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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 97 <>< <><
September 22, 2000
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1) Pumpkin Parable
2) Permissions?
3) Iron-Ons?
4) Bible memorization
5) BOYZ and DOVES program?
6) Late Arrivers
7) Didn't Go As Planned!!
8) Lock in
9) Bible Break Video

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1) Pumpkin Parable

--From ChristianCrafters.Com and SSTN:
The following Halloween activity was sent in by Dianne Bracher. She had sent in part of a Pumkin Parable a few weeks back and was inundated with requests for more. SO...I have added the rest of her info to the website. You can now get the rest of the PUMPKIN Activities on the CHILDREN'S SERMONS page.

*Pumpkin Seeds* (for preschoolers)
Supplies: Two identical pumpkin shapes*, orange paper or tag board,
real pumpkin seeds, crayons, poem.

*Cut two identical pumpkin shapes for each booklet. On the front one draw lines and stem, back one can be plain.  I draw shapes about 8" by 6" so I can run patterns through copier. Staple pieces together at left side to form a booklet or inside and outside of pumpkin. Have kids draw what they think the insides look like. They can color on front too. Then help them glue a few small pumpkin seeds to the inside of their pumpkin and glue poem on the front cover.

Inside a pumpkin
God puts little seeds
So we’ll have as many
Pumpkins as we need.
Thank you, God, for pumpkins.

* Dianne said that she thought this idea came in her Sunday School material, from Standard Press,  ages ago. Remember you can get more pumpkin activities on the Sermons page at ChristianCrafters.Com.

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2) Permissions?

Sarah, this newsletter is awesome-I would have never thought about doing a
craft for the plagues of Egypt!  amazing! Just to clarify-I can print the ideas to share with my children's ministry committee, but need to say where they came from-and these ideas can't be put in the church newsletter, for example, without your permission, right?

--From ChristianCrafters.Com- you are right...the newsletter is an amazing tool made possible by all of you! All the people who contribute their ideas are the ones that make this exchange possible!! I am continually amazed as well!

As to permissions, everything in the website and this newsletter may be used along with a reference as to where it came from. ;o). However, permissions to reprint for commercial purposes must be obtained by me. Please continue to pray for me to have wisdom in knowing how to move forward in this ministry,  to be able to learn new technologies quickly, and that I'd be wise with my time!!
In His grip, Sarah Keith-Your Moderator.

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3) Iron-Ons?

Hi!  My name is Teresa, and I work with the children at a small rual church
in northeast Texas.  We will be putting on a short Christmas musical for the
church in December.  I would like to find some Christ-centered Christmas
iron-ons that the kids could use to make t-shirts for the musical.  Please
send any ideas my way!  If I find some pictures that I like, is there
something I can get from a craft store to iron it on the shirt even if it is
not an "iron-on"? Thanks for your help!
In His Love & For His Glory,

--From ChristianCrafters.Com--you can buy T-Sirt Transfer sheets (iron-on paper)
for your printer or copier from Office Depot.

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Please notify me if you change your email address, even if that means
unsubscribing, then resubscribing. Thanks!
Sarah Keith-Your Moderator <><

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4) Bible memorization

In response to the Bible memorization help for children's ministry, I found
a wonderful book to help children learn to use their Bible better.  Last
year, I used Group Publishing's book called "Ultimate Bible Guide" for the
kids in Children's Church. It costs around $15 and is for preschool to 6th
grade, which was close to the ages in our Children's Church.  It is great
for a large or small group.  It took about a month and a half to two months
to complete the lessons. It helped the kids alot, plus they had a fun time
learning. Sarah G.

--From ChristianCrafters.Com--if you type "Groups Ultimate Bible Guide" into
the Bookstore Search engine, it will come up automatically.

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5) BOYZ and DOVES program?

TERESA:  I am interested in getting information about the BOYZ and DOVES program.  We are trying to implement a similar program at our Church where the
kids earn badges for different things and they put them on their "Sunday School Bags" (which they take to Church with their usual crayons, papers from SS
School, etc.)  I have only been able to order patches from companies that don't necessarily have special "Christian" patches.  I looked on the upci.org/pph web
site, but where do I go from there.  Tell me more about where to look in this web site for the information about DOVES and BOYS.  Thanks!
Gina - EVAN UCC, Boonville, MO

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6) Late Arrivers

When I taught kindergarten, I would give the children a simple (self-explanatory) craft or coloring activity to do when they came in.  They got in a routine of this and knew what to expect when they got there.  If they didn't finish before we moved on to something else, they could finish at the end of class.  Next we did music and the story, so that any really late arrivers could just slip in and sit in the back.  My co-teacher would sit near the door to help settle them in.
Jill J. - Nashville, TN

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7) Didn't Go As Planned!!

I volunteered to be the leader for bible study time for 3 to 5 year olds for our midweek program.  I just had my first class but it didn't go as I had planned.  I am completely new at this and thought I had lots of fun ideas planned for the evening, but everything seemed to be just a little bit crazy.  I need ideas on how to run the class more smoothly and ideas on behavior control (some children, including my own, had some difficulty listening and behaving).  I would like this to be a fun learning adventure for the children, as well as myself.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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8) Lock in

We are planning a lock in for our kids during Christmas Break. We had one last year and had around 50 kids (our group is usually about 18 kids) This night will be for 5th grades and up. Last year we had crafts, basketball, a Christian mini concert, and some games. Each kids admission price was 1 liter of pop and a snack.(if possible) We need ideas for filling those Loooong hours between midnight and 8:00 AM. We want to reach the kids but not "scare off" the unchurched kids that come. We had a hard time amusing the boys aged 13-17 especially.  Also we need to know if anyone out there has ever had workers work "shifts" instead of the whole night and how it went if they did. We have a 1/2 size gym and several smaller rooms to work with and a kitchen. If you e mail me, please put lock in the subject line, I erase e mail unread if I don't know the person there is so much garbage out there. This newsletter is one of the real blessings of the net, thank you Sakeith, I am sure it requires a lot of work and time from you and you are truly serving our Lord.
Sharon , Fulton, MI
Peace, Joy and Laughter

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9) Bible Break Video

> Would really like the address of the vendor who sells the "Bible Break Video"

The ISBN Number for the Bible Break Video is #0-7601-0349-6.
If I remember correctly, I purchased this video through Christian Book
Distributors a few years back.  Hope that helps,
Yours in Christ, Ahreita Griffin

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