the word go each person
has to stand in the center of the hoop and get it over their heads without
the use of hands... first team or person done wins..
         take shower curtains which is their flying carpet.... put teams
of three or four people on the shower curtain spread out on floor,,,, tell
them their 'flying carpet; is upside down and they have to make it
rightside up without getting a foot off of the curtain.... first team to
do this wins....
         take drinking straws and lifesavers,  give each team of two one
straw and one lifesaver, have them place the lifesaver on the straw, put
it in their mouth and then pass the lifesaver to the other person so they
can eat it...
         take a clothesline and string it across the floor at the height
people can reach. take doughnuts and tie them on the line..... one for
each couple,,,,, couples have to put their hands behind their back and
each get a bite of the doughnut.
         these are a few of the games we played,,, there are many sights
you can go to to get more ideas... just put harvest festival in your
search engine and you will get lots of sights.... good luck,  Gail

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