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SSTN # 97 - October 29, 2004

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1) Stories for Thanksgiving lessons
2) Manger to the cross?
3) Happy Birthday Jesus Song?
4) Two neat ideas and a thank you

--> Christmas FunPak

5) Halloween
6) Halloween Poll
7) I need some advice
8) Halloween Poll


9) Ventriloquist Posting
10) USED Sunday School Curriculum
11) Christians and Halloween
12) Halloween

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1) Stories for Thanksgiving lessons (ages 2-5)
Nehemiah 8:1-12 People thanked God for His Word.
Exodus 14:1-22, 27; 15:1, 20-21  God helped his people cross the Red Sea,
and they were thankful (Moses' son includes thanks)  
Exodus 35:1, 4-29; 36:1-7  God's people gave gifts to make the tabernacle
("everyone who is thankful to God may bring a gift to help build it"--from
the teacher's guide)
Mark 6:30-44; John 6:1-13 Jesus fed many hungry people (Jesus gave thanks
for the food before distributing it; we give thanks for our food)
Song: tune: If you're happy and you know it....
   If you're thankful to the Lord, say "thank you" (thank you!)  [repeat]
   If you're thankful to the Lord, then you'll obey His Word,
   If you're thankful to the Lord, say "thank you"
Song: tune: London Bridge
   I am thankful for my hands, for my hands, for my hands,
   I am thankful for my hands, Thank You, God.
   substitute anything for "my hands"
   Make a collage of pictures from magazines - things they're thankful for
If you pick one of these stories, you can probably find more craft & song
ideas for that specific story.  I've got some at home that I can add, if
you're interested.
Linda in Ohio

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2) Manger to the cross?

in the year 2000 Christmas play the last song sung is from the manger to
the cross. it says it can be found in the racing for Jesus vbs songbook. i
have been unable to find the words or the music. we are doing the
Christmas play this year and need the song. any ideas on how i can get the
music and words. please e-mail me at pdmommyof3@bellsouth.net.
Thanks Patricia

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3) Happy Birthday Jesus Song?

I just found your web site where Wanda was looking for the song Happy
Birthday Jesus; I am trying to find the same song.  Any luck yet?  If you
have could you let me know?  I would appreciate it.
Laura Nelson
Calvary Baptist Church
Gibsons, BC

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4) Two neat ideas and a thank you

As I jotted down another great newsletter idea, it dawned on me that I
hadn't sent in a contribution since last year, so I walked out to my
mailbox and put a thankyou card and contribution in the mailbox and I
doubled my last year's contribution.  Sarah, I desire that you prosper and
your ministry prospers.  God Bless!

Also, here are two neat ideas...
Glow in the Dark Fish  Can be used for the Jonah story, or any Fish Theme
Give each child 2 white sheets with large fish outline on them.
IMPORTANT: Have the children put these two on the table like they are
kissing.  Then they put stripes or designs on the 2 and they won't
accidentally color on the wrong side.  It works out nice if they try to
reproduce the same design on both fish as it would be in nature. They will
eventually be stuffed and glued together.  Have children leave a little
white between each stripe or around each design and add glow in the dark
paint (one little bottle will be sufficient and I fould mine at a local
hobby store.)  Cut out fish, stuff, glue edges.  Punch a hole in the top
and add string.   Let dry a bit, and then comes the fun.  Turn out the
lights, cover the windows  and listen to the OOOOHs.  They can hange these
up in their rooms.
Second idea:  This was a lady's idea sent in to a magazine:  She bought
sunflower packets and then cut out sunflower cookies and decorated them
will yellow icing and brown centers.  She put the cookies in clear plastic
bags and tied them with ribbon with a seed packet attached to the ribbon. 
She suggested giving these as favors at a luncheon, etc. 
God bless each and every one of you and don't forget to send in your
contribution, too!
Living Water Church
Burleson, Tx

--from SSTN: Dear Carol: Your support and encouragement helps keep SSTN
and me going. ;o) Thank you so VERY much!!
Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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--> Christmas FunPak

Great for gift-giving or Christmas crafting fun. Click on the
"Christmas FunPak" link in the Christmas and Advent section at:


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5) Halloween

I agree with Joni about Halloween.  Why do people make such a big deal.
I am a Christian and raise my children to be.  We love Halloween and all
its fun.  I even sponsor a "Spooktacular" Carnival at our church.  I am
the Director of Christian Education at a United Methodist church.
Thanks to Joni for standing up.

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6) Halloween Poll

>For anyone 35 years and older, I am interested in hearing and learning if
>Halloween was considered a forbidden holiday by your church or
>denomination when you were a child. I am NOT asking whether it is
>forbidden or looked down on in today's Christian community. If it was,
>please say why. If it wasn't, how did you celebrate it?

I am 36 years old and have been a lifelong member of the Church of Christ.
I was raised in a very conservative home - I wasn't allowed to go to
swimming pools or dances and always wore a dress to church, but I WAS
allowed to go trick-or-treating.  I'm sure that if it had been the least
bit offensive that I wouldn't have been able to participate.  It hasn't
been until the last few years that I've heard or felt any controversy over
the matter.  I would like to hear more about this too.

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7) I need some advice

>I am constantly are being put down from my church family. I am the one
>whoever, needs any help, I am there, no questions ask.
>It has gotten so bad, I have missed church, and my self esteem, has gone
>so low. They have laughed in my face and has talked about me behind my

This message is in regards to the posting on needing some advice. The very
first thing you should do in a situation such as the one you are facing is
pray to God. Pray that He will change your heart towards these people if
there is work to be done there; but also pray that He will change their
hearts to be more accepting; also pray to God asking Him if the church you
are at is part of His Will in your life, ask Him to reveal where He would
have you be to you. Sometimes when we face trials and struggles it is
because we have become so comfortable in the zone that we are in, that we
do not stretch our legs out into the world and bring people to Christ,
part of being a good servant in the Lord is also being a good messenger
and spreading the message of Gods Word. I know prayer may seem like the
obvious approach, however in my own experience, it is the absolute best
way to deal with any situation.

In the meantime, you may want to try changing your perspective on the way
that you look at the situation. Look at the possible reasons that people
talk about you. Do you need to forgive them for something they have done
in the past? Do they need to forgive you for something you have done in
the past? Are they jealous that you are a faithful servant? Are they
talking about anything in particular or just gossiping? This world can
let's face it be a very cruel world, and sometimes the only place that we
feel safe and at peace is in the presence of God, if you no longer feel in
the presence of God in church, and the people are gossiping and cruel, it
may be time to search for a new church home. Remembering that name
calling, gossiping, and jealousy are not part of God, but part of the
devil, and that when you do the right things that God wants you to do,
that the devil will actually work harder to get you to lose your faith.
Low self esteem is also not a part of God. To God YOU are worth it, worth
it so much in fact that He sent Jesus to die on the cross for YOUR sins.
Not your neighbors sins or anyone else's sins, YOUR sins. If you can look
at His Word in that way, it will definitely boost your self esteem. Just
remind yourself that to God YOU are worth it, and to God YOU are a
precious child.
Just my honest opinion.
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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8) Halloween Poll

I'm 46 and as a child went to a small town Presbyterian church on Long
Island (my mom says there were 300 + who attended with lots of kids.) Once
our new CE building was built I remember having a big Halloween party (I
was in 4th or 5th grade) I don't remember having one before that, maybe
because of lack of room. All kinds of costumes (witches, ghosts, princesses,
etc), bobbing for apples, fishing pond, etc. It was a lot of fun. My
parents were involved in Church leadership, and they always allowed us to
trick or treat (though in that neighborhood it was always during daylight

Your question reminded me of a few years ago when a young mother at woman
at the church I was attending (which is very conservative) in trying to
decide what to allow her children to do, asked an 80 year woman, whom we
all have a lot of respect for, what her kids did on Halloween - she said
they went trick or treating - and from the way it was said it was like
what else would they do. She said they really didn't think about or worry
about it at the time.

Linda in Edmonds

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An Advent celebration of 31 crafts and recipes.
To learn more, go to:


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9) Ventriloquist Posting

To Linda in Ohio:                                                
    Appreciate sources of materials for Ventriloquist.  Have checked into
them and recorded sites for future use.  During same period I obtained
several script books, and recently three script books for using "Puppets"
were received by my church.
Again, thanks.
Bob Cooper
West Grove, PA

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10) USED Sunday School Curriculum
I am a part time missionary (was full time until recent marriage and will
be agin in hte next few years, together with my husband.)
I work with Pre-school ministries - YWAM helping set up pre-schools and
resource them aroung the world.  We could desperately use any good
pictures that go with Bible stories.  I know lots of churches throw them away so was very
interested when I read the bit asking for a place to send used Sunday
School curriculum.
Many times the curriculum is not culturally relevant, but pictures and
things would be most appreciated! Tehy are hard to get in some nations and
cost prohibitive if they are available.  Another thing I am very interested in
is any flannelgraph sets that churches are no longer using.  These are so
helpful in teaching bible stories to pre-schoolers and I know some
childern's PAstors find them outdated or not used
any more for yourng children.  IF anyone has any they could give, Please
contact me!  Or, if you know where I could purchase them for a small
amount.  I have not found the 12"ones for less than $300. per set!

Thank you!
Jan Caba

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11) Christians and Halloween

There was a program on Focus on the Family last week (Oct 11 or 12) about
Halloween. There were 2 woman who gave all the reasons why we Should
celebrate Halloween. Check their web page or call them for a copy of the
PS I did not agree, but you might want to hear their point of view.
La Marque, TX

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12) Halloween

In reply to questions about what to do with halloween see


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