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September 25, 2000

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1) Bible memorization ideas
2) Late Arrivers
3) Authority and Obedience Game?
4) Ten Commandments Song?
5) Snack For Plagues
6) Bible Millionaire Game
7) Teaching the parables to kids?

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1) Bible memorization ideas

One thing I have done with my class, is give everyone a Bible and have a race. "Who is the first to find...?" Examples of ideas I have used include: "any page in the book of Ruth...Psalm 23:1...an account of the birth of Christ...the story of the Flood?" At least this has them excited about looking up scripture. Then at the end of class, the "winner" has the privilege of choosing a game to play in the last few minutes (pictionary, charades, etc.) and goes first.

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2) Late Arrivers

<< children are arriving at different times throughout the Sunday School session. >>

This is always a problem and you don't want to make the kids who are always late feel bad about not arriving on time. But the reality is that the problem is probably not going to go away. I always start the class with free time crafts that will be used later during story time. For instance if we're doing the story of the 10 plagues, I put out some paper punches and scraps of different colored construction paper. When the kids arrive I tell them that today we need lots of little colored dots to use during story time. (green dots will be used for grasshoppers, etc). The kids spend 10 or 15 minutes helping me make props for the story time. It's an informal time which easily accomodates a late arrival. Another thing to try is to do an action game first that kids can join in as they arrive. (eg. For the story of Joshua leading the Israelites across the Jordan River, I made a river on the floor with 2 strips of masking tape or clothes line. Then I had each child think of a way to cross the river and then demonstrate it - in a boat, on a log, etc. By the time they all got a turn to cross the river they were primed to learn how God made a way for the Israelites to cross without a boat or a bridge, etc. It was a fun informal time that preceded the lesson and something that late arrivals could easily join in without being a major interruption. Then do the main part of the lesson later after all the kids have arrived. There is a whole year of Sunday School lesson plans with more ideas like this at my web site http://www.edupatterns.com. Feel free to check out the free Bible lesson page and use any ideas that you can adapt to your curriculum. 
In Christ, Linda Lawer Pittsburh, PA

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3) Authority and Obedience Game?

We are doing a long series (20 weeks) on Authority and Obedience. We are going on week 5. I teach 2nd & 3rd grade and I'm afraid I'm losing their interest. Any suggestions for games, etc., would be greatly appreciated.
Lisa Tisone
Girard, OH

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4) Ten Commandments Song?

I too have been searching for a Ten Commandments Song that I learned in second grade, WAY back in the early 60's. I would love to get a hold of it to teach my first grade CCD class. The song's words are:

First, I must honor God
Second, honor his name
Third, honor his day, keep holy, 
this must be my aim.
Fourth, I must be obedient
Fifth, be kind and true
Sixth be pure in all I say and 
think and hear and do.

...this is where I'm not quite sure. I'd love to get the rest of this. Any help would be great! Thanks. Nancy

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5) Snack For Plagues

One snack we did during our VBS this summer was "bugs and blood". We used Ritz crackers and either p.butter or cheese whiz. Each child received 6 crackers, 9 thin short pretzel sticks, a small scoop of p.butter or cheese and a plastic knife. Spread p.butter on one cracker, lay 3 pretzel sticks on top and top with a cracker. These are the "bugs" The blood was red juice. Hope this helps. Julie F.

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6) Bible Millionaire Game

--From ChristianCrafters.Com: Kelly wrote in to say she designed a program for use on a computer. I tried to download it, but you need Microsoft Access to use it. If you have it, give it a try!---Read on:

Hi, my name is Kelly Brown (Mr.), I'm a Grade 5 boys Sunday school teacher
in Winnipeg, Canada. I wrote a program in Microsoft Access that mimics the "Who wants to be a Millionaire" game show. We recently used it at our churchs fall kickoff as a post-meal fun game. We had 5 different people who were not-so-randomly
selected to play and learn interesting facts about our church. We built in a
special feature where we had special questions set aside for the pastor to
play as well (it was pretty funny). Anyway, since playing it at our annual
dinner, I've received a number of requests from others to use it for their
own agenda's. It's a great game for Sunday School.

It's not a bullet-proof application, and it does come unsupported (however,
if someone wants to send me an email asking a question, I'll do my best to
help - but no promises). If you think people might be interested in it, I'll
email it to you (it's less than 1MB in size). Users need to have MS Access
97 or better in order to run it. Let me know!

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7) Teaching the parables to kids?

Does anybody have a resource for teaching the parables of Jesus to children? I feel I am being led to teach this in children's church, but haven't seen any lesson book on this subject. The ages of the children who attend are 6 to 11. Thanks, Sarah G. 

--From ChristianCrafters.Com: Funny you should ask this. I've been feeling 'led' to do a study on the Parables for children! I'll keep you posted! In the meantime, check out the Bookstore and use the search engine. Blessings, Sarah Keith.

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