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SSTN # 97 - September 19, 2003

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--> Spirit Gifts...An Introduction For Children

1) Falling in love with Jesus
2) Older - Multiple ages?
3) Attitudes...not Beatitudes
4) Kingdom of the Son VBS

--> NEW LOOK FOR Super Heroes

5) Operation Christmas Child   
6) Attitudes
7) Attention Getter
8) Kingdom of the Son VBS   

--> His Name Shall Be Called...

9) Apple seed star?   
10) Skit: God's Doorkeeper of Hospitality?
11) Buggie for Jesus, I'm a Believer   
12) Candyland theme

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--> Spirit Gifts...An Introduction For Children

An inspirational midweek program that contains a variety of fun lessons,
crafts, and games to teach children about the following Spirit-filled
SERVING, and EVANGELISM. (K-5th grade)

To learn more, visit this webpage:

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1) Falling in love with Jesus

I am always looking for cute, meaningful bullentin
board ideas for our children's education building.  I
think this is a good one and wanted to share it.
Blue background, crumble up craft paper to resemble a
tree trunk and staple it onto bullentin board.  Add
silk fall colored leaves to the top(You can get them
at Wal-mart for $.88 a stem of 12-15) Then I would put
the words "Falling in love with Jesus".  I would also
add pictures of the kids that had been cut in 'leaf'
shapes and hot glue acorns falling too.  At the very
bottom I hand wrote the phrase "From tiny acorns
mighty oaks do grow..."  This was a very inexpensive
bullentin board and it would be cute without the
pictures, our kids just like to see themselves! :)
Kim in Albany, Ga

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2) Older - Multiple ages?

My concern is for the age group of 18-30. I have acquired quite a few 18
years old.  My class consisted of 22-30 previously.  How do I mix the
effectively and keep both groups interested.

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3) Attitudes...not Beatitudes

What age are you teaching? Are you concentrating on certain attitudes?

Here are a few ideas, but you'll need to adapt them for your age group,

Use lots of smiley faces! You can find almost anything with smiley faces
dollar stores now...Use sunshiny yellow for trims and borders. Use
streamers, etc. ~ anything to make the room cheerful and convey the
of having a good attitude.

Have kids make stick puppets by gluing two yellow paper circles to a large
craft stick (one on each side) and making one side a smiley face and the
other side a frown. These can be used in an activity in which you give the
children situations (like, "Mary's mother told her to clean her room. Mary
got angry and slammed the door" or "Bobby's dad asked him to help clean
the car, but Bobby was really tired. Bobby decided to help his dad anyway
and cheerfully obeyed.") You could have the children hold up the smiley
if the child in each situation chose a good attitude, and hold up the
if the child displayed a bad attitude.

Have the children decorate happy face balloons for the room. They can cut
out ear shapes and eye shapes, etc. from construction paper and tape or
them on balloons (like a potato head kind of thing)!

Find storybooks at your local library that highlight the particular
you'll be teaching and have the kids make crafts that are centered around
the book (or around the Bible story for that meeting). For example, you
choose "Big Al" for a lesson on being friendly to everyone. "Big Al" is a
story about a fish who is big and scary looking and cannot seem to get
friends. He tries everything, and eventually, he makes friends by being
one...This story would lend itself to several crafts: making paper bag
(because Al pretends to be someone he's not); a magnetic fishing game
is about fish); watercolor painting to "mood music" (scenes are all
underwater ones); or any fish-themed craft.

Again, use smiley faces! Use smiley face beach balls and/or balloons on
which you've drawn smiley faces to play games you've played before.

Adapt games that you normally play to fit the situation. For example, play
"Duck, Duck, Goose," but have the children play "Smile, Smile, Frown."
"Red Light, Green Light," but call it " Grumpy Night, Grateful Night" or
something similar. Play treasure hunt, but have the children search for
hidden good attitudes and leave the bad ones alone when they find them...

Hope this helps. I could maybe offer more suggestions if I knew what age
group and what lessons or attitudes you'll be covering...

In His Service,
Angie in WV

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4) Kingdom of the Son VBS

In response to Kim about the Kingdom of the Son VBS.
Our church still has this VBS.  Contact me and we can make an arrangement
about shipping and costs.

God Bless
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--> NEW LOOK FOR Super Heroes

This special midweek program examines the lives of some famous
and not-so-famous people who had willing hearts to obey God.
And by obeying him, they were used in miraculous and powerful
ways to help change the course of human history. It is the goal of this
series to build FAITH, COURAGE, and OBEDIENCE in the lives of children,
and to change the world for Jesus Christ.

To learn more, go to this page:
(you may need to copy and paste this address to your browser)

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5) Operation Christmas Child   

HI Sarah,  our little church got involved last Christmas with Operation
Christmas Child and were truly
blessed by the experience.  I thought I might pass on the info for others
get involved in their SS programs.  Samaritan's Purse, Franklin Graham's
relief ministry, started this outreach to children 10 years ago and the
little Christmas boxes have reached 6.2 million children around the world!

Our kids really got into it and it is a wonderful project for families to
together as well as the church family.

Here is the toll free number  and website if anyone wants the information.
1-800-353-5949           www.samaritanspurse.org

Because He lives,
Julie Richardson
Cascade Comm. Church
Vancouver, WA

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6) Attitudes

I am doing a series on attitudes - not the beattitudes!
I would like any ideas for games, decorations, and crafts.

I would assert that the Beatitudes ARE all about our attitudes.  Being
poor in spirit, mourning, meekness,mericiful, pure at heart, having a
thirst for righteousness, peaceful, and those who are persecuted who are
still steadfast and true to God.  If this is not a blueprint for what our
attitude should be like, I don't know what is.

I have always looked at this particular scripture as one with the easiest
lesson to remember because the word attitude is in the name and that is
the lesson it teaches.  It seems to me that I have seen in this newsletter
that people have used this teaching as a framwork for a lesson just like
what you are trying to accomplish.  The lesson is already there,   all you
have to do is make it visual.  That Jesus!  What a teacher!

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7) Attention Getter

For the person who wanted to know how to get 3-5 yr olds to pay attention
to the lessons-
I teach Team kids (3-5) and I find that using visuals keeps their
attention! For instance, last week our lesson was on "God made the world"
I took in some small animals-bugs, beanie babies, plastic fish etc and
passed them around while I was telling how God created them and Adam named
them. You have to know the story by heart to use props cause your hands
are busy the whole time but it keeps them glued to the "lesson table" .
For Moses, we used a straw basket with a doll and discussed how the basket
was weaved, etc. For the garden of Eden we planted rye grass seed which
sprouts in a week--then the story of Ruth and "harvesting" the grass comes
in along with shucking corn. :) Hope I helped get ideas going for you.

Lisa Ramsey
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8) Kingdom of the Son VBS   

I have most of the materials that Kim in WV is looking for.  She can
contact me at imamanofgod@yahoo.com

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"His Name Shall Be Called..."

The God of the Old and New Testament is known by many names. These names
help us to understand his nature and reputation. They define him as
Protector, Defender, Friend, Advisor, Judge, and Savior to name just a
few. "His Name Shall Be Called..." seeks to teach children how to obey the
third commandment, which says, "Do Not Misuse God’s Name". This 
series contains a variety of fun lessons, crafts, and games to teach respect 
and honor for God to the children in your ministry. 
For Kindergarten - 5th grade. Free USA shipping!

To learn more, go to this page:
(you may need to copy and paste this address to your browser)

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9) Apple seed star?

Does anyone know a devotion that goes along with the seeds of an apple?
It has something to do with a star.  You cut the apple across and the
seeds make a star.


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10) Skit: God's Doorkeeper of Hospitality?

I am in need of a quick skit or play for our Usher's Program at Church.
Our theme is
God's Doorkeeper of Hospitality.
The skit will probably be performed by our Youth Ushers with some Adult
Do you have something like that?
If so, please direct me in the right path (website) to get it.

--from SSTN: check out our skits page, as well as our links page:

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11) Buggie for Jesus, I'm a Believer   

Just wanted to tell you I used these lessons for our summer Wed. night
program for kids and it was a great success. The kids loved it. I dressed
up as a bee as I gave the lesson. We got books from the library with
different bugs and highlighted a bug each week. We made bug catchers and
the kids brought bugs to show the class. We showed,"Hermie" by Max Lucado
and gave bee balloons at our end-party.

--from SSTN: Wonderful! Thank you for saying so! For anyone else that's
interested, check out this webpage:

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12) Candyland theme

>I am having a kickoff to sunday school.  I want to have a candyland theme
>or a theme of Jesus is so sweet.  Does anyone have any ideas

some things off the top of my head........life saver candies  (Jesus
"your words are sweeter than honey" scripture Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge
in him. (Whole Chapter: Psalm 34 In context: Psalm 34:7-9)
Psalm 119:103
How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!
(Whole Chapter: Psalm 119 In context: Psalm 119:102-104)


Jelly Bean Witness :
you could also look at some of the survivor type craft candy bags ad use
so of the candy references to scripture too....   Pat

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