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SSTN # 97 - November 11, 2005

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Pilgrim & Indian Finger Puppets

1) Detective Party?
2) Outreach ministry for children?
3) Prescription Bottles Warning
4) After Christmas Program?
5) Detective Games?

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6) Elisha and the Blind Soldiers / or Army of Angels?
7) Light Parties
8) Warm fuzzys icebreaker
9) Low Cost Goodies?
10) Craft for kids?
11) God's Trees Skit?
12) Detective Party

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1) Detective Party?

Dear Detective Party,
I am going to do the same thing in my Wednesday Night class for middle
school kids.  One of the Ideas that I had was sending coded message bible
verses for the memory verse.  It would be easy to do just write out the
abc forward and backward so the letter A would be Z in the message.  They
have to decode and memorize it for the next week.  Also we will be writing
out our pray request on spy glasses and putting them all over the room.  I
am also going to get a detective from the police department to come to
talk to them for the first class to give them tips on how to look for
clues.  I am also going to give them their own note pad and pen to write
down the clues as they read the stories.
Would you please let me know the website for the detective thing you were
talking about?  My email is kellygirl3700@yahoo.com    Thanks for your
help and I hope my ideas will help you..
Kelly, Tn

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2) Outreach ministry for children?

Hello everyone,
I am looking for an outreach ministry for the children at church school
where they could write to other children in another part of the world and
send them something small that they would need this Christmas. Any
e-mail me God bless Valenc

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3) Prescription Bottles Warning

Here is an alternative idea to prescription bottles for younger children.
Use film canisters instead.  You can probably get empty ones from your
local photo processors.  Also, you might be able to get empty, clean
prescription bottles from the pharmacy to alleviate worries about
medicine traces and/or extra tablets.

Kim in Ca

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4) After Christmas Program?

I was just wondering if anyone had ever tried having the Sunday School
Christmas program after the holidays when there's not so much hustle and
bustle.  We were thinking about possibly doing it this year in hopes that
the true meaning of Christmas would really sink in.  I would appreciate
any and all replies.  Thank you very much.
Sincerely, Ellen

--from SSTN: please share answers via SSTN so all may benefit!

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5) Detective Games?

I'm sorry I don't have any ideas for a detective party, but could you list
the site where you found the detective games, please?  Thanks, Cindy

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--> Christmas FunPak!

Great for gift-giving or Christmas crafting fun. Click on the
"Christmas FunPak" link in the "Christmas and Advent" section at:


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6) Elisha and the Blind Soldiers / or Army of Angels ?

Looking for a puppet skit that deals with: Elisha and the Blind Soldiers /
or Army of Angels   (2 Kings 6: 8-18) wondering if you can help ( or at
least point me in the right direction)

You have listed in the Archives (may03) a posting requesting:

>Elisha and Heavenly Host Army?
>Hello....I am looking for a lesson on Elisha and the Heavenly Host Army.
>Which is the scripture II Kings 6:8-18. This is for children ages 3-6.
>Please email any ideas to jtm6@earthlink.net.

Wondering if you know if this person ever got any response ?
( I tried her email address - it no longer works)
Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Mark S. Parker
Kingdom Kids Klubhouse Puppet Ministry / Sunday School Teacher
First Church, Zeeland, MI

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7) Light Parties

Dear Sarah,
Please thank Rebecca for her up-lifting ideas! It quite made my day! Thank
you for the wonderful news-letters too. May God bless you all at the
up-coming "Light" parties! Yours in Christ, Gillian.

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8) Warm fuzzys icebreaker

I just returned from a confirmation retreat for 9th grade girls. An ice
breaker we did was called warm fuzzies. There is a story that can be found
online called The Warm Fuzzies. The basic premise is to give "warm fuzzys"
away. To do this we gave each girl and team a yarn necklace with a fluff
of yarn at the end.(all cut into little pieces. Every time you gave a
"warm fuzzy" (a piece of yarn) away you were to give the other person a
hug. It allowed the girls to loosen up and talk to everyone in the group,
instead of remaining in their cliques. It was def. a hit with all the
girls agreeing it was one of the highlights. If you would like more
detailed information let me know!
Amanda Blanchette

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9) Low Cost Goodies?

Hi, I teach 3rd and 4th grade Sunday school and I usually have about 9
kids. I told them that if they brought their bibles every Sunday that they
could choose something from the goodie basket. (Oriental Trading things)
Now that I am running very low, what other sort
of things can I put in the basket? I would rather not do candy since
Halloween is around the corner and they will have plenty. Does anyone have
any other "reward" ideas that don't cost a lot???
thank you and God Bless.
please email me at Rebadeb@aol.com

--from SSTN: Ask the kids or church members to bring small
dollar-store-type toys from their homes that are no longer wanted, but
that are still in good condition.

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10) Craft for kids?

I need information for some new crafts.

--from SSTN: a theme or subject matter will help to narrow your search and
will also help you to create ideas. In the meantime, check out the crafts
page at:
as well as the Curriculum page at:

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11) God's Trees Skit?

Does anyone have a dramatized version of the story "God's Trees" which is
about the dreams of 3 trees that stood on a hillside.

Thank you,
Nancy Shaw

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12) Detective Party

>Does anyone have any great detective themed party ideas.
> I thought a great scavenger hunt...

Here is a Bible Scavenger Hunt we did in our AWANA.  You would have to
massage it a little to fit your facility.  I gave each kid one clue to
begin the game (with the Bible verse answer removed).  The kid found the
right location, asked the right question.  By way of an answer, the adult
gave the appropriate Bible verse.  The kid looked up the verse and read
the answer to the adult.  The adult then spent a couple of minutes talking
to the kid about what the verse meant.  When the adult was satisfied that
the kid understood he gave the next clue.  I think there were 20 clues, so
that's 20 adults.  It took about three minutes to complete a clue.  The
whole exercise took about an hour.  I hope this helps.
Carrollton, GA
Adventure lies at the Cubbies' front door, go quietly and peek in with
your nose inside find a wise leader;  here's the question you'll pose:
"How much does God love us?"  John 3:16

Find the AWANA door, that's your next task inside find a wise leader;
here's the question you ask:
"What does our future hold?"  Jeremiah 29:11

It's back to the great room where tonight you did dine inside find a wise
leader;ask her this line:
"How should we treat our parents?"   Ephesians 6:1-3

A room where T&T boys meet that's your next feat
inside find a wise leader; this question is how you'll greet:
"Can you tell us about the Lord?" Psalms 145:8

Red line on a Game Square is now your goal
on it find a wise leader; here's what you will poll:
"Why should we pray?"   Matthew 7:7-8

T&T Girls third and fourth grade that's your next site
inside find a wise leader; an answer to this poser is what you'll invite
"Why do I need Jesus in my heart?" Romans 3:23

A door that reads "Youth" is your next stop on a stair find a wise leader;
here's the question that you will pop:
"How do we invite God into our heart?"    Romans 10:9-10

Second Grade Sparks is where you should be
inside find a wise leader; she has the answer, just ask and see:
"Why do we need God's word?"  Psalms 119:105

T&T Girls fifth and sixth grade is next on your list inside find a wise
leader; seek this answer, implore and insist:
"How can we show our love for God?"    2 John 6

Sparks Grade One go with some speed inside find a wise leader;
this answer is what you need:
"Why do we learn Bible verses in AWANA?"    Psalms 119:11

You're off to the Fellowship Hall that's the right way inside find a wise
leader; here's what you'll say:
"How much should we trust the Lord?"  Proverbs 3:5-6

The office of AWANA is where you go next inside find a wise leader:
read her this text:
"Can we trust God's word?"  Numbers 23:19

Your quest now lies on a green game strip on it find a wise leader;
here's your poser, let it rip!
"What is God's will for us?" 1 Thessalonians 5: 18

The Choir Practice Room is now where you look inside find a wise leader;
ask this question from the good book:
"Will God ever leave us?"   Matthew 28:20

First Grade Sunday School is where your group goes
inside find a wise leader; here's the question you'll pose:
"Do we have strength to do all God asks?"    Philippians 4:13

To locate the ice machine is your next test
alongside it find a wise leader: give him this request:
"What does Jesus promise us about heaven?"    John 14:2-3

Where infants spend the Sunday School hour is where you now need to stand
inside find a wise leader;  here's the answer you must demand:
"What is faith?"   Hebrews 11:1

Yellow line on a Game Square  there at this time
on it find a wise leader; riddle her this rhyme:
"Why is it so important for us to believe in Christ?"   Mark 16:16

Five year old Sparks furthers your journey
inside find a wise leader; ask this to continue this tourney:
"Should we forgive someone who wrongs us?"  Matthew 18:21-22

The Blue line is where this game next leads on it find a wise leader;  
here are your next needs:
"Where should we witness for Christ?"   Acts 1:8

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